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"MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute

Typu akreditácie EDS
Platnosť akreditácie EDS do 15/04/2015
Miesto Cricova, Moldova
Tém organizácie
Youth policies
Development cooperation
Inkluzívnych tém
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties

Čísla akreditácie EDS


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Informácie o organizáciách a projektoch sú dostupné len v anglickom jazyku.
Project Environment

The Republic of Moldova is a tiny land-locked country in Eastern Europe surrounded by Ukraine and Romania. Moldova declared and gained independent in 1991 during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Moldova population, between 3 and 4 million, primarily speaking Russian and Romanian. Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. MilleniuM office is located at the State University of Moldova in Chisinau. This is where the day-to-day activities of the organization occur. Chisinau is a urban area with a population of around 700,000 and sufficient options for affordable and safe accommodations, transportation, and food. The office itself has several computers, chairs, and desks, and sufficient space to comfortably accommodate volunteers. Chisinau, especially around the University, is also a great place for the volunteer to participate in various social activities to become better acquainted with the language and culture. To ensure the volunteer is able to fully immerse themselves in the Moldovan culture, language support will be provided by the volunteers supervisor for the duration of their project.

Chisinau has many convenient housing options, especially around the University. Most of the affordable housing options are apartments, usually consisting of a bedroom, small living room, and a kitchen. These apartments are usually furnished as well. If the volunteer so desires, arrangements can likely be made to share a larger apartment with other students or volunteers; this will of course assist greatly with cost, language development, and community integration. Regardless of whether the volunteer decides to live by himself/herself, language lessons will be provided by MilleniuM so the volunteer can better integrate into the community and take advantage of what Chisinau has to offer. Heating in the winter is usually regulated per building (rather than individual apartment); however, the apartments are sufficiently warm. Open windows are all that is necessary to stay cool in the summer. There is a plethora of food options in Chisinau. Several cheap and tasty cafeteria options serving local cuisine lie within walking distance of our office. Tickets can be purchased in advance for these cafeterias. There are also restaurants of all types throughout the city where receipts of purchase can be attained by the volunteer.

Extra curricular activites are abound in Chisinau as well. Volunteers can entertain themselves at cinemas, malls, operas, ballets, plays, discos, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, or pool halls, many of which are open 24 hours a day. Options only increase in the summer months, during which time Moldovans entertain themselves outside with swimming, barbecuing, hiking, and musical events, often coupled with sampling homemade wines. Transportation is very cheap and convenient in Chisinau is well. Regular buses, trolley-buses, and mini-buses run from approximately 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. The city is also small and safe enough where walking to a from work, out for lunch, or for a night out on the town will not be difficult. Travel outside of Chisinau by mini-bus for a day along the river, a visit to one of Moldova many historic sites or wineries, or just to experience village life is also very cheap and easy.

MilleniuM EVS volunteers will be provided with a full-time, structured volunteering opportunity. Several of MilleniuM anticipated projects are lasting for 9-12 months. Many of these projects involve youth related topics, including: formation of a Local Youth Council in the town of Cricova, development of youth NGOs, business school for youth to develop and finance their business plans, simulation exercise for local youth to develop a more robust understanding of politic forces in the region, development of community strategic plans, development of human rights reports and a strategic plan to help solve human rights abuses, and several training courses and seminars with international partners on civic engagement, intercultural learning, anti-discrimination, and motivation of youth and volunteers. MilleniuM projects primarily focus on developing youth projects; thus the topics of each project may vary, but usually touch on themes important to EVS, including cultural appreciation, youth, sport, civil rights, and the environment. This flexibility in subject has been rewarding both for the organization and volunteers in the past, as volunteers can focus their energy on issues they are passionate about and the organization can benefit from the hard work of its volunteers. Many of the projects will involve travel within the country and abroad. Because Moldova is a relatively small country, most projects within Moldova will only require volunteers to travel by bus or other public transport to the project site for the day and then return to Chisinau at the conclusion of the day activities. If overnight stays are necessary, MilleniuM will ensure the project coordinator has arranged for cheap and safe accommodations for project participants. MilleniuM is also involved in several projects involving international partners; if EVS volunteers can contribute meaningfully to these projects, MilleniuM will ensure proper travel arrangements are made.

As a Host Organization MileniumM will provide the volunteer with both personal and professional support. The coordinator of the volunteers project, MilleniuM Director, will handle the overall implementation of the volunteers project from start to finish. This will include ensuring all parties are cooperating to develop the volunteers skills at all times and Youthpass preparation. A supervisor will be assigned to help the volunteer with language development and day-to-day project issues. Along with the supervisor, an assigned mentor will help the volunteer with community integration. Potentially, integration will be expedited if the volunteer chooses to live with a student or organization volunteer. Unlike the coordinator and the supervisor, the mentor will likely be a foreign volunteer who is living in Moldova. This expatriate perspective on community integration, as well as issues concerning success at work, will be invaluable. The coordinator, the supervisor, and the mentor will all help to ensure the volunteers experience is enjoyable and intellectually rewarding. MilleniuM envisions EVS volunteers as contributing to several of these projects in various capacities: as a fresh voice offering a unique perspective on local issues and their solutions, as an active participant in youth activities or as a youth leader when an EVS volunteer has pertinent skills or has demonstrated a capacity for leadership, or as a creative partner in developing project ideas for the future. The EVS volunteer will gain practical experience in all phases of a project, from its inception, to project evaluation, to dissemination of project results. The EVS volunteer will be a integral part of our team and will gain invaluable experience in all areas of operating an NGO. MilleniuM also envisions the EVS volunteer will become a valuable partner in the future. After several months becoming acquainted with Moldova, our organization, how it functions, and the organization personnel and partners, the EVS volunteer will be in a unique position to use what they have learned in developing projects in the future with MilleniuM . Similarly, MilleniuM will potentially become acquainted with youth who are equally motivated to solve societies problems. This partnership will benefit the volunteers, MilleniuM , and civil society across Europe, now and into the future.

MilleniuM would be very happy to host an EVS volunteer that is open-minded and eager to begin an extended stay in Moldova. The ideal volunteer would be willing and able to share a meaningful and productive cooperative effort with MilleniuM . Some basic English and computer skills would be beneficial because several of MilleniuM partners and projects are international and the method of communication with these partners is in English through e-mail; however, these skills are in no way a prerequisite as MilleniuM applied philosophy emphasizes providing opportunities to underprivileged youth. In fact, MilleniuM will work diligently with Sending Organizations to involve volunteers with fewer opportunities. Many of our projects involve the youth in rural areas who are commonly underprivileged economically, educationally, socially, and culturally. Certain physical disadvantages can also be accommodated. The University of Moldova, where the organization office is located, has a facility specializing in providing computer skills and access to youth with issues related to eyesight. As with all of MilleniuM activities, recruitment will be open and transparent. MilleniuM advertises volunteer and project openings through open calls on their website,, through other civil society websites, and through the volunteer community throughout Moldova. Candidates for projects or volunteer opportunities are then interviewed to further gauge interest and ability. After the interviews, the volunteers who best fit the project specifications are notified via a project announcement on our website.

Training designed to help ensure a productive and safe project for the volunteer will begin prior to departure. MilleniuM will be in constant contact with the Sending Organization while the volunteer is still at home to develop a training that meets the volunteers needs, the project needs, and the requirements of EVS program. Once in Moldova, MilleniuM will provide appropriate introductory training. Having hosted foreign volunteers in the past, MilleniuM is aware of the difficulties associated with being thrown into a completely different culture. Especially during the first days and weeks, MilleniuM will ensure the volunteer is as comfortable as possible with the housing, transportation, culinary, financial, and linguistic issues that will inevitably arise. Ongoing assessments of the volunteers overall experience, including mid-term assessments if necessary, will be an important part of MilleniuM effort to make the volunteers experience enjoyable and productive. MilleniuM office is located in the State University of Moldova where there are two guards posted immediately below our second floor office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Further, there are usually members of MilleniuM in the office from 9 am -7 pm Monday through Friday, and frequently on Saturdays as well. The office is closed on Sunday.

Regarding the volunteers living environment, MilleniuM would be responsible for finding and securing safe and comfortable accommodations for the volunteer. There will be two housing options for EVS volunteers working with MilleniuM : (1) living with a host family, or (2) renting an apartment individually or with another EVS volunteer or a volunteer with our organization. Some of our volunteers are University students who rent apartments very close to the University and our office. Our volunteers can serve as cultural and language liaisons and as mentors to EVS volunteers. Of course, any determination about housing arrangements will depend on age and gender and involve a discussion with MilleniuM , the host partner, and the EVS volunteer. For EVS volunteers under 18, MilleniuM will provide a host family or the volunteer will stay with a volunteer with our organization and additional precautions will be taken to ensure the volunteers safety and comfort. MilleniuM believes that the best way to prevent risks and crises is preparation. With proper preparation, such as ensuring a safe living environment and educating volunteers on safety in Moldova, the EVS volunteer can remain at ease, significantly lower the risk of a crisis, and do great work with our organization. If necessary, MilleniuM will also provide the volunteer with language training in the local language so the volunteer can experience the culture through the language.

MilleniuM is fully equipped to include volunteers with fewer social, educational, economic, or cultural difficulties. Many of MilleniuM projects focus specifically on the social obstacles presented by gender, race, religious, and other types of discrimination. MilleniuM does several trainings, seminars, or projects directly related to discrimination every year. Educational obstacles can be easily accommodated because the office is located at the State University of Moldova. This proximity will allow youth who lack educational opportunities to be immersed in an academic atmosphere. Further, MilleniuM itself focuses on non-formal education to impart knowledge, so youth will be exposed to two types of educational methods and have the opportunity to learn from whichever suits them best. Economic obstacles can be accommodated because MilleniuM has had significant experience with helping youth in Moldova who face economic hardships. A strong motivating factor in MilleniuM desire to be involved with EVS is that this collaboration will provide opportunities and learning experiences for those who may not otherwise have that opportunity.Culturally, Moldova itself is very unique, with significant influences from the surrounding countries of Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia. Also, many of our projects deal specifically with the cultural differences within Moldova, specifically the populations within Gagauzia and Transnistria. Thus, MilleniuM is well prepared to host volunteers who may lack opportunities because of their culture.

MileniumM is able to host up to 2 EVS volunteers at the same time. The organisation is not going to organise short-term EVS group projects. The organisation is interested in work with volunteers with fewer opportunities such as: social and economic obstacles, educational difficulties as well as cultural differences

Motivation and EVS experience

MilleniuM envisions involvement with the EVS program and EVS volunteers to be cooperative and mutually beneficial. MilleniuM will provide a safe environment in which volunteers will become inspired and active EU citizens. To ensure a stimulating environment in which volunteers can learn, our organization will provide a mentor for personal support and community integration. Our organization also focuses on non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue to foster an environment of mutual cooperation where EVS volunteers can grow and realize their full potential. Volunteers will gain skills to increase their employability as well as a unique experience that will spirit ongoing and effective social participation. MilleniuM will also gain from the volunteers knowledge and perspective. Through the development of mutual understanding and long-lasting partnerships, the capabilities of our organization to function effectively as a civil society organization in the field of youth will be dramatically increased.

MilleniuM motivation to send volunteers is to allow Moldova youth to participate in and understand EU civil society and democratic life in Europe. Youth from Moldova will be introduced to new cultures, new concepts, and new ways of doing things through non-formal learning and practical, hands-on experience. These new experiences will inevitably raise their consciousness of the world and provide them with the skills and abilities to more effectively participate in this world. MilleniuM will provide adequate preparation of all Moldovan youth fortunate enough to participate in this unique opportunity.

MilleniuM believes that participation in the EVS program, as a Host, Sending, or Coordinating organization will help to develop many sustainable partnerships that will thrive well into the future. Although MilleniuM has no experience with EVS, our organization has relished every opportunity to participate in dozens of successful youth-oriented projects over the last decade, including 10 Youth in Action projects where MilleniuM was a partner or Host organization. Because we view MilleniuM objectives as being very similar to the EVS program, our organization is eager to begin a flourishing partnership that will operate at whichever level MilleniuM can be most effective.

Description of the organisation

MilleniuM is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the research, training, and advancement of personal development, organizational development, community development, and partnership development within the NGO community and which is implemented through a variety of projects focusing on contemporary social issues. Our organization strives to contribute to organizational and community development by transforming the concepts of collaboration and partnership within the NGO community in Moldova and abroad. MilleniuM organizes seminars and trainings focusing on leadership, communication, career planning, and other topics for the personal development of youth or youth trainers. MilleniuM develops organizations by organizing seminars, trainings, and round-tables on project management, human resource management, public relation management, fundraising, and other topics. Regarding the development of communities, MilleniuM helps communities develop successful strategic plans by facilitating community meetings, hosting seminars and trainings, and drafting official strategic plans for towns throughout Moldova. During all of its activities, MilleniuM is always looking to identify potential partners between and among the NGO community, the business community, and the government. MilleniuM also organizes study visits and round-tables with the specific goal of developing productive partnerships. Because one of the axioms under which MilleniuM operates is that youth are a valuable resource of great potential that can solve any problem, special attention is given to youth activities and non-formal education. By inspiring youth to become active and knowledgeable citizens, MilleniuM seeks to create a prosperous future for Moldova, its citizens, and its neighbors. MilleniuM has a long-standing board and director, three program managers, several active volunteers, an accountant, and an office manager.

Názvu organizácie "MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute
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PSČ MD 2084
Mesto Cricova
Krajina Moldova
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