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Adventist Development and Relief Agency Poland

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 16/05/2015
Location Warszawa, Poland
Organisation topics
Development cooperation
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

It's the first time when our organisation tries to get an accreditation for EVS therefore we don't have any experience with this
action yet, however people involved in implemntation of EVS Projects in our organisation already had a chance to work with
it. Person who will coordinate EVS projects in ADRA Poland (Katarzyna Czyz) is also EVS coordinator in Christian Charity
Service who is our close partner - she already sent EVS volunteers to Rwanda nad Estonia, currently she recrutes volunteers
for a short-term EVS project to Turkey and working on next projects. In addition to this ADRA Poland has an experience in
working with voluteers in Poland as well as sending volunteers abroad under other programmes than EVS (2 volunteers sent
to Rwanda in order to support local organisation in implementation of projects for children with fewer opportunities.
Our organisation would like to develop cooperation with other international organisations in the field of volunteer's exchange as
many young and motivated people come to us asking about possibilities of voluntary service abroad. We would like to enable
them such opportunity as it combines their personal development, increases potencial of organisations and brings benefits for
local communities all at the same time.

Description of the organisation

ADRA Poland is a polish branch of ADRA International Network which is active in more than 125 countries of the world. The
aim of ADRA Poland (as of the whole network) is to bring help and relief for people in difficult life situation, especially those
affected by natural disasters, persecutions and disabilities.
In 2010 we organised help for victims of the earthquake on Haiti and helped to build 75 latrines and 95 showers in shaleters for
victimes of the earthquake.
Also in 2010 we managed to provide help for over 2000 people and 48 housholds affected by the flood in Poland. We provided
them with cleaning supplies, cloths, blankets etc. as well as we drained flooded housholds.
ADRA Poland regulary provides help for people in need. By now 220 packages with toys were given by ADRA Poland to
children of refugies currently staying in Poland and 430 children living in difficult finanical situation at Ukraine were provided
with toys, cloths and carpets.
ADRA Poland managed to send 2 volunteers to Rwanda who for the period of 6 months supported local orgaisation in Rwanda
in activities for children with fewer opportunities. They organised activities for children in orphanages, they collected in Poland
second-hend wheelchairs and organised transportation and distribution among children in Rwanda enabling them an access
to primary education, they supported implementation of Polish Aid projects organised together by rwandese organisation and
our partner organisation Christian Charity Service.

Contact details
Organisation name Adventist Development and Relief Agency Poland
Street Foksal 8
Postal code 00-366
Town/city Warszawa
Country Poland
Email address adra@adra.pl
Telephone number 222668075
Fax number

Last update: 17/05/2012