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Evropský portál pro mládež

Informace a příležitosti pro mladé z celé Evropy


"Ognem" Foundation

Typ akreditace
Konec akreditace 30/05/2014
Místo Yerevan, Armenia
Oblast, ve které organizace působí
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties

Akreditační číslo


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Informace o jednotlivých organizacích jsou k dipozici pouze v angličtině.
Project Environment


We and the HUJ have specialists with relevant education and experience, who will be always next to the volunteer and will provide support in case their help is needed. Besides, in hospital, where the volunteer will be working with kids there are psychologists, who will be always next to the volunteer and in case of need will support them.


Armenia lies in the surrounding the Biblical mountain of Ararat, upon which Noah's Ark came to rest after the flood. Armenia first emerged into history around 800 BC, as part of the Kingdom of Urartu or Van. The first Armenian state was founded in 190 BC. In 301 Armenia became the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion. In 405 Mesrop Mashtoc invented Armenian alphabet. The Armenian Apostolic Christianity is the dominant religion in Armenia as well as Yerevan. Yerevan is home to the largest Armenian church in the world, the Cathedral of Saint Gregory the Illuminator. Despite the hard history, now the republic of Armenia is making its steps in all sides of politics, has relations with lots of other countries and is going to become more developed and strong country.

Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia and one of the world's oldest continuously-inhabited cities. Situated along the Hrazdan River, Yerevan is the administrative, cultural, and industrial center of the country. It has been the capital since 1918, the thirteenth capital in the history of Armenia.

Yerevan is home to dozens of museums, art galleries, and libraries. Tourism in Armenia is developing year by year and the capital city Yerevan is one of the major tourist destinations. The city has a majority of luxury hotels, modern restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs. Zvartnots airport has also conducted renovation projects with the growing number of tourists visiting the country. The location of Yerevan itself inspires foreigners to visit the city in order to enjoy the view of the biblical mount of Ararat, as the city lies on the feet of the mountain forming the shape of a Roman amphitheatre. There is a plenty of historical sites, churches and citadels in areas and regions surrounding the city of Yerevan (Garni Temple, Zvartnots Cathedral, Khor Virap, etc.). On the other hand, visitors and tourists can enjoy the charming nights of Yerevan with a variety of several types of restaurants, street cafes, tea houses, pubs, discos, bars and karaoke clubs. Yerevan is named as the 2012 World Book Capital by the UNESCO.

The office of "Ognem" foundation is situated in "Chekhov" school, in a very safe and nice district, just in the city centre with lots of public transportation.


Though today many nurses and psychologists work in hospitals, EVS volunteer has it's irreplaceable place in all projects and events organized in "Ognem" foundation, which are directed to improving psychological and nervous state of children, who are having their treatment from blood cancer. EVS volunteer has also another very important input in the field, which is the cooperation between volunteer and the foundation staff. Volunteer participates and directly helps in organizing charitable events, involving new sponsors, collecting the needed information and making statistical data. Eventually, each new volunteer brings new ideas and projects. These things are very important for those organizations, which are carrying out social activity works.

The volunteer will be involved in all programs and will be encouraged to propose his/her own ideas and suggestions. The volunteer will live and work with the local community. Apart from working with the children, s/he will have the possibility to spend his/her free time with children and to learn a lot about Armenia. The volunteer will be involved in discussions and seminars about the future of the children and will be able to share his/her opinion on the situation with parents and staff of hospitals. With the help of the volunteer they will be able to organize more workshops, in which the children (according to their health) can draw, sculpture, sing and dance. The daily routine and tasks could be as follows:
- visiting children, who are having their treatment in hospitals, to play with them, to organize interesting games and activities
- help in making statistics of children who have leukaemia and other blood diseases
- organization of charity activities in hospitals and children's centers
- searching for financial support from local and international sponsors
- promoting activities of the foundation among international organizations, writing articles about those activities
- updating the website with new events and upcoming activities
- organising charitable events for hospitals, when everybody can give something for children or can participate in common games, concerts. The volunteer will be able to practice administrative skills in planning and organizing such events
- making programs of entertainment for children in hospitals and centers
- organising arts and crafts competitions in hospitals, creating Game Rooms in hospitals, organising game hours for children.
- helping and leading the "Summer Camp" which is going to happen during the summer for children, who completed their treatment and need to recover.


It is desirable that the volunteer acquires some skills and experience of work with children. It's preferable also that the volunteer has concrete interest, for example, in drawing, dancing, handicrafts, music, teaching skills to be able to organize teaching and playing groups. By receiving several different CVs and Motivation letters of the candidate to EVS project, our "contact point for EVS", the HUJ pre-selects those volunteers, who are most suitable for the project and are willing to participate. If needed they make a phone conversation with the candidate. After the joint discussions with the hosting organisation, the volunteer is selected.

We would like to cooperate with those types of sending organizations, who have experience of work with disabled, orphans, ecologists or with organizations of voluntary service. There are no gender, age and other requirements for the selection/recruitment of volunteers. The volunteer should be interested or have some experience in working with children; s/he should be kind, communicative and reliable, should love children and work with them.


How we will guarantee a safe living and working environment for the EVS volunteers:
The accommodation is in the big house in the centre of the city in a very crowded and safe district. In the workplace, a very qualified and serious person is responsible for the volunteer for the first days of her project, who takes care of the volunteer, helps to get to the work and etc.

How we will prevent risks and crises:

HUJ office, as "contact point for EVS", will organize risk prevention and safety regulations training before the start of the work. Once a week EVS volunteers will have a personal meeting with the tutors in the local project to discuss achievements, troubles, future plans, so the volunteers will be prevented from psychological and methodological difficulties.

In case of sickness or some injuries the volunteer is taken to the hospital together with staff member from HUJ, where there is a person who speaks some international language and takes care of everything that the volunteer will need. In case of some everyday conflicts with local people or some personal issues, works and etc, the HUJ, as well as teachers or psychologies will help and provide him/her with necessary care. To prevent the difficulties with adaptation to new country and independent life the hosting organization provides volunteers an opportunity to call home and friends in the country of residence by Skype or by telephone.

If the volunteers encounter a difficulty in communicating, are in cultural shock, don't feel fit, the local tutors are there to prevent things going in a wrong way by being available to listen, try to understand and explain. In case of big difficulties the sending organization is contacted to see if there is a solution that the host doesn't find for the problem. Till now, we haven't had yet EVS volunteers aged 16-17 and our organization is not able to host teenager volunteers.

The Ognem Foundation is able to host 1 EVS volunteer at the same time. The organisation doesn't intend to work with short-term group EVS projects. The Foundation would like to work with volunteers with fewer opportunities such as cultural differences and economical obstacles.

The Ognem Foundation is supported by "Republican Headquarters of Student Brigades-Voluntary Service of Armenia - HUJ" as its "contact point for EVS".

Motivation and EVS experience

Children who are receiving their treatment in hospitals are obliged to stay there for 9 months almost without any break. During all their stay in the hospital, their communication is limited; they are being surrounded only with doctors, nurses, other patients and with relatives who are burdened with troubles. This fact is very tiresome and is leaving depressive effects on children's frail psychology. For the purposes of solving this issue "Ognem" Foundation organizes various events and projects on a regular basis, also with the help of EVS volunteer.

EVS volunteer mainly works in hospitals. Throughout his/her work in hospitals, volunteer communicates directly with children, with the help of specialists and psychologies they organize intellectual and entertaining games with the kids, doing handicraft with paper, dough or with simplest substances. They make meetings and discussions on the topics which are the most interesting for the kids.

The reasons why "Ognem" foundation is interested in hosting EVS volunteers are:

- EVS volunteer is someone coming from abroad, who has different and unfamiliar culture, habits and speaks different language, and this fact is very interesting and appealing for children. Therefore this curiosity makes children opening themselves to EVS volunteer, who is totally unfamiliar, and enter his/her tiny world.
- EVS volunteer is coming for 6 or 9 months, which is sufficient time for children to get acquainted with the volunteer, to create their own world together, to trust him/her, to become friends and share with volunteer dreams. The most important is that children propose what he/she exactly would like to do.
- EVS volunteer is child's friend, because he/she looks at child as a friend with happy eyes, not like mother or relatives - with sorrowful and compassionate look, not like doctor and nurse, who are kind and always smile, but possess medicine or syringe. Volunteer is coming from another world, from the outer world s/he doesn't remind anything about his/her illness and the treatment overall.
- EVS volunteer will work according to the special schedule. The child knows exactly when volunteer will come, waiting for his/her arrival impatiently and planning their common upcoming activities, thinking how s/he will amaze his new friend. All this brings unique meaning to his/her life in hospital.

Though today many nurses and psychologists work in hospitals, EVS volunteer has it's irreplaceable place in all projects and events organized in "Ognem" Foundation, which are directed to improving psychological and nervous state of children, who are having their treatment from blood cancer.

Description of the organisation

"Ognem" foundation ("Help" in English), which was established in 2008 by initiative of Edgar Gyanjumyan, a very famous composer, who himself had suffered from leucosis and thanks God, today can live full and healthy life, raise a son and continue to compose. Mr. Gyanjumyan received his treatment abroad in a medical clinic that had ideal conditions and was supplied with modern equipment, medicaments and other supporting items.

The big wish of the "Ognem" foundation is that children who suffer from haematological diseases received the same treatment here in Armenia. Unfortunately there are many problems and insufficiency. Therefore the aim of "Ognem" foundation is to facilitate solving these problems and issues. According to statistics about 400 cases of blood disease have been registered in Armenia during the last ten years and hopefully, 300 of them have been cured. So, to facilitate the treatment of children suffering from leucosis, raise awareness about the disease, prepare and publish reports on children suffering from leucosis, conduct statistics, organize fundraising and donation events as well as collaborate with similar foreign organizations, is also a part of the work of this fund.

In 2010 the foundation earned the grant of organizing "Summer camp" for 15 children with blood cancer. Participants were children who have completed their inpatient treatment with chemotherapy for 4-6 months before the start of the camp. Camp will take place in one of Armenian sanatoriums, where nature and ecology will help children to restore their immune system and health generally. The project includes the organizing of psychological and physical trainings, free time activities. During camp children will live with their mothers, doctor- haematologist, psychologist and activity- organizer.

In "Ognem" foundation there are 3 staff members full-time working. One Director, one accountant and one project manager, who will be responsible for the volunteer as well. The volunteer will be working with Project Manager in the office and with psychologists and pedagogues in the hospital.

Žádosti o informace vyřizuje jménem vybrané organizace jiná organizace EDS.
Název organizace Republican Headquarters of Student Brigades-Voluntary Service of Armenia-HUJ
Ulice Koryun 19a
PSČ 0009
Město Yerevan
Země Armenia
Internetové stránky www.ognem.am
Telefonní číslo +374 10 522 788
Fax číslo +374 10 522 772

Last update: 08/07/2011