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"Armenian UN Association" NGO (AUNA)

Tipo de acreditação SVE
Fim da acreditação SVE 25/01/2016
Localidade Yerevan, Armenia
Organização - temas
European awareness
Youth policies
Temas relacionados com a inclusão

Número da acreditação SVE


Para mais informações sobre voluntariado e sobre o Serviço Voluntário Europeu, consulte a página Atividade de voluntariado.

As informações sobre as organizações e os projetos só estão disponíveis em inglês.
Project Environment

The geography of our projects varies (usually it includes Lori, Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn, Shirak regions/marzes), however in general it may cover all 10 regions of Armenia and Yerevan depending on different projects. AUNA mainly conducts activities in Yerevan and in case of having regional/marz activities we closely cooperate with our local partners. We also implement projects on South Caucasus Regional level and usually we have several exchange projects with the UN Association of Georgia during which mutual study visits, seminars and conferences are organized with involvement of youth from South Caucasus. Yerevan is the capital and the largest economical center of Armenia. The city has modern restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, museums, galleries, theatres, parks, and other nice and interesting places to see and visit during volunteers free time. Transportation in Armenia and in Yerevan is quite well with buses and mini-buses leaving to different regions of Armenia and various parts of Yerevan on daily bases. People in here are very hospital and always glad and open to foreigners. Although the official language is Armenian, but most people in Yerevan and other regions are also fluent in Russian. Most young people are able to speak well English in Yerevan, as it is well taught in schools. More than 90% of the students study in the capital, giving the city an image of a place designed for young people. Yerevan is a very safe city. One can walk in almost all parts of the city even at night without being afraid that one can be attacked or harmed. AUNA working hours are 9:00-18:00 or 10:00-19:00, however when overloaded with simultaneously running different initiatives or if there is something urgent, these working hours might be longer or include Saturdays and/or sometimes Sundays as well. Currently we employ 3 staff dedicated individuals as well as committed about thirty volunteers, who are members of the AUNA Youth Division (YD). The EVS volunteers will be a part of AUNA YD and will help the head of YD to coordinate and conduct different youth-oriented initiatives and activities. Depending on different projects the number of staff may grow, however EVS volunteers can also contribute to the staff with daily work in administration, coordination of different events, project development and management. From time to time AUNA provides capacity building trainings for its staff and volunteers, YD members, thus the EVS volunteers will be involved as well and will have an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills and contribute even more effectively. EVS volunteers will also be involved in the establishment and running process of the European Club which will serve a best place to promote the dissemination of European values, as well as taking youth-oriented initiatives.

Our Yerevan-based head office is equipped with all the necessary facilities to effectively organize our daily work and we also have our electronic environment including our official website, our official Facebook page (Armenian United Nations Association), our Youth Division group in Facebook which make our work even more flexible with announcing our events and getting in touch with our partners and beneficiaries. The EVS volunteers will mainly work in our Yerevan-based office according to the project needs and tasks assigned by the supervisor/s, also they will travel to project-target regions if needed. They will leave to different places mostly with the staff members of the host organisation with the AUNA vehicle or the partner taxi service the host organisation is cooperating with. The frequency of travelling to regions is once a month, however it may very due to the project schedule. The volunteers will live in a rented flat near to the office of the host organisation (if it is not near the office, transportation will be provided). Each of the volunteers will have his/her own room. The rented flat is properly decorated and has sufficient furniture with cleaning, cooking, and washing facilities. The direct community of the volunteers will be mainly the hosting organisation with its active young volunteers and its numerous partner organisations that are quite active in NGO sector both on national and international levels. There are quite many EVS volunteers in Yerevan who alongside with other international volunteers form a close and dynamic community which is quite supportive for new-comers and eagerly facilitates their integration into local community.

The volunteers will have the following learning opportunities and services:
- learning Armenian language;
- introducing Armenian history, inter-cultural learning, participation in different, programmatic, regional (traditional) and cultural events;
- assisting and learning to run the European Club;
- learning various methods for working with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds (rural areas, national minorities, people with disabilities);
- liaison with Youth Division members;
- participation in project development and fundraising;
- participation in different activities envisaged by different projects;
- performance of other relevant administrative duties as assigned;
The role of EVS volunteers will be assisting the host organisation in its activities and projects which have been implemented since establishment in 2005, and the volunteers will give to these activities refreshment, Intercultural and European dimension, and creativity and new ideas. The host organisation will encourage the volunteers to give new ideas to AUNA and/or suggest any new activities that they would like to initiate in our communities. The below mentioned planned activities are flexible and will be final-tuned according to the interests and learning needs of the volunteers.

A. Thematic discussions of European Club (20%)
Our organisation (AUNA) has planned to open a European Club. The Activity duration will be broken into several different thematic months (lets say Month of European Cooperation, Month of Intercultural Communication, Month of Cultural Tolerance, Month of European Projects etc.). During these months sets of different thematic activities (exhibitions, action days, movie screenings, and round tables) are organized for and by young people. The volunteers will work together with the coordinator of the project and other staff members to identify the most topics that are of a high interest and concern for young people. The concrete tasks of the volunteers here will be:
- identification of an interesting discussion topic for young people of Yerevan and regions;
- together with the volunteers and the staff of AUNA preparing discussion materials/presentations for the club meetings;
- preparing and disseminating announcements of these activities for young people;
- together with AUNA volunteers animating club meetings for young people and preparing short reports of these activities;
- dissemination of the printed and other promotional and information materials on European Youth programs and structures (in particular on Youth in Action Programme of EC);

B. General involvement in the work of the organization (70%)
AUNA implements various activities aimed at community development in Yerevan and regions/marzes of Armenia. AUNA implements non-formal educational, constant capacity building, campaigning on human rights, conflict management and other activities for young people to make them active members of their communities. The tasks will be:
- liaising with head of AUNA Youth Division and members (assisting in extending the members, planning and supporting trainings, co-organizing youth-related activities, such as seminars, round-table discussions, flash-mobs, making presentations);
- developing materials (articles, news, etc) and updating AUNA website, as well as maintaining Youth Division Facebook group in English;
- assisting in administrative work (searching for grant applications, preparing funding proposals, participating in the everyday work in the office, announce trainings and take part in the selection process of participants to different regional and international programs, etc.);
- travelling to regions and assisting AUNA staff in implementation of projects (debates and campaigning on HR, anti-trafficking, gender issues, etc.);
- assisting in planning and developing of media and communication mechanism on projects (drafting announcements and press-releases, assisting in conducting press-conferences, etc);
- holding scheduled meetings with the mentor and project coordinator;
- having Armenian language course twice per week;

C. The volunteers will also have time and space for initiating activities of their liking (10%)
The above mentioned activities will be properly supported and monitored by the project coordinator and AUNA staff. The supporting organisation ICIRLD will constantly provide support and consultancy to the hosting organisation throughout the EVS service. There will be regular visits and evaluation meetings. Volunteer--Hosting Organisation--Supporting Organisation contact will be strongly kept.

Weekly schedule example
Monday (10:00 – 13:00 Preparation of European Club (identifying discussion/presentation topics and methods and preparing for that, designing the schedule, preparing and disseminating announcements); 13:00 – 15:00 lunch break; 15:00 – 17:00 Implementation of European Club (animating club meetings and activities); 17:00 – 18:00 meeting with language teacher)
Tuesday (10:00 – 13:00 Assisting in administrative work (searching for grant applications, preparing funding proposals, participating in the everyday work in the office, announce trainings and take part in the selection process of participants to different regional and international programs, etc.). 13:00 – 15:00 lunch break; 15:00 – 17:00 Developing materials (articles, news, etc) and updating AUNA website, as well as maintaining Youth Division Facebook group in English; 17:00 – 18:00 meeting with the mentor - getting personal support)
Wednesday (10:00 – 11:00 Travelling to regions (mostly - Lori, Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn, Shirak); 11:00 – 13:00 assisting AUNA staff in implementation of projects (debates and campaigning on HR, anti-trafficking, gender issues, etc.); 13:00 – 15:00 lunch break; 15:00 – 17:00 assisting AUNA staff in implementation of projects (debates and campaigning on HR, anti-trafficking, gender issues, etc.); 17:00 – 18:00 returning to Yerevan)
Thursday (10:00 – 13:00 Liaising with head of AUNA Youth Division and members (assisting in extending the members, planning and supporting trainings, co-organizing youth-related activities, such as seminars, round-table discussions, flash-mobs, making presentations); 13:00 – 15:00 lunch break; 15:00 – 17:00 Assisting in planning and developing of media and communication mechanism on projects (drafting announcements and press-releases, assisting in conducting press-conferences, etc); 17:00 – 18:00 meeting with language teacher)
Friday (10:00 – 13:00 Assisting in administrative work (searching for grant applications, preparing funding proposals, participating in the everyday work in the office, announce trainings and take part in the selection process of participants to different regional and international programs, etc.); 13:00 – 15:00 lunch break; 15:00 – 17:00 time for personal project initiation; 17:00 – 18:00 meeting with project coordinator/task related support)
This weekly schedule is flexible and will be finally adjusted with the volunteers taking into account their suggested activities and their learning needs.

There is no special requirement of special competences, however volunteers interested in areas such as International Relations, Political Science, Law, Conflict and Crisis Management or any other related field will be prioritized due to the organization profile and main areas of working. Taking into account this approach we believe that EVS volunteers will not only contribute to AUNA activities more efficiently but also guarantee their professional development in the above mentioned fields as AUNA is quite competent in providing such a learning environment for the volunteers so that they can learn by doing. Non-formal learning principles will be applied during the whole EVS activity stage. However the most important thing is their motivation and commitment to work as a team member, come up with new initiatives and be devoted to successful implementation of any activity s/he is interested in. They should also express readiness to take initiatives and be ready to work with young people coming from different social and educational backgrounds. We are also looking for open-minded volunteers who are ready to experience our reality and are respectively ready to share and present their culture among our youth and beneficiaries. Knowledge of different foreign languages is an asset but not obligatory. AUNA together with the supporting organisation ICIRLD will disseminate the project call through their international partner networks and, and, as well as it will be shared on our Facebook page to make the project placement more accessible. Then the application packages of the candidates will be sent to our organisation where the selection of volunteers will be carried out by our staff according to candidates motivation and interests.

Most of the issues related to the cultural differences between the volunteer country and Armenia will be addressed by the host and supporting organisations. This will give a possibility to avoid cultural shock and different kinds of cultural misunderstandings that might appear during the integration and work with the local community. For integration of local community a skilful mentor will be enclosed with the volunteers. The mentor is well trained by the supporting organisation ICIRLD and is able to support the volunteers during cultural shock and crises. The mentor of the EVS volunteers is an ex-EVS (sent by ICIRLD) volunteer who understands what it is to be an EVS volunteer and is able to provide proper personal and evaluation support to the volunteers. All the necessary work conditions will be provided by AUNA (the organization has necessary resources). AUNA staff is ready to help the volunteers and they will be able to use freely the organization equipment by consolidating all their opportunities. AUNA as a host organisation has all the required safety conditions (first-aid kit, extinguisher, etc.). The task related support people are also trained by AUNA staff and are ready to provide proper support and create an utmost learning environment for the EVS volunteers. AUNA will create a friendly environment and will be close to the volunteers and will try best to organize their leisure actively. The volunteers will live in a rented flat. Each of them will have his/her own room. The flat will have all the essential and required facilities (cooking, heating, etc.) for normal living conditions. The organization will provide all necessary communication equipment in order the volunteers can freely connect with their relatives and/or EVS sending organizations. AXA insurance will be made for the EVS volunteers. In case of any accident, the volunteers will be taken to proper doctors. ICIRLD will constantly visit the hosting placement and provide all the necessary support to the hosting organisation and volunteers. The activities of the volunteers will be constantly reflected upon and evaluated during regular meetings organized by ICIRLD AUNA. As ICIRLD also supports other EVS hosting organisations in other towns, there will be also organized meetings with other volunteers and visits to other EVS hosting organisations where the volunteers, mentors, and support staff will exchange their experiences and address their main challenges. This whole process will help to assess the effectiveness of the volunteers activities, their learning process, organizing logistics and ensure quality support/supervision and mentorship for the EVS volunteers while constantly developing the competences of EVS support people. AUNA will not be able to host volunteers who are under 18 years old.

The AUNA is able to host up to 2 EVS volunteers at the same time. The organisation is not going to work with short-term EVS group projects nor with volunteers with fewer opportunities.

Motivation and EVS experience

AUNA is one of those organizations that have experience of hosting interns/volunteers in Armenia and the interns/volunteers have mostly contributed effectively while being involved in different initiatives and implementation of various projects conducted by AUNA, as well as they have learnt to work at the NGO basically on the basis learning by doing. In October 2012 AUNA had an experience in the scope of Youth in Action programme and sent a group of 7 young people to Sumy, Ukraine to take part in the Art N Act youth exchange; therefore we are interested in applying to this program to extent our activities within Youth in Action programme. This will be our first cooperation within the EVS which will be another chance for the young people from different countries and for our Youth Division members to exchange with experiences, to learn from each other and come up with new initiatives. Though this will be the first EVS-AUNA cooperation, in case we are accredited, this is not the first time that our organization will host volunteers from different countries. AUNA has been successfully cooperating with Birthright Armenia during the last 4 years in the scope of internship activities. Birthright is an organization that intensively works with the Armenian Diaspora abroad and creates opportunities for Armenian youth living abroad to make internship in their homeland. This organization coordinates the whole procedure regarding the interns travel, hosting (approx. 1-4 months) and AUNA hosts interns every summer for 2-3 months period. Currently we have another internship opportunity with the UN Association of Sweden (UNAS) in the scope of our joint regional program and host an intern from the UNAS from September-December, 2012 who is involved in project development and management, as well as other youth-oriented projects of AUNA. In case if we are successful with our application and accredited, we would be happy to host volunteers from any country regardless any discrimination to their nationality, sex, educational backgrounds, disabilities, etc, since AUNA is an organization open to everyone and promoting universal values, such as equality for all, tolerance, human rights, peace and security, etc. This will be another Intercultural Learning and European Values will be promoted in our target sites. The volunteers work will help our organization in raising the fruitfulness of our projects reaching out to a substantial number of people and communities. They will bring innovation and will create intercultural environment in our communities. We expect also the volunteers to share with us and community members their culture, life experience, knowledge and skills. With the help of EVS volunteers, we will develop the sense of volunteering among the young people in our communities and encourage them to leave for EVS and similar activities in future. This will also provide an opportunity to European volunteers in implementing their mission in our communities and to get familiar with country-specific situations. We do hope that the volunteers will use their knowledge and skills for intercultural dialogue and cooperation in our communities.

Description of the organisation

Armenian UN Association (AUNA – was established in January 2005 and consolidates citizens and organizations of the Republic of Armenia around values, ideas and principles of the United Nations Organization. Our mission is to serve as a two-way bridge for dissemination of values, principles and programs of UN in Armenia and promotion of Armenian values, traditions and cultural heritage through UN structures and programs. Our goals:
- to actively popularize the principles and activities of the UN and its specialized agencies;
- to participate in civil society building and developing democratic processes;
- to operate as an active defender and promoter of human rights;
- to promote world peace and cooperation; to participate in global problem-solving;
- to actively cooperate with local, foreign and international NGOs and institutions in dealing with problems of global peace, sustainable development and human rights protection to uphold the ideals of cooperation and unity;
- to contribute to the development of NGO sector in Armenia;

We are a member of the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA – since 2006. In the 40th Plenary Assembly of WFUNA, held in November 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, AUNA, represented by President Ms. Armine Podosyan, was elected a member of the WFUNA Executive Committee. AUNA has successful cooperation with almost all the UN agencies functioning in Armenia, other international organizations, such as OSCE, IOM, etc. and state bodies. In 2006 a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the RA Ministry of Culture (now Sport) and Youth Affairs, UN Department of Public Information and AUNA with an aim at mobilizing the individual and organizational potential through the whole country around the dissemination of all mankind values such as human rights, democracy, sustainable development, etc. AUNA is a member of:
- Anti-Trafficking NGO Network of UNDP Armenia;
- Youth and Tolerance Network of UNDP Armenia;
- UN Volunteers Network of UNDP Armenia;
- National Platform of Eastern Partnership, Coordination Board Member;

AUNA has vast experience in designing and implementing projects calling for engagement of society and strengthening the participation of various groups of society, with particular focus on youth, in vital discussions and policy making. We organize campaigns through our priorities: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Human Rights and Active Citizenship, Peace Culture and Conflict Transformation. AUNA is one of those rare organizations that are able to deliver in various fields and creates a unique opportunity for youth to get a deeper knowledge about the UN practicing their skills at the UN office in Armenia, meeting and cooperating with high-level UN officials and representatives of different agencies and different international organizations, as well as state bodies. Being a member of the National Platform of Eastern Partnership since its establishment in 2010 in Armenia, AUNA pays a great attention to disseminating European values in the country and makes every effort to establish new relationships with European organizations and conduct projects which will promote European awareness in Armenia. In this sense the European club serves a platform for young people to learn more and get closer to Europe as a set of values. We conduct researches, trainings, conferences, seminars, forums, exhibitions and other events in Armenia and abroad. We conduct Model UN, human rights protection, integrative, humanitarian, charity and other projects. Below are randomly taken although some of the remarkable projects showing our commitment to the ideas described above:
- Confidence Building in South Caucasus Regional Project (with UN Associations Georgia and Sweden);
- Responsibility to Protect (with WFUNA);
- Reinforcement of Management of Migratory Flows in Armenia (with EC, EU);
- Building Youth Constituencies for Peace in Armenia and Azerbaijan (in partnership with Catholic Relief Services);
- Tolerant New Generation: Guarantee of Peace and Understanding (in partnership with Catholic Relief Services)

N.B.: A organização selecionada colabora com uma organização diferente que trata os eventuais pedidos de esclarecimento em seu nome.
Nome da organização International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue
Rua 52/20 Andranik Str.
Código postal 0064
Localidade Yerevan
País Armenia
Endereço eletrónico
Sítio Web
Telefone +37 46 05 21 212
Número Fax +374 10 36 68 53

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