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AFS Magyarorszag Nemzetkozi Csereprogram Alapitvany

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 31/07/2014
Location Budapest, Hungary
Organisation topics
European awareness
Youth policies
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Project environment:

The volunteer will work in the head office of the foundation that is located in Budapest.
Budapest is the largest city in Hungary with its 2 million inhabitants. Budapest is culturally and commercially the centre of Hungary and located on the two sides of the Danube. Pest is the commercial and political center with lots of vivdness. Buda is the residential area. Public transportation in Budapest is very well organised and easy to use.
For some activities, the projectplace will be in other places, for example during animation weekends or for the promotion. AFS is a volunteer-based organisation and we work with 18 different local volunteer chapters. So for some activities the volunteer will work ?in the field’ together with the local AFS volunteers.

AFS strongly believes in the intercultural learning aspect of an EVS-experience. Therefore, the volunteer will be living with a volunteer host family, as we believe this is the best introduction to Hungarian culture and a great opportunity to integrate in the local community.
The volunteer will spend 70% of his time in local chapters and camps and 30% in Budapest in the office.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The volunteer will gain a comprehensive insight in all different working fields of the AFS office. He/she will get to know the working tasks through guidance and support of the staff.
The volunteer will get the opportunity to get involved in various aspects of AFS's activities and thus through the focal point on intercultural learning get lively ideas on European awareness and citizenship. According to individual skills and interests, the volunteer will be invited to conduct diverse special projects for example in the following areas:
- preparation of thematic exhibition for large nationwide events, seminars and assemblies
- build up contacts to local and regional civic organisations
- Planning and organising common activities
- concepts and campaigns to win volunteers for AFS programmes
- participation in different events (orientation camps, civic day events, Intercultural Dialoge Day)
- adjustion of AFS materials to the local language of the volunteer
- attend and take part in information events
- hold Intercultural Learning presentation at schools
- press work with medias from the country of the volunteer
- development of new projects regarding the country of the volunteer
- events of further education for local AFS volunteers (Bildungsherbst, BildungsfrA1hling)
- planning and organising of events, also on preparation seminars which are held before the event together with local AFS volunteers
- visits of the local chapters, local schools
- visit and support of camps, information days and fairs
To a large extent, the volunteer will be involved in information events held by the local chapters or regional groups as well as the organisation and execution of seminars and trainings organised by the staff members and the national volunteers with the focal point on intercultural learning in the various AFS programs and EVS programme.
While hosting an EVS volunteer at the AFS office, we will demonstrate and emphasise the aspects of European awareness to our participants as well as to our national volunteers.
He/she will have the opportunity to develop own initiatives in which the staff will encourage him/ her to use this opportunity in order to gain self-confidence and to develop tools for setting up own initiatives concerning active European citizenship and awareness as well as issues related to international development policy and global/intercultural learning. According to his/ her interest and ability we invite the volunteer to contribute with his/ her own creativity, for example He/she could show the traditions and culture of his/ her country, also giving insights on the language, cultural differences and daily live traditions etc.
He/she will have the possibility to take part in the preparation, implementation and post processing of such activities mentioned above and thus get to know the different steps that are necessary for realising such projects (for example how to a present or how to communicate within international working groups etc.). Further tasks will also be to collect materials and information about the outcome of the activity and prepare partly the report of the seminar with the help and support of the staff members and national volunteers. On the numerous events and seminars, the volunteer will be in profound contact with the respective local communities.
All administrative tasks and daily routines are minimised due to the diverse types of events and will not exceed 20% of the volunteer's work.
Additionally He/she can work out handbooks with a special focus on different themes (e.g. country specific), develop information campaign at school or local events together with a local chapter and contact the local press/ media etc.
The volunteer will mainly work from Monday to Friday (five days a week) from 9.00-17.30h. The total working time is limited to 35 hours per week including the attendance of language courses. He/she will have his/ her own working-place and there will be regular team meetings as well. If there are activities during the weekend the volunteer participates in, He/she will be able to take those days off during the week in order to compensate. During his/ her stay the volunteer is entitled to two days holiday per month (or in a whole). The office is closed between Christmas and New Years Eve.
The volunteer will be hosted in a host family which will enable him to be in close contact with the local community and customs and traditions also outside the workplace. A Hungarian languague course will be arranged by AFS.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

Volunteers can apply through the contact published at the European database on accredited host organisations. AFS is interested in cooperating with all organizations approved by the Youth in Action program.
The volunteer who wants to work at the AFS office should
- be interested in international youth work and intercultural exchange programs
- be open minded and like to work independent, produce ideas of one’s own and enjoying to put the ideas into action
- like being creative and doing innovative work with volunteers (favourable have some experience in working with volunteers)
- like to work in a team
- have basic skills in Computer (i.e. Word, Excel, Online, Email)
- have basic skills in English (i.e. for international meetings, trainings, seminars, to enter in contact with the participants, volunteers and partners)
- be flexible about the working hours (i.e. working during the weekend, getting free time compensation)
Candidates should be willing to share in the host family's daily life (spend some free time with them, occasionally join the family on activities outside the house, eat together, give a helping hand in the household... ) and should be motivated to live with and learn about Hungarian people of different ages and opinions. They should also be willing to adapt to the local eating habits. On the other hand, we guarantee a family that is interested to learn about your culture and background and that respects your values and beliefs. Living in a host family is an excellent opportunity for both you and the family to broaden your cultural horizons!
In case the host family and the hosted volunteer do not get along well, we provide suppport and mediate between the two parties. In case of a need for a family change AFS will look for a new host family for the volunteer.

Number of volunteers hosted: 2

Risk prevention, protection and safety:

Prevention is managed by regular meetings foreseen with the work supervisor (+/-every 2 weeks), who can also help for the set-up of a personal project. Some special meetings with the whole staff may also take from time to time. The volunteer will participate in them if it is relevant for his integration or his tasks.
A tutor (another staff member) will be available for further follow-up and for meetings with the volunteer in order to help him to overcome the difficulties, to check the progress regarding the objectives of the project.

The volunteer will receive all information and necessary training from the supervisor and staff before and upon arrival.
The volunteer will have the opportunity to attend a Hungarian language course that will allow him/her to express himself more fluently and will help him/her to better understand what’s expected from him. When there is an opportunity of training, he/she will participate.
The volunteer will have two contact persons: a counsellor (usually a former exchange participant), who is an AFS volunteer at a local level, and also a tutor in the AFS office. Together, they will support the participant when needed. The AFS volunteer will try to have a regular contact with the EVS during her/his stay (+/-once a month).
In case of conflict/crisis, AFS will organize mediation and will keep the sending organization informed.

The volunteer will have the same working conditions as the paid staff: the safety standards and work policy will be the same for her/him.
In case of emergency, AFS has an emergency-mobile phone, which can be reached 24/7.
AFS will arrange the enrolment of the volunteer in the Group Insurance Plan for EVS, provided by AXA. We will also make sure that the participant has all needed emergency contacts of the host family, the local volunteers and our organisation.

Motivation and EVS experience

AFS Hungary Intercultural Programs Foundation has been sending volunteers on EVS program since 2001. In the past years we have sent 5-7 volunteers per year on EVS mainly for long term project.
Since our program mainly targets high school students we consider EVS as a great program to offer to elder volunteers. We are committed to intercultural learning; the EVS program fits in perfectly with our mission, and gives us a great opportunity to include students over 18 to take part in intercultural experience.

Description of the organisation

AFS (formerly American Field Service) is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. We provide exchange programs for high school students, volunteers and young adults for a year, semester, trimester or shorter 2-3 week periods.

AFS Hungary is part of the international AFS network, which consists of more than 50 countries worldwide. The network has more than 60 years of experience in the field of exchanges and intercultural learning. AFS Hungary celebrated its 20th birthday in 2010.
AFS Hungary is a member of EFIL (European Federation for Intercultural Learning).

Contact details
Organisation name AFS Magyarorszag Nemzetkozi Csereprogram Alapitvany
Street Alkotas u. 37 I/6
Postal code 1123
Town/city Budapest
Country Hungary
Email address evshungary@afs.org
Website www.afs.hu
Telephone number +36 1 212 1822
Fax number +36 1 214-9972

Last update: 22/01/2014