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AIESEC Moldova

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 25/01/2015
Location Chisinau, Moldova
Organisation topics
European awareness
Development cooperation
Inclusion topics
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

AIESEC Moldova is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and politically independent organisation, member of AIESEC International. Our organisation is focusing on providing a platform for youth leadership development in Moldova. AIESEC Moldova offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world in a positive way, and to get experience and necessary skills through the EVS program, in which volunteers have the opportunity to develop their competences by working in NGOs projects. In the spring of 2011, in collaboration with AIESEC Cluj Napoca, AIESEC Moldova as a sending organisation had the privilege of organizing such projects as Sunny Days II and Picture the Nature. Sunny Days II is a project, which calls for aiding youngsters with reduced socio-economical possibilities to come and learn different skills and attitudes as well as develop relationships. Picture the Nature is a project in which 4 international volunteers and 4 Romanian volunteers made pictures and videos that were used in the process of making youngsters and local communities aware of these problems and their impact on the environment. Therefore, it is important to our organisation to continue collaboration with other NGOs from Europe. Participation in such projects will give us the opportunity to contribute to the development of youth society of Moldova and to create strong and reliable relations with EU non-government organisations, in order to reach our most important goal: a positive impact in society. AIESEC Moldova's motivation to participate in EVS is inspired by our international vision: Peace and fulfilment of humankind potential. Organizing projects with other NGO' s will empower the youth from Moldova to experience the international volunteering, thus offering young people a life changing experience, where they can interact more with European cultures and be more culturally sensitive. This experience will give the chance to young people from Moldova to be more active in society and to develop themselves, in order to develop the country. The involvement of international EVS volunteers will contribute to education of cultural diversity, elimination of stereotypes and cultural barriers between people. All AIESEC Moldova members are volunteers and we are the promoters of volunteering in our country. We are convinced that EVS accreditation of AIESEC Moldova will bring an enormous contribution to the development of the young generation of leaders in Moldova.

Description of the organisation

AIESEC Moldova is an organization that provides young people with opportunities to develop themselves and also to have a positive impact in the society by giving them access to volunteering opportunities, personal and professional development and a global network. Through a sustainable unique process of development the organization's members are developing leadership abilities. AIESEC in Moldova has branches (local committees) in two of the biggest cities: Chisinau and Balti. Recently we registered the third branch in Cahul city. Approximately 150 voluntary members are working in organization. We are providing around 67 leadership opportunities, around 69 exchange opportunities and organizing around 10 conferences and 11 projects every year. Our Stakeholders are young people from Moldova, international volunteers, national companies and Alumni (members that were once in organization and have fulfilled certain alumni criteria).

Our values are:
- activating leadership;
- living diversity;
- striving for excellence;
- demonstrating integrity;
- enjoying participation;
- activating sustainably

At national level, the organization is run by 8 people, who represent the Executive Board and consist of the president and people responsible for the following areas: finance, human resources, communication, external relations, projects, national trainer's team and organizational development responsible, and a person which is responsible for our exchange program. The Executive Board has two meetings every week. Its main responsibility is to coordinate the activity of the local committees. Each Executive Board member has a support team which is assisting him in his daily work. This support team is formed from AIESEC members that have some experience. National Support Team members can be from Moldova or other country. At local level, the Local Committees have the same structure. Each person is coordinating one department, according to the functional area. Our general activities are based on non-formal and informal education, with a structured learning process each AIESEC member goes through, called the AIESEC Experience. It consists in four complete programs that define the diverse environment each member is embracing: Team member program, Team leader program, Global internship program and Global community development program (International volunteering opportunities). AIESEC Moldova has a big and well prepared National Trainers Team. It's main responsibility is to deliver the information necessary for the learning process of our members. This team is also responsible for preparing the volunteers before they go to volunteer in a social project. Our international volunteering opportunities are opened for all young people, not only for AIESEC members.

Contact details
Organisation name AIESEC Moldova
Street 52 Vlaicu Parcalab street, office 907, ULIM
Postal code MD-2012
Town/city Chisinau
Country Moldova
Email address aiesec.moldova.ong@gmail.com
Website aiesec.md
Telephone number +373 22 205 971
Fax number

Last update: 28/02/2012