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Európsky portál pre mládež

Informácie a príležitosti pre mladých ľudí v celej Európe.



Typu akreditácie EDS
Platnosť akreditácie EDS do 08/12/2014
Miesto VRONTADOS, Greece
Tém organizácie
Media and communication/Youth information
Education through sport and outdoor activities
Inkluzívnych tém
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

Čísla akreditácie EDS


Podrobnejšie informácie o dobrovoľníctve a Európskej dobrovoľníckej službe nájdete v sekcii Dobrovoľníctvo tejto webovej lokality.

Informácie o organizáciách a projektoch sú dostupné len v anglickom jazyku.
Project Environment

Our project focus is on helping the young people who live in Chios Island, to work with New Technologies, be involved in sports and get information about many subjects. From doing Sailing or Swimming to building a networking Portal or any other educational program from our youngsters can be a big challenge.
The European volunteer, under the guidance and help of TESaAAAAA€AAAAA™s people, will work together with our youngsters, and they will help them to get in touch with the European Dimension & New Technologies and to inform them about how to reach new possibilities in the field of Education and Employment. The Young Voluntary workers undertake to participate voluntarily in an active citizen and informative experience with the aim of acquiring social, intercultural and personal skills, working with different kind of computer software, taking part in the realisation of Educational, Cultural and other projects, take part in sport events and at the same contribute to the well being of the community. After learning Greek, they will help our staff to realise different educational and sport events and inform the young Greek people, especially the people with less opportunities (emigrants, unemployed and families with many children), about the actions of the Youth in action Program.
Our youngsters learn, in a non profit basis, how to use computers and how to construct internet programs, electronic presentations, multimedia etc.

Experimental, through its members will take the responsibility of training our European Volunteers on how to use a big variety of computer programs, and is providing them with the necessary cultural and linguistic competences in order to help them adjust to the Greek way of living. In order to provide them with this knowledge, we organize the teaching material, the teaching notes and the evaluation of each lesson under the guidance and assistance of special trainers. For the creation of each webpage, we work in working-groups. We organize systematically the working teams that will participate to the research, the collection and translation of information, we discuss the contents and we share the responsibilities of each working group. We also clarify the way each working group will work with each organization we cooperate. The working and coordination meetings, are done with the participation of each person that works in each program. A very important matter concerning the preparation and the realization part, is that in each stage of the program (collection of information, articles, creation of web pages and mechanisms both TES youngsters and EVS volunteers take active part as valuable partners.Volunteers, have the possibility to take part to the creation from Sport events to a Serious Educational program from the very beginning, by watching the special technicians. Moreover, we organize the collection of information concerning the matters that trouble all youngsters and we try to include them to social matters. We promote Youth in Action program in any possible way and we inform people for its assistance to our efforts. The best evaluation is done from the creators themselves and this is what happens to each one of our projects. Our work is also evaluated in daily basis by the millions of people that visit our WebPages which we create end preserve with the assistance of both our youngsters and our EVS volunteers. The European Volunteers will try to gain the attention to the young people who come to our organization and make their own contribution for the development and dinamization of European programs: "Youth in action", European Voluntary Service (E.V.S), Leonardo, etc. They will help the youngsters, members of TES on the discovery of new challenges and open new horizons. Their task will be to promote the participation of young people in the process of Sport, New Technologies, Social development, Cultural activities and the European dimension. They, with guidance and help from our people, will try to make contacts with local young people and children, to encourage and share with them their own experience to develop the values of democracy, solidarity, sports, tolerance and to promote new ways of access to the information like Internet and offer them the way to get this information. As a conclusion, everything that is done will be under discussion and an evaluation will take place.
The main activities of the Volunteers are to help in the realisation of Non profit making Educational and Cultural programs and Presentations (e.g. A cultural Web Site for Piraeus ( or about an Aegean Island, ( a web site about program "Youth" ( or a cd-rom about Young people's problems, plus some Sport events, etc. A very important aim for us is to give them the opportunity to come closer to New Technologies and develop creative projects through practical and theoretical exchange of knowledge and feel free to express them selves, and gain knowledge that will help them for all their life.One other basic activity is to work with our members, (especially the people with less opportunities, emigrants and youngsters from families with many children) on the use of the Computers -software and basic information terminology- and cooperate with the Young people participating in the Institutes work groups. One other activity is to help in the organisation and realization of Youth Exchanges, Youth and sport Events and other youth activities, we are doing. The Volunteers will help in texts translation from English or Greek to their mother language.

The volunteers will also participate in other social activities developed by T.E.S. such as in the preparation of our magazine and many web sites (depends of the period) They can also be involved in the preparation of host projects, drawing on their own culture and putting forward a new approach based on their own experience, thereby benefiting the project and expending time, energy and enthusiasm in the interest of the host organization. Through this way, they will also help us find common cultural, folklore as well as other positive social elements thus serving as a communication bridge between their and our civilization. They will have essential contact with members of our Youth Club aiming at the exchange of ideas that might lead to the realization of a project on an Educational, Sport or Youth issue. The volunteers, if interested, may also benefit from other activities of the Institute in the field of New Technologies. The volunteers will help us keep our Institute in order (electronic and other equipment), gardening etc. The volunteers can take any responsibility, after they have spend some time in T.E.S., in cooperation with the other volunteers and mentors. We cannot specify from now, because we do not know the people. Of course the volunteers can propose a personal project. This has to fit to our organization goals and to be possible to find the funds for it.

European Volunteers an an inseparate part of TES's working groups for over 12 years.
They actively take part to the Preparation, Materialization, and Evaluation of all Educational, Cultural, Youth and any other kind of programs we are working on.
The research for our new volunteers is done through announcements in relevant webpages, and through announcing to the european organizations we cooperate with, that there is an open spot.
Our volunteers have to be youngsters with willing to learn, offer and cooperate.
Of course they will have to want and accept working with computers.
The selection of our new volunteers is done besed to their CV. It is also important for us to work with volunteers from different countries of all over Europe in order to give a Multicultural character to our team.
In the selection of the new Volunteers, the present volunteers have an active part


Our program does not pose obvious risks.
Any problem is solved with cooperation, understanding and positive spirit.
Usually we choose people from different ages and with different educational levels.
Also we avoid to welcome all the volunteers at the same period, but we prefer to welcome a new one every month, or every 2 or 3 months.
The present group welcomes every time a new volunteer and almost always incorporates within him / her.
In this way we avoid many misunderstandings and difficulties because of cultural, geographical or other differences.
Dona€™t forget that our program takes place on an island.
Everyone enjoys the care the responsible people of the organization, mentor and responsible people of the workshops.

Motivation and EVS experience

The NGO Experimental Technology Education Sports-TES- is a hosting organization since 1997.
Through European Voluntary Service we aim the balanced cooperation between all the European citizens, which will serve the idea of the European fulfillment.
We also aim to develop the friendship and the communication hoping that we shall contribute effectively into making strong bonds between the European nations and into improving human relationships.
This will be achieved through the exchange of educational, cultural, linguistic, technical and other kinds of experiences that will be useful for both the EVS volunteers and the hosting organization.
The use of computers has been expanded nowadays in universal level minimizing the distance and the communicational problems that existed in the past and helping the exchange of Ideas and Knowledge.
All these demand the excellent use of computers and software.
The young people by doing sports avoid the negative influence of the goods of the modern life, like drugs etc.
Because of this, we are providing to our young people and to the volunteers the possibility to expand their environment, be involved in sports and gain theoretical and practical knowledge on the use of computers which will be very useful for their future.

Description of the organisation

The NGO Experimental Technology Education Sports TES-HIENET is located in Chios Island and promotes the involvement in sports and the development of new technologies helping the Greek Educational System and Civilization. Moreover, we explore the possibilities that Internet offers to the educational, cultural, sport and youth section. We train both teachers and students in using the computers effectively. We organize sport events, lectures concerning social and educational themes and we construct and preserve Web pages.
In addition, TES contributes to the development of programs of educational, cultural and scientific level and offers the means of network and communication among educational organizations, teachers, learners and youngsters through the Internet and through future technologies.
Furthermore, TES is a hosting organization since 1997.
Through European Voluntary Service we aim the balanced cooperation between all the European citizens, which will serve the idea of the European fulfillment. We also aim to develop the friendship and the communication hoping that we shall contribute effectively into creating strong bonds between the European nations and into improving human relationships.

Ulica 60 ANDRONIKOU Str.
PSČ 82200
Krajina Greece
E-mailová adresa
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Telefónne číslo (0030)6944799898
Fax číslo (0030) 2271094420

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