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AGRADO Associazione

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 15/05/2016
Location VINCI (FI), Italy
Organisation topics
European awareness
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Economic difficulties
Health problems
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

Associazione Agrado is really motivated to start EVS projects because:
1. Our organization is working on paths of learning experience for youth through many ways and projects (youth exchanges, national Camps, Projects 1.3, mobility to discover experience of sustainable development in environment, society and economy, new healthy life-styles, workshops on life skills development in the schools, video workshops ) and on the recognition of competences in non formal and informal education. We want to foster and empower these kind of experiences with EVS, giving youth a deeper opportunity. Our aims is also to test the tool of Youthpass in this kind of projects and make recognize its value to schools and firms.
Please describe the motivation of your organisation to participate in European Voluntary Service as Host Organisation, Sending organisation and/or Coordinating Organisation as well as your current or previous involvement in EVS (including the approximate starting date and the frequency of your involvement).
2. It is closely in contact for its projects in the frame of Youth in Action Programme) with European organizations (mainly in Portugal, Austria, Poland, France, Turkey, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia,...) which since many years are active in EVS projects; in many meetings and seminars these organizations have made a report of the EVS projects as an efficient way to promote strong path of life experience for volunteers (managing the differences, learning a new language, participating in a different community, volunteers can develop technical and personal skills and competences to spend in all the fields of their future life- job, University, personal life-) but it is also a social and cultural quality improvement for the hosting community. We could be facilitated in our projects because we have already contacts with European Partners;
3. Thanks to the previous European developed projects, our youth are ready to start a new path linked with European experience, and community is getting awareness about a new learning system not centred only on formal education but also on “learning by doing” and non formal education. Mobility and life experiences are the headlines of it. The importance of European awareness, of youth skills and youth mobility development, and of the promotion of these non formal methodologies, linked with a methodologies of recognition of non formal experiences, are the shared keys of the agreement between Associazione Agrado and Comune di Vinci. The local administration wants to join the process of EVS projects monitoring each stage of these ones and spreading and supporting the actions (promotion, visibility, results diffusion).
4. We want to get a benefit for the whole community from the experience of volunteers abroad : After the experience they can carry on the training for the new volunteers and take care to promote EVS projects in the town and district arranging events, projections, meetings.
During the last three years of accreditation as So and CO, unfortunatly no volunteers went abroad.
We reflected on this and we have found some factors on this result:
• Youth in this area don’t know well this opportunity of EVS (we should organize more events to make it more visible) but mainly they still haven’t developed the attitude to the individual mobility;
• Rejection from NAs of 2 EVS projects and few applications to other SVE projects by the youngsters of this area (we should submit more projects with quality and promote youngstes’ involvement in applications)
• Loss of a real net of partnership between EVS organizations to crreate trustful projects (our aim is creating this net).
In this second phase we intend to work much harder on EVS. For the next months we already have planned some steps in order to fovercome the difficulties told above:
- Submission to IT NA on1st February 2013 deadline of a 4.3 Project PBA (CloserEVS) in order to create a net of international partnership for EVS projects. The outputs of the activity will be just the creation of EVS projects.
- Submission to Executive Agency Bruxelles by a Portuguese partner on 1st February 2013 deadline of a EVS project which foresee 2 our volunteers involvement;
- April 2013: Contacts with another Portuguese organization for EVS project for one volunteer from our organization.
We would like to work all the year long on EVS, sending volunteers at least twice a year.
In next years we’d like to get also Hosting organization, but still we have to work hard on a cultural leveI developing and spreading projects on mobility in our area.

Description of the organisation

Associazione Agrado, member of Arci, works for development of youth (11-25 years old) and community. It cooperates in networking with other NGOs, Local municipalities, Region, schools and social services.

SERVICES: Associazione Agrado manages, on behalf of Local Council of Vinci, the local Youth Centre “Il Centro”, in Sovigliana-Vinci (FI) Italy; Inside it organizes workshop, game activities, and projects.
PROJECTS: Develops International Youth exchanges, and EVS, International and National projects on Democracy, participation and environmnt Trainings, Outdoor trainings and experiential paths on environment and sustainable development, Life-skills workshops in the schools and workshops on personal development and job competences.

VOLUNTEERING ACTIVITIES: In the wonderful frame of Circolo Arci Petroio, with its nice location in the countryside, Associazione Agrado promotes cultural-social events in volunteer way (Theatre “Dinner with a murder”, AmbarabàFest Concerts, Petrozio (music), Dopolestate (Youth creativity and protagonism) and supports youth events in the area.

STAFF: In the youth Centre there are 3 youth workers and 2 youngsters as peer educators.
Volunteers are 20, cooperating in promoting and arranging events for the community (theatre, music, ...).
TARGET GROUP: We work with youth from 11 to 25. In this range we have youth from different situations and backgrounds (students- from Secondary school and Univeristy-, unemployed, youth who left school and sent by Job Centers,...).
And between them, youth ready and happy to get involved in projects and youth with difficulties to try new opportunities.
We work also people with fewer opportunities (a boy with autistic problems, well integrated in the group and joining alla the activities, some youth with educational problems, health problems and social problems. Our philosophy is for inclusion of all and we work keeping mixed groups; peer educators are very useful for youth learning process.

Contact details
Organisation name AGRADO Associazione
Postal code 50059
Town/city VINCI (FI)
Country Italy
Email address info@associazioneagrado.com
Website www.associazioneagrado.com
Telephone number 39 3476151141
Fax number

Last update: 21/05/2013