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"Common Sense" Youth Organization

Tip ta' akkreditament SVE
Data ta' skadenza tal-akkreditament SVE 15/04/2015
Post Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Suġġetti ta' organizzazzjoni
Youth leisure
Youth policies
Suġġetti ta' inklużjoni

Numru tal-akkreditament SVE


Għal aktar informazzjoni dwar il-volontarjat u s-Servizz Volontarju Ewropew b'mod partikolari, żur it-taqsima Attivitajiet ta' Volontarjat f'dan il-websajt.

Jekk jogħġbok innota li l-informazzjoni dwar l-organizzazzjonijiet u l-proġetti hija disponibbli bl-Ingliż biss.
Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

Common Sense youth organization is one of the active organizations in Sumgait city. Because of our annual activities we have a wide youth network we work with. This network includes schoolchildren and students, as well as the youth being very active in social issues of our local society. Based on our organization’s mission and goals, we’d like our youth to be more educated, experienced, motivated in learning new skills and abilities in volunteering, being more tolerant, open-minded and get to learn the new culture. And one of the best ways for the above-mentioned reasons is doing EVS. EVS will help both our organization and the volunteers create linkages between Azerbaijan and European countries, possible partnerships, widen the project possibilities and mutual understanding between the different cultures and religions. And if there is such a great opportunity, then why not let our local youth be the EVS volunteers and experience the different things and gain more knowledge, widen their outlook?! The active part of our youth need some improvements, creativity and innovations and practice, not less important, the life experience which will guide them throughout their life. In order to provide them such opportunity, we want to be accredited as EVS Sending organization.

Description of the organisation

Our goals are as the following:
- to encourage the active participation of the youth in building civil society.
- to strengthen capacity of self-help and to raise the intellectual potentiality of the youth;
- to conduct enlightenment works among the citizens in social, legal and medical spheres;
- to develop education in social direction;
- to research the problems of the youth and to mobilize them in resolving these problems.
- to increase the activity of the youth in raising the quality of education.

The Regular Activities are:
- – YOUTH NETWORK (online). This electronic network is a hub for the youth regardless their religion, language, political affiliation and social background.This network provides the youth with a great opportunity to carry out interesting discussions.
- debate program in the Sumgait city every year since 2006. In cooperation with the Debate in Civil Society Public Union, Common Sense youth organization organizes Debate Tournaments on Karl Popper format among both the students and schoolchildren every year. We have one tournament among both schoolchildren and students each semester every year.
- on-going "No Smoking" and "Stop the Chain of AIDS" projects- enlightenment works in frame of this campaign among the local youth.
- promotion of Youth in Action program of EU in our city Sumgait as well as in the capital, Baku. Provision of our members participation in projects in frame of Youth in Action. In general, building partnerships between international organisations and CSYO; Providing trainings and seminars on various topics, such as: Time-management, Project-Management, Leadership, Rhetorical skills etc;

Being Common Sense youth organization, our target group is mainly the youth of our city-Sumgait. The average ages of local youth we work with are 18-25. In frame of annual Debate Tournaments we usually work with several schools of our city, teach the schoolchildren formal Debate and train them to take part in tournaments and improve themselves. As well, we are working with students in our Debate tournaments, some projects related to youth participation and policy, in promoting Youth in Action program of EU. The general characteristic features of the youth we work with are the following: Most of them are in the starting process of being active in the society and joining different extracurricular activities organized by NGOs. Some of them face difficulties, mainly from parents’ side, as well as being non-capable of managing time for right things for themselves. Some of the youth have no idea what they want from life and what are their ambitions, therefore, when they come to our NGO to be a member or volunteer, while asked why they are doing that, they do not have the proper answer. And there are also some that find the trainings and seminars and generally the so-called NGO world waste of time, instead they want to earn money. There is no self-investment among them, that’s the worst thing. Besides, there are youth that want to develop, both personally and professionally, are very much interested in volunteerism, different activities that help to improve their skills and abilities, in networking, learning and sharing the knowledge with others which is not less important.

Isem l-organizzazzjoni "Common Sense" Youth Organization
Triq Koroglu str.27a, 12th micro/district
Kodiċi postali AZ 5011
Raħal/belt Sumgait
Pajjiż Azerbaijan
Indirizz tal-email;
Numru tat-telefown (+994) 51 516 39 11
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