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ADEFIS Juventud Internacional

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 30/09/2016
Location Las Rozas/ Madrid, Spain
Organisation topics
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Special needs
Unfortunately, our organization has not yet been able to find a suitable employee prepared to deal with those international volunteers suffering from either physical or mental disabilities. We will not be able, therefore, to host young people with special needs. However, no volunteer with either social, geographical or educational difficulties will be excluded

Project environment:
The European Volunteer Service activities will take place in the north-west area of Madrid, being the headquarters situated in the municipality of Las Rozas de Madrid, at 17 km of the city centre.

Las Rozas is one of the largest municipalities of Madrid, as it has between 5,883 and 5,914 hectares. It has four railway stations (Las Rozas, Las Matas, Pinar, and El Tejar), as well as huge shopping centres, the Royal Football Federation, universities, schools, sports centres, etc.

Las Rozas could be described as a well-off area. It's one of the few municipalities with the biggest per capita income of the Community of Madrid (capital of Spain). It has a total of 90,000 residents, most of them young people.

The association is situated in the city centre, next to the city Council. Transportation is not an issue, as Las Rozas enjoys from both bus and railway. It is a quiet place with all the commodities.

The population works in both small and medium-sized businesses. The city has two universities:
• U-TAD. Technology and Digital Art University.
• UNED. Las Rozas Campus, one of the UNED's several faculties.

The majority of the population is Spanish (roughly 88%), and the remaining 12% includes diverse nationalities such as Colombian, Rumanian, Italian, etc. Most of the population is of catholic denomination, but other religious minorities such as Muslims and Orthodoxes can be found.

The predominant language is Spanish, although other languages as Arabic or Rumanian are often spoken by the immigrant population.

Las Rozas' population is both welcoming and tolerant, as well as participant in the creation of a multicultural understanding and the promotion of European values.

Volunteers will be hosted in fully equipped rented flats in Las Rozas. Each volunteer will have his/her own room with Internet connection, and they will only share both the bathroom and kitchen. Volunteers will be informed beforehand about general specifications regarding the rented flats, and we will help them to create their own rules for cohabitation.

Infrastructure and equipment
Volunteers will be provided everything needed for the correct accomplishment of their tasks, including computers, multimedia equipment, and comfortable working space.

The organization will make sure every SVE volunteer has both his/her personal mentor and supervisor who will help and guide him/her in the correct accomplishment of his/her tasks.

The supervisor will be an experienced professional regarding dealing with young people and non- traditional education. He or she will have great knowledge of the SVE Program, and will assist his/her designated volunteer with his tasks, providing support, orientation, and taking care of more technical and bureaucratic aspects of the program.

The mentor will be the closest person to the volunteer. During the first weeks, the mentor will watch our for the volunteer, offering him/her any support required, such as showing him/her around the city, explaining different options regarding transportation, etc.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
The staff of our organization has a solid experience in social and youth projects . There are several ways to learn and get volunteer experience:

• Accompany employees and more experienced volunteers to conferences and activities
• Work as a team member of international or local projects .
• Participate in the organization training local volunteers to prepare for or participate in international training projects .
• Learn Spanish in a group or individually with a tutor to acquire practical conversation skills and gain a deeper insight into Spanish culture .

Supporting our volunteers include a weekly , internet access, time for the language course , time for counseling supervisor and tutor , evaluation meetings , leisure, cultural and developmental education , etc. .

Volunteer time is a learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth. The volunteer will acquire:

• Growth and confidence in their abilities
• Management skills and project design
• Increase their capacity and resource use
• A new perspective "in situ " of Spanish culture
• The experience of being part of the lives of people from a different country , culture and social context
• Improve your language skills
• Communication skills and teamwork

The SVE volunteers' role in our organization will be that of collaboration in our designated tasks and projects, as well as taking part in different activities.

They will participate and support the organization regarding the different goals on every project. They will offer customer service to those in need of our help. They will be taught the Spanish language, as well as general knowledge of Spanish culture.

They will have the chance of meeting other Spanish young people thanks to the activities organized by the Youth Council, as well as other activities.

They will receive the required information regarding Spanish language, culture, history, food, and even social relations and transportation. The main goal is for them to feel integrated in a different society.

They will be in contact with their original sending association, explaining their tasks as a SVE participant.

The volunteer schedule will be flexible, five days a week , six hours a day, including food ( a total of 30 hours a week having the language course ) . Volunteers will have two days off a week.

EVS activities are divided as follows :
• 50 % working in the center

The office working on preparation of workshops dedicated to different topics on youth , searching for information on the Internet about mobility opportunities for young people. Will also have to work on the organization website ( English version ) , writing and editing news and articles, update pages , add photos and answer the questions that arise. Print materials for projects, prepare rooms for courses , buy things needed for the organization and so on.

ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL regularly organizes information seminars and courses for local youth groups . It would be helpful if volunteers help prepare these activities like organizing youth exchange meetings , help employees to write project applications . Meanwhile our partnership will also help volunteers develop their own projects and youth activities that fit within the framework of our activities: support for role-playing, non-formal education , presentations, workshops and conferences.

• The other 20 % of the time will be devoted to organizing other activities of the association ( 2 hours a week ) and meetings through discussions , films about cultural events , political , relevant ecological , etc. .

In our facilities, they will collaborate with our permanent staff who will teach them the usual tasks of the association.

We will also identify the EVS volunteers’ personal skills in order not only to improve them, but also so that they are able to develop or create their own project within the association.

We will support them and encourage them to organize their own activities and workshops based on their own education, abilities, and language. The association will provide them with all the necessary means for them to do so. This will help the volunteers share their culture and knowledge with every member of ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL is open to receive EVS volunteers from other organizations accredited for this action. The selection process will be open and transparent to all young people.

You do not need any academic requirement . We want the shipping organization assist in the smooth running of the participant and the participant actively collaborate in this activity.

Número de voluntarios/as acogidos/as:
Indique el número máximo de voluntarios/as que la asociación tiene capacidad para acoger al mismo tiempo (garantizando a cada uno/a de ellos/as los estándares de bienestar, calidad y formación).

Number of volunteers hosted:
We will be able to host a maximum of four (4) volunteers.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:

On arrival, all volunteers will have detailed information about our region and city. Only volunteers will welcome over 18 of which are expected to act responsibly and in compliance with the laws of Spain. They will be informed on all issues related to drugs, alcohol Spanish regulations, etc.. He personally

taught their apartments and neighborhood, your workplace, city orientation, transport and commercial services, currency, medical services, etc.. There will be an intensive and continuous communication with organizations and volunteers stations before arrival, clarifying all the tasks and responsibilities in advance, which will prevent any situation of frustration during service.

To prevent future crises, volunteers will one mentoring meetings and continuous manner and thus avoid further conflicts.

The lifestlifestyle and EVS volunteer activity is guaranteed by the association "International Youth Adefis", as it has liability insurance, a plan for risk prevention and insurance for trainees covering them during the actual training and outdoor activities.

In case of conflict, it will work with your tutor to help with conflict situations and avoid risks.
All volunteers will have regular meetings with the coordinator and tutor once a week.The tutor is always available on your phone

Motivation and EVS experience

The association ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL would like to submit its request to participate in the EVS program to both send and host international volunteers.

We understand the impact of volunteering not only on young people's personal growth, but also as a positive experience regarding their professional lives.

In recent years the priorities of "Youth in Action" has linked volunteering to youth unemployment since the volunteers participate in activities regarding skill development, and general acquisition of knowledge. It is also a great experience for all the young participants involved.

The idea of applying to the EVS Program has arisen through both experience and previous participation in the program "Youth in Action", as well as through the need the municipality of Las Rozas in Madrid has of being involved in European voluntarism .

Our experience has taught us that it is very important to give an opportunity to the youth of our region in order to meet and communicate with young people from other parts of the world. Not only does intercultural learning take place in these environments, but also volunteers increase their mutual understanding of each other, turning these experiences into great opportunities for them to gain new skills, discover new languages and cultures, and to increase their level of awareness of active citizenship and European values. This will allow young people to learn about different situations around the world. Due to this, we strive to introduce participants to the idea that their realities and challenges are similar, and are significantly overlapping. Only with a team effort can we improve their reality which increasingly develops on an European level. The possibility to gain access to these opportunities will be open and available to all, regardless of the person's background (religious, cultural, national, linguistic, etc.).

The importance of cultural diversity as well as the riches it provides to every participant are a core value of European society. They both will be highlighted through concrete positive examples to promote them among young people and therefore, encourage them to use them well.

When volunteers interact with people from different countries, they end up learning from each other. New experiences and broader views are developed. The same goes for young people who, after participating in the EVS program, return to their communities with new knowledge and skills. This experience helps them to be more open-minded and prepare them for their future life.

Realizing the positive effects of the EVS program, we are highly motivated to join in and bring it closer to our region.

We are planning to host international volunteers to participate in our association, as well as to collaborate and learn together .

The EVS aims to enable local youth, foster intercultural learning, social integration and tolerance. It will be a great opportunity for young people from other countries to know our region, culture and traditions for the duration of their experience.

We would also be an sending organization, as we will provide Spanish youth with the opportunity to be involved in this international program, especially those with fewer opportunities to visit other countries.

The experience ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL as an association within the field of voluntarism is wide, and we also work closely with the local government, especially with the "Volunteer Point " of the city of Las Rozas, as well as with the municipalities of Torrejón of Ardoz and the city of Parla.

The association ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL is interested in participating in the European Voluntary Service and infrastructure given the experience the association has.


• Provide volunteers suitable accommodation and meals.
• Provide adequate local transport from their residence to the point of volunteering.
• Provide monthly pocket money stipulated in the Youth in Action Programme for the European Voluntary Service in Spain.
• Ensure the participation of volunteers in training and further evaluation.
• Organize and assist in language learning.
• Provide socialization of young volunteers.
• Support the learning process and the development of YOUTHPASS .

- As a sending organization, ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL is responsible for the preparation and support of volunteers before, during and after the European Voluntary Service.

- As a host organization, ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL is responsible for providing good living conditions and several tasks to young people with adequate staff support, linguistic, etc.

- As for the coordinating and organizating Association "International Youth Adefis", we are responsible for facilitating the implementation of the project to provide administrative support and looking for the achievement of quality standards for all project partners and facilitating networking.

Description of the organisation

ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL was established as a non-profit organization as the result of past experience and participation in the Youth in Action programs, promoting equality and integration among young people, developing projects and programs aimed at preventing discrimination based on any reason: birth , race, sex, religion or personal and social conditions, as stated in the Spanish Constitution. It was also established as for the implementation of projects and programs for environmental protection, sustainable development, culture, employment, promotion of voluntarism and advocacy to Spanish society, European and third countries, as well as a cooperating organization regarding countries with low per capita income and extreme poverty.

The goal of the partnership is to strengthen civil society and the level of local democracy, supporting youth both locally and internationally, establishing tolerance and mutual understanding.

We work for social integration, knowledge of the rights and values of a modern democratic society. All framed within Europe and within the European “Youth in Action" policies.

We have a 120 m2 office, with a conference room, classroom, office, toilet, etc. 4 seats and 10 laptops, copier and printer.

The staff enjoys from a wide experience regarding customer service and dealing with young people. They are highly qualified in the social area. The personnel is composed of two full-time workers, three part-time workers, and more than 200 volunteers. ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL also includes two trainers with experience regarding integration, and work orientation. The staff is relatively young, all of them English speakers, and they have all taken place in international youth exchanges.

The association has organized several cultural events. The main objective of these events and activities is to create a multicultural tolerance among the local communities. Recently, we have count on the participation of several Spanish volunteers who are deeply involved in all of our projects, as they are an important part of our organization.

Contact details
Organisation name ADEFIS Juventud Internacional
Street Avda. Doctor Toledo, 28 (local)
Postal code 28231
Town/city Las Rozas/ Madrid
Country Spain
Email address juventud@adefis.org
Website www.adefis.org
Telephone number 655179805
Fax number

Last update: 17/02/2014