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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 04/11/2014
Location Riga, Latvia
Organisation topics
European awareness
Art and culture
Inclusion topics
Cultural differences

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

AEGEE-Riga is a non governmental, student organisation that organises events for young people with an aim to support them in becoming and being active citizens. Our main motivation to work with young people is to enlarge their mind-maps and knowledge about their possibilities in the world, so that they can become responsible and successful grown-ups. We see European Voluntary Service as the best tool for young person to develop as it enables to grow in more independent way gives new organisational skills and at the same time gives possibility to explore the world outside ordinary tourism boundaries. As supporting young people’s developing and creation to be active citizen is one of our organisations priorities, we see European Voluntary Service project as great possibility for doing it. On the one hand we help young people to gain great new experiences, on the other hand, from the point of view of the organisation development, we also wider our partners’ network through our volunteer.
We have already had previous experience in sending European volunteers from Latvia to other countries of EU. We have a pleasure to note that the projects we do have their sustainability: the volunteers that come back from EVS projects stay active in the organisation and become themselves the multipliers of the Programme, promoting the opportunities for young people in Europe to their peers and everywhere around them.
We wish to continue to give this great opportunity to young people we are working with, and to be a sending as well as coordinating organisation for EVS projects.

Description of the organisation

AEGEE-Riga is one of the 206 locals of the interdisciplinary student association AEGEE, which are acting both in Latvia and Europe. General aims are to foster democracy, human rights, tolerance, cross-boarder co-operation, mobility and European dimension in education. Because of that, we are making national and international action days on regular basis, case studies, different projects, summer universities, winter universities and trainings about different topics. Every year we are organising 3-4 international events (Summer University, Winter University etc.) as well as even more local events (e.g., European Day of Languages).
We have approximately 70 members, who are being lead by AEGEE-Riga board (6 people)- elected by other members. Our target audience is students of all areas and age, but we are also welcoming newly graduates and last year high schools students and we would like to work with them even more in the future.

Contact details
Organisation name AEGEE Riga
Street Strelnieku str. 4a
Postal code LV 1010
Town/city Riga
Country Latvia
Email address aegee_riga@yahoo.com
Website www.aegee-riga.lv
Telephone number 00371 29428907
Fax number -

Last update: 04/11/2011