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Agape società cooperativa sociale onlus

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 17/07/2016
Location Cagliari, Italy
Organisation topics
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Economic difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Part IV. Host Organisation
This part has to be filled in only if the applicant requests to be accredited as Host Organisation. The points below are intended to serve as a guide for the description of activities foreseen by the Host Organisations.
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Project environment:
The project of the Agape cooperative intends to develop in the area of the Local Health Authority No. 8 of Cagliari, which corresponds as a rule with the area of the Province of Cagliari, with the City of Cagliari as epicentre of the legal-administrative and operative activities. The geographical background in which the host structure is situated is the area of the Province of Cagliari (area 4.569 km²). It consists of 552.303 inhabitants (about 34% of the entire Sardinian population) and it includes 71 Communes; it’s the most densely-populated of the Provinces of Sardinia. Situated in the southern part of Sardinia, the city of Cagliari overlooks the centre of the Golfo degli Angeli (the Gulf of Angels). It is characterized by a mild typically Mediterranean climate: seldom temperatures drop below zero in winter time and hot in summer. Frequent is the presence of winds, such as the mistral and the sirocco. An ample and varied (for distribution and offer) hospitality system, with peaks of excellence renowned in the world, allows the visitor to delight in places of incomparable beauty. The main beach of the city of Cagliari is called the “Poètto”, which stretches for about 8 km, it is the favourite destination of all the inhabitants of Cagliari; for what concernes the places of great cultural importance, besides the National Archaeological Museum which houses a precious collection of archaeological finds from different prehistoric and historic eras, are noteworthy: the Roman Amphitheatre (II Century), the Basilica of St. Saturnino (the most ancient church in Sardinia, founded in the V Century); the fortified quarter of “Castello” , residence of the nobles up to the Second World War. In the whole Province it is possible to visit the famous “Nuraghi”, symbolic and representative monuments of the great and ancient Nuragic civilization.
For what concerns the young volunteers’ hospitality, the Cooperative provides the accommodation in a rented flat in the city centre, thus assuring facility in moving by bus or metro. For what concerns the board, the Cooperative guarantees hot and hearty meals in the structures where the volunteers will be inserted, from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays free modalities of lunch and dinner are to be expected, in any case board is guaranteed by previous agreements stipulated with university refectories and local restaurants.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
Suggested activities: we suggest the following activities for the EVS volunteers:

- activities of assistance and support to the operators, employed in the cooperative, in the two Residential Structures for psychic disabled people, situated in the towns of Quartu S.Elena and Selargius, not far from the city of Cagliari. The two structures have a cover of 24 hours per day, they accommodate from 6 to 8 patients for short or long periods. All patients are young adults, men and women, residents in the province of Cagliari, with a past characterized by long periods’ stay in psychiatric hospital and/or with a multiproblematic family and social background. The shifts, worked by permanent operators, develop on three time bands:from 08:00 to 14:30 (presence of three operators: educationist, sociomedical operator and governess); from 14:30 to 21:00 (presence of two operators: educationist and sociomedical operator); from 21:00 to 08:00 (night shift with the presence of a general aid operator). The volunteers will work during the time band from 08:00 to 21:00, on shifts of six and a half hours on average. The activities provided on and off the structure premises vary from basic assistance to support in the maintenance of the daily competences of self-attendance and of the house, to the accompanying of patients to the local health authorities or to recreative and entertainment places, and last but not least, to support in reapproaching the natural families. The aims of the Cooperative by means of all the activities are the rehabilitation, the strengthening of basic autonomies, the social and working insertion in a stable reference network;
- course of Italian language for foreigners, organized in the city centre by some cultural associations;
- daily or nearly daily appointments with the reference Tutor;
- weekly appointment with the Mentor;
- studying, research and confrontation activities between volunteers and professionals of the “Mental Health” sector in the administrative premises of the Cooperative in Cagliari.

Here follows the structure of a typical week of the volunteer:

8.00 - 13.00 Assistance in structure (confrontation with the tutor) Assistance in structure (confrontation with the tutor) Assistance in structure (confrontation with the tutor)
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch organization Lunch organization Lunch organization Lunch organization Lunch organization Lunch organization Free lunch
15.00 - 16.00 Meeting with the mentor Guided visits
14.30 - 19.30 Music laboratory Painting laboratory Photography laboratory Guided visits
19.30-21.00 Dinner organization Dinner organization Dinner organization Dinner organization Dinner organization Dinner organization Free dinner

The Cooperative will provide to grant stable turnover systems in order to allow the volunteer to organize his time during his stay in the territory.

Basic skills: the volunteers will learn the Italian language by attending a course external to the Cooperative and they will improve the acquired skills by the confrontation with the cultural mediators employed in the cooperative, and, above all, by communicating with their colleagues and friends day after day. They will increase their cultural knowledge by travelling and discovering our country in their spare time.

Cross-curricular skills: this experience will facilitate the development and the improvement of several skills such as self-consciousness, undertaking, problem-solving and so on; thus the volunteers will be able to develop their own point of view in regard to Mental Health. In addition, they will improve their ability to work as a team, sharing ideas and experiences with the other volunteers and the operators during the staff meetings. They will increase their own sensitiveness and regard for disabled people, experiencing personally the relationship with the patient in a structure that promotes the culture of solidarity and the reciprocal enrichment. Besides, they will take part to all the meetings and the activities with the other EVS volunteers. At their first step, the volunteers will be instructed as regards the new context and their role; they will be given some information about the general activities of the cooperative and the necessary instructions to fulfil their tasks; they will be introduced to the staff and the users of the structure. The volunteers, in order to be helped to integrate, will be constantly supported by the operators of the structure, who will give them some information about how to orientate themselves, useful numbers, socialization opportunities, participation in the excursions and other local events.

Technical skills: the volunteers will have the opportunity to acquire an expertise useful from a professional and ethical point of view. They will learn all the methodologies used to develop and improve the users’ social skills and they will learn how is structured a private medical service in on-going collaboration with the Public Service, how to enter in relations with people with mental disease (with the operators’ support). The volunteers will gain experience in this field, helped by expert operators in all the daily activities; besides, they will join actively in the organization of creative laboratories and sporting activities. They will take part in the conferences concerned with the theme of disability, in excursions and events promoted by the cooperative. The volunteers will be involved in occasions for confrontation and discussion with the staff of the cooperative, for the sharing of cultural varieties and methodologies of approach to psychic disability. The aim is to structure procedures of a good praxis that can be shared with the volunteers’ native lands.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
The volunteers must be aware of the difficulties that they will meet by working with people with social and/or mental disease; thus they must be gifted with empathy, flexibility, powers of adaptability and observation, sense of responsibility and respect for the privacy. Besides, they must be strongly motivated and flexible in order to perform voluntary-work activities in a local cooperative in which the work can be made up of a wide range of tasks. The Agape cooperative will be responsible for the process of selection, based on the gathering of the candidatures, the curricula and a letter of introduction; afterwards, we will analyse the documents and we will telephone the candidate in order to make his/her direct acquaintance. A strong motivation to the experience in the field of Mental Health will be an essential element in the selection of the candidates, apart from educational qualifications and previous experiences. Clearness is guaranteed, with no distinctions of gender, origin, social extraction or linguistic competence. The project will be shared with the sending organization, in order to provide the volunteer with accurate and precise information; the subject of this exchange of information will regard the environment that will welcome the volunteer, the project activities, the volunteer’s profile with his/her expectations, motivation and possible difficulties and/or resistances.

Number of volunteers hosted:
2 volunteers

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
The cooperative, in the different company structures, is provided with:
- Service of Protection and Prevention Manager
- Workers’ Representative for the Security
- Occupational Doctor
- Four First-Aid Specialists
- Five Fire-Fighting Specialists

The cooperative regularly carries out the evaluation of the correlated-work stress risk; Legislative Decree 81/08

Motivation and EVS experience

What with the main reasons that induce the Agape cooperative to participate in the European Voluntary Service are worth mentioning the promotion of mental health and the development of solidarity, directed towards the attainment of learning aims for the young participants through the introduction in structured formative courses for the development of human and technical skills. For what concerns the promotion of mental health, this can be seen as a winding path that involve the entire system, not only that of services (health and social ones) and institutions, but also the social structure system. One of the tasks of the Agape cooperative is to promote and support several initiatives directed to the establishment of a community culture that could be inclusive, hospitable and lavish with listening and in the relation with our fellowmen. The ultimate significance of all the efforts referable to the varied category of the “promotion of mental health” consists in a strong desire to create a community more competent to deal with the handling of psycophysical health. Such a community is made not only of good sociomedical services, but also of good opportunities for relation and exchange and of a united culture that welcomes and doesn’t pursue the figures of diversity and unacceptableness. The sharing of methodologies leads to increase the effectiveness by means of a transfer of knowledge, by means of learning generated by active participation in all the activities and by means of a transfer of a know-how deriving from an experience completed in the field. What should be done is to increase the resiliency and develop practices based on the concept of positive health, thus concurring to the treatment of psycopathological disease. In such a way, the project’s beneficiaries are able to realize that symptoms of a disease and positive health can coexist and allow people to manage their lives in a suitable and satisfactory way.

Description of the organisation

The Agape social cooperative of Cagliari, respectful of the principles and the method of mutual aid with no speculative purposes, intends to act for the common good of the community by means of human promotion and social integration of the citizens in case of appearance of a situation of social discomforts. The aim of Agape is to put the Person in the limelight in the working and social environment, so as to be a “protagonist”, that is to say a free, conscious and reliable person. The vision of Agape is focused on the user’s centrality, the personalization of interventions, the development of individual potentials, the integration, the quality and the competitive advantages.

The Agape cooperative is certified for the Quality Management System in conformity with the law UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, evaluated in accordance with the instruction of the Technical Regulation Sincert RT 04, for the following activities: Design and Allocation of Psychological, Educational and Welfare-Work Services; Management of Residential and Semi-Residential Structures; Home Help and Assistance ex Law no. 162/98; call-center administration – EA 38f-35 Sector.

Our cooperative designs, carries out and manages consulting and support interventions for people and services on account of public and private bodies; it provides:
• Design and carrying-out of information, training, updating and vocational guidance activities;
• Design and carrying-out of plans and initiatives taking a particular interest in social promotion, cultural mediation and territorial improvement;
• Design and management of social research actions, educational interventions and welfare-work services;
• Design and management of interventions, spaces and structures (listening counters, aggregation centres, laboratories, recreation centres for children and others) intended for spare time and for rehabilitation of awkward people;
• Educational and psychosocial consulting and therapeutical activities;
• Hosting and management of working parties;
• Design, carrying-out and management of initiatives in favour of differently-able people;
• Interventions for the improvement and the requalification of the high-risk territories, analysis of the deviant phenomena, street-operating, prevention and contrast of alcohol and drug addictions (and all addictions in general), support of the legality culture;
• Consulting and support of the development of personal and territorial resources in order to carry out a good work of interconnection between public and private sectors;
• Vocational guidance, working accompanying-introduction-reintegration, analysis of woking dynamics (cases of mobbing and other), temporary work provision service;
• Interventions of Working Psychology, marketing survey, analysis of the potential of products and services, improvement of a telling communication;
• Personnel selection, analysis and development of personal skills, data analysis and processing for what concerns the sphere of the social development research;
• Interventions for the singling-out of skills and the development of personal and territorial potentials, by means of a spreading of the entrepreneurship culture;
• Formulation of helping programmes intended for the individual and the family as supplementary services as to those accomplished by the local authorities according to the National Law 162/98, concerning support measures for people with severe handicap.

The members of the organization are: educationists, sociomedical and welfare-work operators, laboratory experts, psychologists and psychotherapists, lawyers and legal advisers, support curators, engineers, general operators, entertainment organizers, cultural mediators, home helpers and social workers.
The usual target group is composed of disadvantaged people, psychic disabled people on very-high-therapeutical-intensity treatment, abused women, immigrants, old and young people, minors and families.

Contact details
Organisation name Agape società cooperativa sociale onlus
Street via Figari 7/Y scala B
Postal code 09131
Town/city Cagliari
Country Italy
Email address info@agapesardegna.it
Telephone number 0702359757
Fax number 0702359757

Last update: 25/07/2013