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aha - Tipps und Infos für junge Leute

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 27/08/2016
Location Dornbirn, Austria
Organisation topics
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

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For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Project Environment
aha – Tipps & Infos für junge Leute is a service centre for young people in the region providing information on a wide variety of topics (education, employment, going abroad, leisure time activities, legal questions, health issues etc.). The hosting organisation is located in Vorarlberg, the westernmost province of Austria, near the border to Switzerland and Germany. The local centres are in Dornbirn (47.000 inhabitants), Bregenz (28.000 inhabitants) and Bludenz (25.000 inhabitants). The region is quite rural and offers excellent opportu¬nities for outdoor activities (skiing, hiking, swimming, etc.). Vorarlberg also has a lively cultural scene (for example, Bregenz Festival). The main source of income is tourism.
The volunteer will most probably live in a small students’ residence hall in Dornbirn (www.dornbirn.at - Vorarlberg’s biggest town) about a few minutes distance by train or bus from the Hosting Organisation. S/He will have a room with bathroom on his/her own and share a kitchen with other residents. The infrastructure with trains and buses is easy, quick and frequent.
S/He will probably also have a bicycle at his/her disposal.
The volunteer will have the possibility to attend a German course organised by a professional training institution.
The team of the Hosting organisation and the “Junior Mentor” (a former EVS volunteer”) will help the volunteer to integrate into local community. The Coordinating Organisation aha will establish contacts among the volunteers in Vorarlberg.

Proposed Activities
One of our major aims is to provide information and counselling about activities that enable young people to gather intercultural experience. The EVS volunteers at the centre are real-life examples of an international experience and they are of the same age as our target group. The centre also profits a lot from the new ideas that the EVS volunteer brings in and by the international contacts and partnerships that s/he might enhance. On the other hand the volunteer will learn to work in a team in the field of youth information. s/he will learn a lot about the Austrian culture and therefore the EVS will help reducing prejudices and stereotypes.

The volunteer will have the chance to join a German course matched to his/her knowledge of German (usually twice a week during 4 – 6 months).

S/He will mainly work in the following three areas (taking turns every week):

1. Documentation/Information department:
Help in the documentation area of the centre, mainly in the office in Dornbirn, sometimes also in Bregenz and Bludenz: find information on a variety of youth related topics (working abroad, travelling, training, employment, job finding etc.) and help with the adequate presentation of the information
Update information material (info-folders, leaflets, website, databases etc.)
Inform about topics that are familiar to her/him such as EVS, her/his home country, her/his work, her/his field of studies etc.
Help preparing and organising special information events (e.g. on “going abroad”) or youth information stands on information fairs (Dornbirn fair, University fair etc.)

2. Regional youth card “360”:
Public relations: help to produce giveaways (buttons, postcards etc.)
Help with updating the Website by uploading youth relevant information (e.g. events), checking links etc.
Help organising stands on information fairs (Frühjahrsmesse, Herbstmesse) and various events (“Pool Tour” in summer, Winter Sports’ Days etc.)

3. International projects department:
Present herself/himself and her/his country in the three local centres
Assist in the preparation and organisation of activities with volunteers, preparing “Survival Kits” for volunteers abroad, “peer to peer” contact with volunteers (birthday cards, Christmas cards etc.)
Assist in information events for future volunteers + help prepare information material (folders, presentations etc.)
Organise her/his own project according to his/her desires and skills with the support of the staff and the infrastructure of the centre (e.g. newsletter for volunteers, leaflet on his/her country etc.)

Apart from the work in the three areas mentioned above the volunteer will also help in the public relations department from time to time s/he will take part in some of the team meetings.

The volunteer will work five days a week, 34 hours a week incl. German course. S/he will usually have the weekends off and will have two days holidays per month.

Most of the activities can be done without or with only little knowledge of German. In some activities the volunteer will be supported until her/his German is good enough (e.g. uploading information on the website), some of the activities will only start when the volunteer’s German has reached a certain level.

Volunteer Profile
The volunteer should have an interest in working on youth relevant topics. S/He should be flexible and able to work in a team. Basic knowledge of German is advisable.

We publish the vacancies on the Youth Networks platform and among partner organisations. We collect the applications sent to us by the volunteer candidates or the sending organisation. The selection is done about one month before the application deadline. The whole team is involved in this selection-process. The volunteers are informed as soon as possible.

We are open to work with any partner.

Number of volunteers hosted: 1

Risk prevention:
The volunteer will live about 15 minutes walking distance in a small student residence hall.
S/He will receive a list of doctors and will be informed about emergency numbers and steps to take in a case of emergency at work or at the place where s/he lives.

S/He will have regular meetings with her/his mentor in the Hosting Organisation to talk about problems or critical incidents among other things. Additionally s/he will have a junior mentor (=former EVS volunteer) at her/his side to support her in situations of crisis.

In case we host volunteers with fewer opportunities or younger volunteers there will be special supervision by competent staff.

Motivation and EVS experience

One of the main topics that we deal with in the youth information centre are young people’s requests to go abroad and their desire to live an intercultural experience: Informing and counselling our young visitors on this topic is a focus of our work. The European Voluntary Service is an excellent opportunity to comply with this demand.
The European Volunteer hosted by our organisation serves as a “role model” for people interested in EVS. The volunteers (we are currently hosting the 12th volunteer) also bring an intercultural dimension to our work and we enjoy the insights into their culture that we get while they are staying with us.
We have been working as a Sending Organisation in EVS since 1996 and as a Hosting and Coordinating Hosting Organisation for volunteers in the province of Vorarlberg since 1998. Currently we send about 12 – 15 volunteers and coordinate the hosting of about 8 – 10 in various organisations in the region per year. We also host a volunteer directly at the youth information centre.
At the youth information centre we are flexible as to starting dates. Some of the organisations that we coordinate prefer to start the projects in autumn, some organisations are closed in July and August.

Description of the organisation

aha – Tipps & Infos für junge Leute is a youth information centre offering up-to-date information about matters concerning young people. It is situated in the province of Vorarlberg in the West of Austria and was established in 1992. It currently operates with three local centres (Dornbirn, Bregenz, Bludenz). Information is held on education and training, employment, travel, leisure time activities, legal questions, health etc. The main target group are young people between 13 and 26 years old. The centre also coordinates the regional activities of the YOUTH IN ACTION programme (coordinating EVS hosting projects, EVS sending and hosting organisation, informing youth organisations on European funding opportunities). In close cooperation with local youth organisations and youth departments the centre also works as a coordinator and support for regional and international projects (regional Youth Card, international projects, youth participation etc.).

Contact details
Organisation name aha - Tipps und Infos für junge Leute
Street Poststraße 1
Postal code 6850
Town/city Dornbirn
Country Austria
Email address clemens.ruedisser@aha.or.at
Website www.aha.or.at
Telephone number +43 5572 52212
Fax number +43 5572 5221212

Last update: 02/09/2013