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Afrikaert Alapitvany Magyarorszag

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 16/09/2015
Location Budapest, Hungary
Organisation topics
Development cooperation
Urban/Rural development
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Cultural differences

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

Since its establishment in 2002, Foundation for Africa has been implementing education development and child protection projects in Africa complemented with health care upgrade projects, delivery of humanitarian aid, organisation of humanitarian tourism trips and, in Hungary, development education and public awareness raising. The main goal and the guiding principle of the organisation are to transfer such a set of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to the African people that they can put to a wide use in their everyday life and that enables them to become independent of external assistance. The special emphasis we place on the area and theme of education, training and awareness raising stems from our belief that it is the opportunity to participate in formal and non-formal education and earn knowledge and skills that can bring a change to the life of the people in Africa and help them to rise out of poverty.
Through involving European youth in our activity, we aim to provide our EVS volunteers with an opportunity to experience the real face of the African continent, to understand its actual problems, to become aware of the major development issues, and to contribute on their own way to relieving the development needs of the people. We aim to foster an attitude in European young people that is positive, tolerant and open to other nations, nationalities, ethnic groups, or simply, to those considered by others different. We aim to create a dialogue among cultures and to promote the European values, such as democracy, citizenship, rule of law and respect for children and human rights, through which we wish to contribute to building a global community that follows these principles. We also aim to promote and spread the concept of volunteering and global responsiblity.
We already had two succesful group EVS projects (Helping is privilege! - My EVS in DR Congo and Youth for youth in Dr Congo) in Democratic Republic of the Congo, with 15 volunteers involved.

Description of the organisation

Celebrating its 10 years anniversary, the Foundation for Africa is more active in the field of education and volunteering than ever. Completing its first EVS project in 2011 and renewing its Hungarian volunteer system, it is supported by some sixty volunteers actively.
It is an international development and humanitarian NGO working primarily in DR Congo in the field of education, health and social development. Its primary goal is to provide the African people with such a theoretical and practical knowledge that they can put to practice in their everday life and that contributes to making them independent of external assistance.
In Kinshasa, in one of the poorest quarter of Ngaliema’s district the FFA has built and maintains the College Othniel Grammar and Secondary School with capacity of 1200 students and the La Providence Orphanage with 11 orphans. Since 2002 through the student and child sponsorship program the FFA has provided free education access to more than 5000 vulnerable children. In 2008 a second school for 400 children was built in another district of Kinshasa called Maluku. In 2008-2009 through its charity campaign the FFA assisted the IDPs in eastern Congo with thousands of tons of foods, clothes and health materials and launched a feeding program for 1200 children feeding program in two refugees camps of Muganga. In the health area the Foundation also provides medicine, surgical instruments for more than 5 partner health care centers and hospitals both in the capital and country side and accomplishes development programs, public awareness on HIV-AIDS, tropical diseases prevention and healthy life style etc. The transfers of theoretical - practical knowledge and experiences are one of the most important activities of the FFA. This activity is insured through the volunteers sending program.

In Hungary, Foundation for Africa is engaged in development education and public awareness raising, by organising lectures, conferences, festivals, campaigns and Africa camp across the country, using a photo, video and object material collected on its several missions to its project countries. Apart from the children, Foundation for Africa involves both the youth and the adults as a target group of its development projects and development education programmes in Africa, in Hungary and in wider Europe alike.
The headquarters in Budapest operates with 2 colleagues in full-time, 2 colleagues in part-time, backed by hundreds of volunteers. Its partner affiliate organisation registered in DR Congo employs currently 48 people.

Contact details
Organisation name Afrikaert Alapitvany Magyarorszag
Street Grassalkovich utca 232.
Postal code 1239
Town/city Budapest
Country Hungary
Email address projects@afrikaert.hu
Website www.afrikaert.hu
Telephone number + 36 1 332 1054
Fax number +36 20 8236347

Last update: 16/09/2013