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A.S.Vo. Associazione per lo Sviluppo del Volontariato

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 08/04/2016
Location Bologna, Italy
Organisation topics
European awareness
Youth policies
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

Please note, information about organisations and projects is only available in English.
Project Environment

Brief description of the local community that will welcome the volunteer:
Bologna is the region Emilia Romagna capital.
it is located in the north-east part of Italy, in the Po Valley, just at the back of Appennines Chain.
Because of its favourable location, Bologna is a cross road for travels and transports.
It is also located pretty closet o the main north italian cities, such us Modena (40km), Ferrara (53 km),Ravenna (77 km), Parma (94 km), Firenze and Rimini (110 km), Venezia (153 km), Milano (216 km). It is well connected to the resto f the world through the international airport based in Bologna and Forli.
Bologna has approximately 400.000 inhabitants, avarage aged at around 45 years-old.
Moreover, Bologna hosts around 90.000 students attending the Alma Mater university, which is known to be the most ancient university in the whole Western Europe.it was founded in 1088 and nowadays counts 23 faculties.
In Bologna there is also the prestigious American Johns Hopkins University - The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).
Starting from the 90’ the number of immigrants is increasing year by year (55.173 on august the 31th 2012).

Bologna has a pretty active cultural life.
As for the tradition, Bologna is considered to be the fat (because of its cuisine), the learned (because of its university), the red (because of the color of the buildings. The land people used to cook in order to get bricks is red indeed).
Through the ages, Bologna has always been very involved in the political scene, counting organizations and groups active in safeguarding human rights diong social activities.
Around Bologna in its province there are more than 650 Voluntary Organizations working in different fields: health care and assistance, environment, animals care, human rights defense, and so on.
VOLABO supports the Voluntary Organizations’ activities through its services: project management, training, consultancy, communication services and making relations with Local Authorities and other no profit organizations.

As for the EVS volunteer, working in the VOLABO team means getting involved in a very creative and active context. The volunteer will go through some interesting activities such as team working and running of workshops for youngster. He/she will always have occasions to exchange views with the tutor and all the other member of the VOLABO staff
Please explain:
• what you can offer to volunteers in terms of Service and learning opportunities,
• what will be the role of EVS volunteers in the Host Organisation,
• the activities in which the volunteers could be involved and the activities the volunteers could create in your organisation. Please give examples of typical activities/tasks for the volunteers.
Role of EVS volunteer
The volunteer will be welcomed and supported by a tutor wisely chose withing the VOLABO member staff.
During the experience he/she wil get to know the organization and the activities VOLABO carries out.
VOLABO will propose to the volunteer to be introduced in the projects it will be working on at that time, based on the services and activities carried out together with the Voluntary Organizations.
In particular, we enlist some of the projects VOLABO will realize in 2013, just to give an example of activities the EVS volunteer could be involved in :
 promoting active citizenship and culture of solidarity. The volunteer will support the staff member in realizing activities for the young generations. Those activities include:
- stage in the summer time for youngsters aged between 15 and 19 years old
- stage in the winter time for youngsters aged between 15 and 19 years old
- workshops and courses for Organizations that welcome young volunteers
- workshops and courses for young volunteers
- estabilishment and reinforcement of a peer educators group. Peer educators are young volunteers interested in promoting the active citizenship and voluntary work among their peers, expecially in schools.
 Project “In and out. Volunteering and prison in Bologna”. VOLABO is carring out on this project, together with organizations and institutions working within the prison. Aims of the project: create a network among all the organizations and institutions working in the prison, communicate life stories in an incisive way through different kind of tools (paper edited by prisoners, fashion show with th clothes coming out from the tailor’s shop in the prison, a week of events dedicated to this issue, and some more).
 Project “Wel-Share. Relations for a community welfare” (project based on a poverty-reduction issue). Aims of the project: connecting the different poverty-reduction experiences, working on issues related to working world, social relations, reuse.The project group will realize some activities and workshops in places hit by the earthquake.
As for both the projects, the EVS volunteer will be involved in organizing and realizing:
- Coordination meetings with the organizations (activities planning, budget management, project management of workshops and activities for youngsters)
- Get to know the organizations, also through visits to their headquarters
- Organizing and supporting the realization of project activities.
 Volunteering guidance. In 2013 VOLABO is going to launch this new experimental service. Aim of the service: to make volunteers and Organizations know each other. The EVS volunteer will be involved in organizing those kind of meeting (e.g. “volunteering speed date”), monitoring activities and support to young volunteers’ experience.
 Promoting the European Voluntary Service. The EVS volunteer will support the staff in organizing meetings to give informations about the program, why and how to apply, the surplus value in term of experience and relations.
Learning opportunities
Followig the learning by doing approach, the EVS volunteer will be involved in first person and will achieve competences related to:
- Communication tools
- Project management
- Tutoring
- Team working and team building
- reporting
- Monitoring and evaluation
Moreover, the EVS volunteer will get to join the training courses both for voluntary organizations and member staff.
During the Volunteer Service regular meetings between the volunteer and the tutor will take places, in order to share opinions about the experience.
VOLABO will propose the listed activities to the volunteer and will be available to re-think them together with the volunteer, taking into consideration his/her interests and expectation.
Summing up, VOLABO will propose the following activities:
- planning and realizing activities in order to spread the word about voluntary work (both to youngsters and adults)
- Activities and workshops in schools
- Organizing and taking part to meetings and activities with volunary organizations and institutions
- Activities and workshops over the volunteering guidance• •
Profile of volunteer: willing to get in the game and to work in team, good relations capability – especially with teenagers – willing to get in touch an meet new people and organizations (youngsters, schools, voluntary organizations, parents).
Recruiment process: VOLABO will collect and evaluate the registration forms, organizing skype interview with all the candidates. A score will be given to all the item of the “profile of volunteer” and VOLABO will select the volunteer who will get the highest mark.
1 at a time
VOLABO respects the national law on occupational safety.
VOLABO commits itself to find an accommodation according to the law in term of safety and will provide the EVS volunteer with a vademecum (how to behave and phone numbers to call in case of emergency, cell number of the tutor, always available).
VOLABO will be in charge of finding a suitable accommodation for the volunteer, getting in touch with La Bussola (http://tinyurl.com/c6bb8my) : a service, dedicated to students who are looking for accommodation in Bologna. VOLABO will be committed in finding an accommodation where the volunteer can find him/helself comfortable and where all the standards of security , safety and privacy are guaranteed.
Since VOLABO is in contact with volunteer organisations running children’s homes or daycare centers, we are available to provide the volunteer with the opportunity of living in one of these places (we are going to propose this alternative only if the volunteer shows interest in going through this kind of experience).
The volunteer will have an insurance coverage.

Motivation and EVS experience

Since 2003 A.S.Vo. – a second level organization formed by 84 associations - is managing the Service Centre for volunteering of the province of Bologna.
One of the main VOLABO’s aims is promoting the voluntary work among young generations.
The volunteer will enrich his own competences living an active experience in the hosting organization and he will contribute to the activities carried out.
Welcoming a volunteer and including him/her in our activities is considered to be both a professional and personal enrichment and a learning opportunity for both the volunteer and the Organizations involved.
The volunteer will be involved in formal and non-formal learning programme.
VOLABO is available to welcome volunteers during the spring-autumn period and to send volunteers depending on the Hosting Organization’s availability.

Description of the organisation

VOLABO is the Service Center for Volunteering of the Bologna province and supports, through its services, the Voluntary Organizations and their partnership.
The main VOLABO’ aims are:
- promoting the culture of solidarity
- supporting the volunteer organizations and their advocacy role in response to the people needs, in particular to the most helpless groups
- supporting the role of the Voluntary Organizations in the local social policies
In particular, VOLABO supports the Voluntary Organizations – individually or in partnership with other no-profit Organizations – and their activities through the services of:
- experts’ advices and qualified assistance
- training of volunteers starting from their learning needs
- quality information and in-deep communication
- promotion of people, values, results of the local voluntary work
- project management in order to achieve Organizations’ goals and create partnership
- promotion of the voluntary work and the culture of solidarity among the young generations

In Bologna there are more that 650 Voluntary Associations, working in different fields: school and young, health, disability and health care, immigrants, support to younger kids, families and people-in-need, environment, animals care and much more.

Contact details
Organisation name A.S.Vo. Associazione per lo Sviluppo del Volontariato
Street Via Scipione dal Ferro, 4
Postal code 40138
Town/city Bologna
Country Italy
Email address info@volabo.it
Website www.volabo.it
Telephone number 051 340328
Fax number

Last update: 09/04/2013