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A.s.p.a.l. s.r.l. – International Exchanges Office

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 21/09/2014
Location Alessandria, Italy
Organisation topics
Youth policies
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Cultural differences

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

.S.P.AL. s.r.l. International Exchanges Office in Alessandria has been organising for many years youth exchanges (action 1.1), both as sending and hosting organisation. Youth exchanges are a stronger and stronger activity for International Exchanges Office and youth of the city and from its neighbouring appreciate and love this kind of activities.
In the last period youngsters who attend International Exchanges Office ask more and more information for long term mobility abroad. Youth ask to spend time abroad as volunteers, with the aim of developing new skills which could be useful in the future, making them more "marketable" in the labour market. In this way they will have the chance to improve their languages skills too. It's a matter of fact today that educational qualifications are not enough for finding a good job; nowadays a concrete experience in a specific sector - better if this experience has been carried out abroad - is more and more needed. Youngster who spend a period abroad have an edge over their peers, they are much more flexible, have a stronger adaptability and have different cross-curricular skills, thanks to concrete experiences.
Moreover, youngsters who spend a period in a different country become more and more aware of their role as active European citizens, in an ever-changing society. In this sense EVS represents a big chance for youth, taking into consideration new European strategy "Youth On The Move". "Youth On The Move" has as main aim the acquisition of new skills through mobility. In this way they can improve and develop new skills. EVS is a real experience of intercultural learning; youngsters can meet new cultures and new ideas, approaching new lifestyles and becoming real multipliers.
In Alessandria Province there is no hosting/sending/coordination organisations; for this reason A.S.P.AL. s.r.l. decided to ask for the EVS accreditation, as sending and coordinating organisation. In this way A.S.P.AL. can give to many youngsters the chance to spend a period abroad, developing new skills useful for the active research of a good job. A.S.P.AL. s.r.l. International Exchanges Office has no direct experience in EVS activities, but in spring 2011 youth workers organised and took part to an Infoday about EVS, with the support of Eurodesk Italy and Italian National Agency for YIA. Relating to volunteering, in the past both Youth Information Centre and PuntoD and International Exchanges Office took part to project of SCNV project (Nation civilian Service), as hosting organisations, hosting many volunteers for a long period. Therefore youth workers have past experiences in training, mentoring and monitoring activities. Moreover International Exchanges Office has a strong experience in the field of international youth exchanges (action 1.1 of YIA and previous programs); every year International Exchanges Office hosts and sends different international groups of youth, organising different kind of activities and workshops. In 2010 it organised a seminar (action 4.3 YIA) that dealt with the value of mobility. In addition youth workers have been taking part to International seminars (action 4.3), trainings and Salto courses, dealing with active European citizenship and democracy.
Motivation to accreditation is very strong for A.S.P.AL. s.r.l. Youth Service, because it will mean to make a breakthrough - particularly in a qualitative sense - towards youth of the city. In this way it would like to give one more chance to all youngsters who would like to improve and develop new skills abroad. Volunteering in Alessandria is a very common activities for the free time of many youth; giving them the chance to volunteer in another country will be a great surplus value to local volunteering; it will be a way to sensitize citizens -sometimes too closed inside their geographical borders - and make them much more aware about integration, mutual understanding and tolerance. Citizens of a city like Alessandria feel European Institutions too far from their lives and sometime a little bit vacuous. Thanks to EVS, citizens will have the chance to know which are EU youth mobility possibilities, for spending a period abroad in a sure and safe way; they will be able to understand the role and the rights of an active European citizen, a pro-active citizen who takes part to activities of its own local community. EVS volunteer could also give an important surplus value to the promotion of European values.

Description of the organisation

ASPAL s.r.l. - multiutilities company based in Alessandria - is a public participation company, fully owned by Municipality of Alessandria. This is a non-profit company created 10 years ago, in order to externalize some services for citizens. From May 2008 the whole Youth Service of Municipality of Alessandria - that comprises Youth Information Centre, International Exchanges Office and Youth Meeting Centre PuntoDi - was externalized to the company.
ASPAL s.r.l. is going on with the support and organisation of international activities, with the same principles and methods used by International Exchanges Office for 20 years. The structure of the company is less complex than the Municipality one and it allows a better fluency in the management of available resources for projects and activities of Youth Service. A.S.P.AL. is a non-profit company and it's able to organise activities only thanks to economic support of the Municipality of Alessandria.
A.S.P.AL. s.r.l. Youth Service has been organising different activities during the year:
YOUTH INFORMATION CENTRE: active job techniques workshops (for free users and schools); informative meetings dealing with topics interesting for youth (job, volunteering, active citizenship, free-time, health, art, education, etc.); foreign languages courses with the support of mother-tongue teachers. Ordinary activities comprise back-office work, i.e. research, monitoring and filtering of different kind of information and planning of extra-activities; relating to ordinary activities, Youth Information Centre has big front-office, where youth workers meet youngsters; they give them information about education, job, free-time, active citizenship and they support youth in the writing of CVs. In Youth Information Centre users can read different books and newspapers dealing with job. Moreover, youngster from 14 to 32 can obtain a free card for the free use of Internet in the Youth Information Centre and for the shopping in some under agreement shops.
INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGES OFFICE: this office deals with mobility in the field of job, education, trainings, free time, international exchanges, etc. and it's been part of Eurodesk net for some years. In addition to back-office activities (finding, translation and filtering of information) and front-office (information about education, job and free-time abroad), youth workers focuse on planning inside Youth In Action Program. International exchanges are a very appreciated activities by youth of the city. Youth International Exchanges Office has been organising them - as sending and hosting organisation - for 20 years.
YOUTH MEETING CENTRE PUNTOD: PuntoD organises music and art workshops, courses and seminars with the support of experts. Young music bands can ask for the use of rehearsal room. In cooperation with International Exchanges Office, every year it cooperates in the organisation and promotion of international exchanges.
The access of all services is free and for free; activities organised by Youth Service are addressed to youngsters from 14 to 32, but all kind of people are welcome.
An intercultural mediator is available in all services and foreign citizens can find translated documents too.
All youth workers of Youth Service regularly attend trainings about educational and professional mentoring and guidance, new media and communication.

Contact details
Organisation name A.s.p.a.l. s.r.l. – International Exchanges Office
Street Via Savonarola, 1
Postal code 15121
Town/city Alessandria
Country Italy
Email address scambi_internazionali@aspal.it
Telephone number 0131515960
Fax number 0131234582

Last update: 01/03/2012