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Adazu Briva Valdorfa skola

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 04/09/2016
Location Adazi, Latvia
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment:
One of the differences between Waldorf school and other schools is the main lesson which starts every day and this means that studying is organized in cycles. Every morning for about a month during the main lesson children are acquiring one subject. The length of the lesson is 120 minutes. Other lessons are 40 minutes. During the learning process we use methodology which reinforces the students` interest and encourages them to use not only one textbook but to search materials in encyclopedias, literature, fiction, journals, the internet. We also encourage them to make their own textbook.
The rhythm of kindergartens day, week, month and year is carefully planned and coordinated with educational and physiological aspects.

Adazi is a fast growing and active region. It consists of 12 villages; the largest of those are Adazi, Kagada, Baltezers, Garkalne and Staprini. The administrative center of the village is located in Adazu village which has 4 thousand inhabitants. Adazi is situated 25 km away from the state capital Riga.
An active cultural life is implemented in the Adazi region. Both young and old people take part in various circles, collectives and interest clusters. Different concerts, theater plays, holiday evenings, lectures, exhibitions and other events are organized in the region. There are different amateur groups in the cultural house: choirs, ensembles and dance groups of various age-groups. There is a sport center in Adazi. There one can visit pool, gym, aerobics and martial art trainings, as well as play table tennis

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
Volunteers in our kindergarten/school will have an unique chance to find out what Waldorf pedagogy is. They will be able to find out its nature and teaching methodology. The knowledge of this pedagogy and its principles will help the teenagers to work with themselves and in teams. They will also get to know Latvian culture.
We would like to host 2-3 volunteers per one school season which lasts for 10 months because this period is long enough for getting to know people and their life philosophy. We would be glad if this particular work season would be combined with the youth-volunteer national traditions. We would like to gather information about autumn activities, Christmas celebrations and winter activities, about spring and Easter celebrations and summer activities, etc. which come from his country.

The most important work for volunteers in the kindergarten will be-creating contacts and lasting relationships with children. It means, spending time with the children during games and activities, as well as during free time. Voluntary obligations will be both pedagogical and practical:
-The volunteer will help the kindergarten staff to prepare for different celebrations, for example, s/he will search songs and games of certain themes, s/he will make different decorations, etc. S/he will be involved in the preparation of daily games. We would appreciate if s/he would also offer his/her ideas.
-The volunteer will go outside together with the kids, will look for variety of interesting materials that could be used for decorating or making various objects etc. It is important that the volunteer would have some creative ideas about creating different things-s/he should think what and how nature materials could be used to make something interesting and new.
-S/he will be involved in the kitchen work, preparing meals, washing up and cleaning, because according to the Waldorf pedagogy all the duties that are done in the kindergarten should have an educational aspect because the children learn from everything they see.
-S/he should be supporting during various children`s activities-painting, singing with the children, telling fairy-tales. The volunteer should also help to put the children to sleep.
-In order to tidy up the surrounding the volunteer should engage together with the parents and staff in talc that are organized by the kindergarten

In school the volunteers will work with children of all ages (7-18 years). In the morning the volunteer will spend his/her time in the classroom where s/he will help class and subject teachers in their teaching and educational work, s/he will assist teacher during lessons, organize active rest during breaks, and also the volunteer will perform individual teacher-assistant functions. In the afternoon the volunteer will be involved in activities that suit his/her own interests. S/he will be able to take the initiative and share his/her ideas, for example, about art, dancing, singing and craft. The volunteer will participate in the student parliament, where s/he will express her/his creative imagination and organizational skills. S/he will also participate in teachers` college work, where s/he will help to organize various activities and s/he will participate in the school life`s and the daily event`s planning.

If the volunteer will want to teach her/his native language, games, music or sports to the children then we will support him/her. The voluntary`s opportunity to teach his/her native language and cultural activities will serve as a cultural exchange (we will ask the volunteer to prepare information about his/her country, which he will present in various creative ways).

The volunteer will work 6-7 hours a day, 5 days a week. The work and leisure time schedules will be discussed together with the volunteer. The volunteer will have 2 free days a week-either a weekend or during the middle of the week-it will depend on the activities in which the volunteer will be involved. The possible work schedule: 2-4 hours of work the students in the morning, in the afternoon the volunteer will be involved in hobby groups, the school parliament, organization of various activities.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
There are no gender, age, race, religion or political affiliation limits for the volunteers. We would like to admit volunteers who:
-Are interested in working with children aged 3-18 years,
-Have a desire to work in a team,
-Are interested in the Latvian language and culture,
-Have knowledge or are interested in the Waldorf pedagogy.
The information about the project and volunteer`s opportunities to participate in the EVS will be inserted in the international database on the Internet.

Number of volunteers hosted:
We are planning to host 2 volunteer each year but maximum we can host 3 volunteer at the same time.

Expected duration and type of EVS:
6 to 12 months

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
The required safety for the volunteer during his/her daily work will be provided by our personal staff. The volunteer`s mentor will introduce him/her to the project site, the organization`s internal rules and the mentor will show him/her the city in order to ensure his orientation.
The mentor will take care of the volunteer to ascertain the degree of volunteer`s satisfaction with the project, organization and social life.
Coordinating organization will provide the volunteer with a living place where the volunteer will live together with other volunteers, or the volunteer will be provided with a family.
Volunteers will be informed of the availability of Volunteer Health Insurance specialized for them.

Special needs (if applicable):
Generally we are ready to work with different target groups. However, seeing that volunteer will work at school we are strongly against to use alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Motivation and EVS experience

ABVS (Free Waldorf School in Adazi) is nongovermental organization who realize the Waldorf pedagogy in a kindergarten and in a school for children aged 3-18 years. We have had children, students, teachers and volunteer-teenagers from other countries and we can see that our school can offer a genuine between-culture education for teenagers who are interested in children and education. During our cooperation with volunteers we want to learn about their traditions, we want to implement in our daily life their cultural customs, to teach children their national games and songs.
So far the school has taken part in the European Community Lifelong Learning Program COMENIUS partnerships, APA mobility, Nordplus, EEZ grants scheme for mobility projects. School already participate in EVS projects for 3 years. On this time were hosted 6 volunteers from different Programme Countries and Neighbouring Partner Countries.

Description of the organisation

ABVS realizes preschool, primary school and comprehensive secondary education programs. Studying in the school is implemented according to the current LR educational standards and World`s Waldorf pedagogy study plan.
During the teaching process the student is made into a versatile and harmonious personality, who is able to think and act independently and who is able to be responsible for the consequences of his actions. The curriculum of the school is designed in a way which allows the student to develop his intellect and emotions, and it also allows him to strengthen his will.
Following the Waldorf pedagogy methods the work in the kindergarten is rhythmic-the tasks rhythmically change from rest to work as well as they follow the change of the seasons. In the kindergarten the children paint, draw, form, knead a dough and bake bread, help to make breakfast and lunch, they lay the table and do many other jobs that are practical and needed for everyday life.
In addition, there are many different circles in our school: dance, film, photography, cooking and sewing circles. We also have an orchestra.
ABVS has been operating for 20 years and currently there are 200 pupils in the school and 50 children in the kindergarten. There are 39 teachers and preschool teachers and 10 technical workers.

Contact details
Organisation name Adazu Briva Valdorfa skola
Street Pirma iela 26a
Postal code LV-2164
Town/city Adazi
Country Latvia
Email address adazu.valdorfskola@inbox.lv
Website www.abvs.lv
Telephone number +371 29405547
Fax number +371 64155565

Last update: 09/09/2013