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Informace a příležitosti pro mladé z celé Evropy


"ASIST"- Association for Student and Youth Initiatives' Support

Typ akreditace
Konec akreditace 09/10/2015
Místo Chisinau, Moldova
Oblast, ve které organizace působí
Urban/Rural development
Media and communication/Youth information
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties

Akreditační číslo


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

ASIST is an organisation of young people who are widely open to and interested in exchanges at European and international level. Our members know from personal experiences the importance of these exchanges. Moreover, ASIST is also member of an international network of youth organisations East-West-East whose goal is the creation of the solidarity bridge between young people from Eastern and Western Europe. During the last 6 years of involvement within East-West-East ASIST had established numerous trustful partnerships between West and East European youth organizations. All of these organisations have already a good volunteering experience thus spilling their knowledge over our organization too. We are interested in becoming a Sending Organization for volunteers. Our organisation has already the experience of Sending Organisation for one of its members who did the EVS in 2010-2011 in Germany, Hagen. Basing on the positive experience of our member as European volunteer, we would like to be able to be a Sending Organisation. In this way we will be able to help young people find and get in touch with Host Organisations.

Description of the organisation

ASIST is a non-governmental youth organisation whose main goal is to work with and for students and youth from Moldova. ASIST creates the pool of its members from the most active pupils and students who try to involve themselves in various socially useful youth projects. The aims of our organisation in this context is to provide our members with the needed administrative and training support for the purpose of implementation of the planned project. In this sense, the pool of projects realised by the ASIST members significantly vary in terns of temporary span as well as matter of content. Short-listing them to some general groups we might mention such projects as debates, NGO fairs, informational campaigns, international youth exchanges, academic mobility programs as well as many others. Moreover, the value of international exchange or volunteering is very vivid for ASIST members as the whole concept and aim of our organization was brought about by a group of graduates who finished various foreign institutions who looked to transfer the international knowledge to local context. Thus we all understand that supporting youth to share their individual knowledge helps to increase bank of knowledge from which anyone could only benefit. ASIST works actively in promoting the values of modern European society: civic activism, civil participation, freedom of speech and choice in studies, active citizenship, accessible studies etc.

For more than 5 years ASIST is part of an international network of youth organisations called EAST-WEST-EAST, and does a lot within this network. Our members learn here a lot on various important topics, but also learn skills on how to lead and organise some sessions and interesting presentations. Also, in the framework of this network ASIST organised an youth exchange in Moldova in 2010 with the topic of Poverty. Practical solutions for civil society. In terms of internal structure ASIST is very flexible in taking decisions. Even though we all fallow the national and internal regulations the decisions are usually taken by concerns. In addition, to make organization financially sustainable our members established a small hostel in Chisinau (Retro Moldova Hostel: www.retromoldovahostel.webs.org). Hence, the ASIST members could learn useful administrative skills, in addition to the economic benefits got for the promotion of our main aims. Moreover, the administration of this unit gives the organisation the leverage to cheaply host many youth meetings. Even though our organization could not claim to be one of the largest NGO in Moldova we are proud having in the list of our former members recent remarkable journalists, TV commentators, entrepreneurs and scholars.

Název organizace "ASIST"- Association for Student and Youth Initiatives' Support
Ulice 21 Ginta Latina str., ap.196
PSČ MD-2044
Město Chisinau
Země Moldova
E-mail asist.moldova@gmail.com
Internetové stránky www.asist.md
Telefonní číslo +37322516317
Fax číslo

Last update: 19/10/2012