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A.N.F.F.A.S onlus di Pordenone

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 27/01/2017
Location PORDENONE, Italy
Organisation topics
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Health problems
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

The “Giulio Locatelli”Anffas centre where the volunteers will be hosted is based in Pordenone: the third province of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia. Geographically speaking it looks like a rectangle circumscribed by the rivers Tagliamento and Livenza, it is a long plain towards the Adriatic sea and the Prealps mountains on the North. Great position for excursions in the mountains, staying at the seaside and visits to the romantic Venice, only one hour away. Pordenone is still a very safe town, not dangerous at all for the volunteers. Employed people work for the most on the third sector. The economy is also based on electricity and mechanics factories and on wood. Agriculture and craftsmanship are still important sectors as well as the Friulian one which keeps up the mountain traditions.
With its 51.000 inhabitants it is a modern and lively city, promoter of important cultural events like Dedica Review (in March), the book festival with its writers Pordenonelegge (in September) and the Silent Film Festival (in October). www.pordenonewithlove.it www.comune.pordenone.it
A.N.F.F.A.S. is convinced that apart from the Summers camps, a live-in community would be too demanding for EVS volunteers, this is why we have rented a large flat 1,2 km away from the Anffas Centre or we place the volunteers in host families. Volunteers are given a bike to be independent.
The concept of education is linked nowadays to the one of learning everywhere and every time in your life: it’s not possible anymore torelegate education only to a period of time or a conventional setting.This is particularly true I the socio health care and in Anffas.
Depending on the length of their staying the learning outcomes expected are that the volunteers improve their basic skills, gain wider self- esteem, independence, ability to work in a team, develop positive social values and sharing solidarity.
The volunteers will also improve their communication skills, not only about the Italian language, also about other ways of communication like mimic and gestures, through figuration in painting, music, dance and so on.
The volunteers will gain knowledge and skills to work with people with disability, will be sensitized about people with disabilities and hopefully will be able to carry further their experiences, views and ideas.
Taking part in the activities of the association togehter with other international professionals the volunteers will be able to live an effective intercultural experience as the exchange is on daily basis.
The volunteers will always work alongside professional staff in 2 centres for 70 people with different levels of physical and mental disabilities. They will accompany our disabled people in every daily activity, they will become friends and a good company as well as an example to follow.
In a Centre like ours new faces, new voices, new ways of going around and doing things are extremely important for our guests and for our workers, helping to avoid burn –out. EVS volunteers bring in these qualities with their presence. A volunteer is ONLY supporting the workers, he/she has no responsibility at all towards the disabled people.They will always work in collaboration and with the support and the supervision of professional staff present on duty; as the volunteers don’t have the specialized qualification of staff members there is no way they can replace the professional personnel. According to the activities chosen by the volunteers, they will work 5 days out of 7 either from 7.30-13.30 or 16-21, or from 9 to 15 in case of a volunteer with fewer opportunities.
When special events are organized the presence of the International volunteers is foreseen and very welcome! The volunteers will attend 4,5 hours italian language course for the whole length of their EVS project, school holiday excluded.
Once a month, if they are able and willing to, thay can animate a party with games and music belonging to their country.
It’s our aim to give the volunteers the chance to become the leader of one craftsroom following their inclinations: who plays an instrument can educate our guests to the listening to the music, who is good at cooking can lead the international cooking activity and so on…
the EVS volunteers will have 6 weeks induction and preparation where they will be trained about different approaches to work with our guests, their disabilities, all the craftsroom and manual activities, how to feed our guest and help them in their personal hygiene. After these 5 weeks each volunteer will be able to chose the 3 activities they want to carry out and they will have a timetable like this:
MONDAY 7.30-13.30 support the worker in getting up a guest, breakfast, activity 1, lunch
TUESDAY 7.30-13.30 support the worker in getting up a guest, breakfast, activity 2, lunch language course 16-18.30

WEDNESDAY 7.30-13.30 support the worker in getting up a guest, breakfast, activity 3, lunch
THURSDAY 15.30-21 snack, outing in the local community, dinner, tv
FRIDAY language course 10-12 15.30-21 snack, activity 3, dinner, tv
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY free unless a special event like: MARATHON, DAY ON A PLANE, EXCURSION BY CARAVAN or a PARTY is organized.
There are some periods in which the external offer for outing is more intense; Anffas sees the outings as the best tool for inclusion and social integration addressed to the bettering of quality life of our clients. The weekly timetable is slightly reduced considering the outings and the Italian school attendancy that we hope it’s constant. The opening of the outside area in May 2014 will enable the implementation of several shows and performance to improve the integration in the local community.
The idea is to offer placements to young people who never travelled abroad, don’t know other cultures and are unemployed. There will always be at least a placement for young people with fewer opportunities, social disadvantage but also geographical, economical, young people with histories of dependancy, single parents and young people with a physical, sensory or learning disability or mental ill health.
The volunteer will like to host is:
male or female
over 18
any religion
interested firstly in the relationship with the disabled people, secondly in the workshop activities and thirdly in linving in Italy.
Motivated for the Italian language
Motivated to learn, patient, dynamic, versatile, flexible, positive, curious, respectful, sensitive
Motivated for team work and educational paths
Able to share a flat with other young Europeans, or live with a host family or in a student house and respect the rules.
We tend to use primarily existent partnerships but if we feel there is a good disclosure of information about the volunteer background we can work with new partners as well. The vacancies will exist in a rolling programme and periodically we will prepare a document on our website or Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/pages/Europe-in-Anffas-Pordenone/301645409922813 to ‘advertise’ the vacancies available in order that partners can select the most appropriate activity and timescale for each individual volunteer.
We also use some EVS networks websites.
The sending partners should be the first ones to have their say about who could fit ANFFAS environment thanks to the detailed description ANFFAS sends to the volunteers and their sending organization before going ahead with the selection.
We have tried to ensure that for all activities there is a mix of nationalities, abilities and educational needs, usually only selecting a maximum of two volunteers from any one organisation or country for hosting activity.
- we look first if the period is good for both of us
- decision on taking a candidate is made by the whole ANFFAS team and we are a open team
We will also welcome new partners or partners presenting us very support-demanding volunteers to join us for a pre-placement preparatory visit to gain a real understanding of what the experience of their young volunteers could be in Pordenone
ANFFAS expects the contact person in the sending organization is easy to reach and doesn’t disappear once the volunteer has arrived in Pordenone and makes all the efforts to avoid delays in sending in the paper work and the funding.

10 in Group EVS up to 2 months
6 for long term projects
The 2 ANFFAS centres of Pordenone are built in accordance with the European rules in terms of security and safey and are provided with a fire-fighting devices.
As a general prevention tool we use an approach that makes sure that the volunteer always knows, what to do and what his possibilities are. At his arrival the volunteer is given a leaflet about risk information (art. 36 D.lgs. 81/2008)
Through regular meetings with the mentor and supervised work we make sure that the first risk – wrong/inappropriate work tasks is lowerd.
The risk of a personal crisis – due to whatever reason – we manage individually. Since we hosted volunteers since 1997 in the EVS program, there is a lot of experience with all kind of emotions arising during the different phases of EVS. And we can always refers to the psychologists working in ANFFAS.
Generally speaking we prefer prevention and information. We put a lot of effort and energy into this before problems occur. We use regular personal meetings with a mentor to discuss the volunteers situation, needs, work tasks and plans for the immediate future. If needed, the tutors and the coordinator are available every day for the volunteers for the entire length of their projects. The mentor every 10 days or upon call.
Anffas is not hosting volunteers under 18.

Motivation and EVS experience

A.N.F.F.A.S. ONLUS PORDENONE adhered to the European Voluntary Service in its pilot phase and for 6 years has been the only Italian association working in the international network ENVOL answering to the European Commission needs to include as volunteers also those young people usually excluded from national and communitarian programmes because they are socially disadvantaged. Out of this initial group 5 volunteers decided to stay in Pordenone for good, get the professional qualification and now they work in the social sector showing EVS can change your life. A.N.F.F.A.S. is willing to capitalize this 16 years long experience to offer more chances to young people with fewer opportunities molding for them individual and tailor made projects. In addition to this we will host a parallel programme of young people who are not considered at risk of social exclusion in order to enjoy the benefit of a group of young people with mixed abilities where both can offer and gain new skills and both can learn from one another in a safe supportive environment where contribution and mutual co-operation are considered a key element to personal development and success of the project. By participating in the association life activities the volunteers develop more respect for and understanding of the disable people life and gain an insight into their problems and expressing solidarity and social responsibility. The European Voluntary Service amplifies the European profile and the image of the association, brings new ideas and new perspectives. Since then we hosted 121 and sent 102 volunteers giving priority to those facing social exclusion and disability

Description of the organisation

A.N.F.F.A.S. Onlus of Pordenone is a Onlus (non lucrative organization) and a voluntary association. It works in the social health care defending the civil rights of disadvantaged people facing mental, physical and relational disability and of their families too. Since 1994 it runs the "Giulio Locatelli" centre, a residential and daily care service for people with severe special needs. In 2004 it opened the “Dopo di Noi” community for those without family support in order to develop their independent living. The guests are from 5 years old up. The principal aims are to give a non independent person physical, emotional and relational support based on his real needs, to improve his quality life also in terms of inclusion and integration. It also organizes daily socio-occupational craftsrooms, recreational and sportive activities supported by the local volunteers. All our activities vary and alternate in time and respond to the occupational and abilitation needs of our guests. Presently we propose crafts of pottery, wicker baskets waving, mosaic, painting and drawing, recycled paper, chorus, theatre and music therapy, beauty farm, reading, sport activities gymnastics, bowls and dance ability. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvewb288Ml4 In the minors area we just started the Snoezelen multisensorial workshop.
Every day at least 2 outings are organized so that our guests can live the local community as their natural environment. We try to organize 2 week-holiday camps in the Dolomites mountains and at the seaside, close to Venice.
A.N.F.F.A.S. tries to offer its guests the chance to develop or maintain their basic skills. From the interaction between the worker/volunteer and our guests depends the important learning process. Besides the personal care and physiotherapy we try to combact emargination and exclusion for all the people in need, we promote solidarity and tolerance towards diversity to be seen as a personal enrichment. Our association promotes training courses for Voluntary Movement, courses on how to relate to severe disabled people, professional stages for schools and universities. Since 2011 A.N.F.F.A.S. organizes courses in the secondary schools of the province of Pordenone on the meaning of volunteering and on EVS.
In the hosting activities all the people have been introduced to EVS volunteers and have experience of supporting both local & international volunteers.
The philosophy of ANFFAS is to create opportunities and to target individuals and groups who are often excluded from experiences similar to those their peers could access by following our belief that social integration is a right for everybody and instilling this vision in others particularly those with less opportunities. As an organisation, we have chosen to target young people & groups we feel have less access to mobility opportunities.
ANFFAS also reinforces and promotes lifelong learning.

In ANFFAS there are the following professionals: the managing director, 3 administration employees, the technical health director, the general coordinator of the services, the coordinator for external activities, 2 educators, the International programme coordinator, the physiotherapist, a technician, the chef, the socio-health care is run by the social cooperative FAI which also provides the nursery personnel, the kitchen and cleaning personnel for a total of 96 units.

Contact details
Organisation name A.N.F.F.A.S onlus di Pordenone
Street Via Tiro a Segno, 3/a
Postal code 33170
Country Italy
Email address evsanffas.pn@alice.it
Website www.anffaspordenone.it
Telephone number +39 0434 366746
Fax number +39 0434 362547

Last update: 30/01/2014