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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 23/09/2016
Location Reykjavík, Iceland
Organisation topics
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Project environment:
The EVS volunteers will have their main workplace based in the AIESEC Office at the University of Iceland (HÍ). Alternatively, our EVS volunteers can also work in the smaller AIESEC office in the University of Reykjavík (HR) and the many study and meeting rooms available in each university. Both offices are located in central Reykjavík, and we always have members of the National Team working in one of the offices. The volunteers will be working in projects together with one of the full time national board members, so they would not be left alone in either of the offices.
Some of our volunteers work might imply they need to deliver workshops in High Schools or in the Universities, so this will imply that they will be spending some time also working in those different locations. It is possible some of this work might involve working outside of the capital, in Akureyri or Bifrost, where AIESEC is also promoting its programs. Regarding Practical Arrangements: Working hours: our volunteers will work in the office between 9.00 – 16.00 every day (including lunch break), not exceeding more than 38h per week of work. Language courses and other cultural activities in which the volunteer will be involved are included here.
Days off: our volunteers will have Saturday and Sunday off every week as well as all national holidays. Vacation: our volunteers will receive 2 days of vacation per month. Special cases will be discus by the team, and if there is a need of extra vacation day this will be granted.
Local transport: our volunteers will be living at Skipholt 10, very close to the transportation hub of Hlemmur. As they will be living together with the other employees of the National team, they will go to work together and in the start they will get help to understand the collective transportation system in Iceland. All the volunteers will be provided with a monthly travel card.
Pocket Money/Food System: All the volunteers will be provided with a 30.000 ISK monthly allowance for food (given by AIESEC), as well as with around 23.000 ISK (145€) in pocket money (not intended to be used in food or transportation).
Regarding accommodation, our volunteers will be staying together with the National Board of AIESEC, in a apartment at Skipholt 10, Reykjavík. Skipholt is a very central location, just 10 minutes walking distance from the city centre. There is a BUS transportation terminal (Hlemmur), just 2 minutes walking distance from the flat, so the volunteer will be easily able to get anywhere in the city.
The apartment itself has 5 rooms, 2 toilets, 1 shower, a living room, kitchen and shared laundry room. All electronic appliances can be found in the flat (except for a TV). During the EVS, the volunteer can expect to share a room with another volunteer. Since the rooms are big, there will be enough space for two people to live comfortably.
All the National Board members of AIESEC in Iceland are international staff members working for AIESEC in Iceland themselves, so we understand the need to provide the right environment to other volunteers our organization receives.
There are frequent social events happening, either trips, parties or other chilling moments in the flat, so a good environment and social life can be expected during the stay.
Proposed activities for EVS volunteers: AIESEC in Iceland will offer all the needed assistance to its volunteers before and on arrival: visa, work permit, housing, paper work, reception, accommodation, integration in the local culture, transition and familiarisation at the work place. AIESEC in Iceland will offer the volunteers specific learning opportunities, according to their job descriptions and to ensure our project is aligned with the youth pass competencies. In general, the volunteers will strengthen their competencies and skills, such as: project management, training and facilitation, strategic thinking, coaching, team work, flexibility, resilience, cultural sensitivity, presentation skills and others.
By working in teams of internationals and locals, the volunteers will have the opportunity to teach both their native language as well as learn about the Icelandic language and culture. Moreover, Icelandic language classes will be provided to the volunteer, teached by Icelandic AIESEC volunteers.
The volunteers will be working in our offices in Reykjavík, in our national projects, together with our current members and leaders. The volunteers will never be the end responsible for their projects and will at all times be supervised and coached by an experienced member of our organization. Examples of activities our volunteers may be involved in are:
• Participate in the cultural preparation and recruitment of students to go on exchange
• Promote AIESEC exchange opportunities for Icelandic students and recent graduates and Icelandic internship opportunities for foreign students and recent graduates
• Deliver workshops around specific-community issues; this can happen in elementary and high schools around Iceland or in NGOs and other interested organizations (the logistics for this workshops to happen will be prepared beforehand by AIESEC)
• Organize an event for alumni or our partners
• Facilitate conferences and seminars at local and national level, in the conferences organized by AIESEC in Iceland
• Contribute towards the ambition of AIESEC in Iceland, by helping to expand the activities of the organization for new locations and regions in Iceland AIESEC is a very youthful, flat and open organization. All the volunteers will be given the space to come up with their own ideas and strategies to develop the project. Team work and feedback are encouraged, so that the project can achieve its best capacity.
Volunteer profiles and recruitment process: We expect proactive and goal-oriented volunteers, who are interested in having an international working experience. Moreover, some key characteristics we expect to see in our volunteers are: open-minded individuals, ability to learn, integrity, motivation, flexibility, resilience and ability to adapt to a new environment.
The recruitment process of volunteers is standardized in AIESEC. It is very important to us, that everyone has an equal chance, and we will select the volunteer based on competencies rather than experience. AIESEC does not discriminate applicants based on sex, race, religion nor political views.
Among others, we announce applications for volunteering in AIESEC in Iceland through our international AIESEC online database. The application period lasts between 1 and 1.5 months. We receive applications, which are reviewed by the National Board. After that, online interviews with all the applicants are hold. We select the volunteers based on their interests, aiming for the highest possible matching of his/her goals and competencies with AIESEC in Iceland’s needs. General requirements are that the volunteers should be interested in developing themselves as leaders and possess interest in international cooperation and work in an international team, in Iceland.
The job, which the volunteers will do in Iceland is created especially for international volunteers, based on their interests and competencies.
Number of volunteers hosted: 2
Risk prevention, protection and safety: When the person is selected, AIESEC assists in all the practical challenges with moving to another country: visa, work permit, housing, paper work. The volunteers also get their mentors to follow them up closely during the stay in Iceland, and bring them to all our social and professional activities. Before their arrival, AIESEC will provide all the volunteers with the EVS Info-Kit, so that they are fully informed on their rights and responsibilities.
The volunteer in question will live with the staff of AIESEC, in an accommodation in Reykjavík (at Skipholt 10). The working space will be located at the University of Iceland or Reykjavík, as already mentioned. During the stay, we have regular evaluation meetings with our volunteers and AIESEC takes quick action if there is something that can be improved, according to our code of ethics.
All of our volunteers will be given mentors, with an Icelandic nationality, from among our older members or Alumni. None of the mentors will be directly working with the volunteers on their projects.
We also provide training in team management and how to work in multicultural teams, and in this way we make sure that the volunteers are prepared for their experience. The working environment of the volunteers is risk-free, since it’s mostly at the office in the national office or, for a short period of time, in the local community. Nonetheless, AIESEC will register all the volunteers with the AXA Insurance and strongly recommend them to make the European Health Insurance, before they leave their respective home countries.
AIESEC operates for students between 18-30 years old; so concerns regarding volunteers aged 16 or 17 years old, do not apply in our case.

Motivation and EVS experience

Our core motivation comes from different reasons: 1) Who we are as an organization; 2) Increasing the number of opportunities for youth; 3) Capacity building of our organization.

1) Who we are as an organization:
AIESEC is the world’s most prominent international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential and have a positive impact on society. We are currently present in over 124 countries and have around 90.000 members worldwide. AIESEC members understand the value of diversity in teams, teamwork and networking. Thus AIESEC is using informal learning methodologies to activate young leaders, by giving them practical leadership experiences through its programs – team member program, team leader program, global community development program and global internship program.
The partnership with EVS brings us one step forward, as it makes possible for us to have the european perspective in our organization. EVS makes an important contribution to the acquisition of skills and competences and is therefore a key instrument in providing young people – members from our organization with opportunities for non-formal and informal learning with a European dimension.
2) Increasing the number of opportunities for youth: AIESEC in Iceland wants to reach out to more people in Iceland and abroad and we believe our cooperation with EVS can vastly support this goal. Our partnership with EVS supports intercultural dialogue both directly and indirectly - directly with the volunteers working in Iceland with Icelandic volunteers and also with the AIESEC exchange participants living in Iceland from all around the world; indirectly because the main activity in AIESEC are international exchanges and all the activity in the organization supports the realization of more AIESEC exchanges.
3) Capacity Building for our Organization: Finally, it clearly contributes to support youth activities by increasing the capacity of AIESEC Iceland, bringing new knowledge and abilities that the volunteers possess. More specific reasons, to apply for each of the accreditations are: Hosting Organization – we want to facilitate the reception of volunteers in Iceland, both to work directly with AIESEC or also ith the Icelandic Community. Some members in our organization have experience in organizing this type of projects, with AIESEC in Norway, and we want to implement and bring this knowledge into Iceland too.
Sending Organization – we want to capitalize on the AIESEC network on a European level and increase our level of cooperation with those countries, by focusing on sending Icelandic youth aged 18-30 years old abroad on a volunteering experience with AIESEC or other accredited organizations. We already have established processes to recruit and follow-up on students abroad and when they return to Iceland, so we would like to use this experience to help reach out to more people in Iceland and provide them with unique international experiences.
Coordinating Organization – we want to facilitate projects in Iceland with our sister organizations in other countries. We attended country-meetings in AIESEC’s International Congress, which took place between the 16th-25th August 2013, in order to get to know more about the projects of our sister organizations for the upcoming months. Getting the experience of coordinating this type of projects will help us gain more knowledge on project management in our organization.

Conclusion: We are very motivated to re-start our participation in the European Voluntary Service. The volunteers coming from abroad bring an added value and diversity to our organization and can have a direct contribution to the local community and help boosting AIESEC’s performance, by sharing their knowledge. On the other hand, we also want to send more people abroad with AIESEC and we believe our unique network can make this effort successful, and contribute to develop more Icelandic youth.

Description of the organisation

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, non-for-profit organisation, and its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.
In addition to providing leadership positions and delivering conferences, AIESEC runs an exchange programme that enables young people the opportunity to live and work in another country.
We are providing around 10 leadership opportunities, around 10 exchange opportunities and will be organizing at least 3 conferences annually in addition to our annual Career Days (Framadagar). Thus, our stakeholders are students in Iceland, international interns, our national partnering organisations and governmental and intergovernmental institutions in Reykjavík.
AIESEC in Iceland is comprised of the National Board (with 3 full time staff members) and the Local Chapter, which has 4 Local Board Members (recruited from the universities in Iceland) and approximately 20-30 members working in, each year. Moreover, the National Board is assisted by a part-time team called National Support Team, which consists of AIESEC members with more experience, that help the National Board manage and run the organization projects and coach the local committee. Our EVS volunteers will be working under the different National Board members, and the President of AIESEC in Iceland, which have experience in EVS and Community Projects, from working with AIESEC Norway during the previous year.
AIESEC’s main target group are students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education, last year students in High School and the corporate sector in Iceland.

Contact details
Organisation name AIESEC
Street Menntavegi 1
Postal code 101
Town/city Reykjavík
Country Iceland
Email address aiesec@aiesec.is
Website www.aiesec.is
Telephone number (+354) 599 6351
Fax number

Last update: 23/09/2013