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AFAIJ-Asociación para la Formación y Actividades Interculturales para la Juventud

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 20/09/2016
Location Madrid, Spain
Organisation topics
European awareness
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Project environment:
 Promoting national and international volunteering in the social, civic and cultural fields.
 Organizing intercultural and training activities, seminars and national and international youth meetings promoting exchange of experiences and knowledge and education and relation among cultures.
 Promoting studies related with the reality and problems of youth.


Since the establishment of the organisation, all efforts have aimed the comprehensive development of youth without discrimination.
All our proposals aim education through specific initiatives and programmes which favour the participation of youth as active members of a changing society.
EVS is, therefore, the ideal chance to combine learning and personal and professional development.
EVS is for youth, is there a better chance to know the reality of other young people? Is there a better chance to carry out proposals for youth than collaborating with a youth entity?

The premises are in Madrid, though the activities take place in several Autonomous Communities:
- Sending volunteers from all regions from Spain.
- Hosting volunteers in Madrid, Castilla León, Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura.

Volunteers will mainly prepare and develop projects in the premises in Madrid. Madrid is the capital of Spain, it has about 3,500,000 inhabitants
Living in a city like Madrid has a lot of advantages: variety of activities and leisure opportunities (cinema, theatre, exhibitions, museums, restaurants, bars, discos...) Though it is also important to take into account the high cost of life and the need of a lot of time in public transport. (www.esmadrid.es).

Our office are located in Retiro neighbourhood, welconected with the center of city.
Communications: underground (L6, Conde de Casal station) and different bus lines that make reach the city center easily. It is also well-connected with main communicational points of the city (Atocha, Sol, Mendez Alvaro Avenida de América, etc.).


We collaborate with different entities and youth centres of the city and city area.

The volunteer will live in sharing apartment or in a family. The volunteer will have a monthly allowance for buy it’s own food and cook by himself/ herself.
Monthly transport card will be provided.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
Since the first moment, the organisation has trained, hosted and sent volunteers with different profiles to different projects. We have worked with the EVS, other sending entities and programmes, work camps, exchanges, long term stays... This has always been a very enriching experience for both parts in the human and educational levels and for the professional future of the participants.
Participating as a volunteer offers the chance of knowing the social and cultural reality of other youth, who, apart from some differences, have the same worries and concerns. As an added value, this experience enables youth to become aware about their world, adopt attitudes of tolerance and solidarity and acquire social abilities which promote a civic awareness and commitment with their society and environment. Volunteers also receive objective and ideal information which makes them understand prevention and responsibility as essential values to fight the effect of social problems: prevention through education.
The volunteer will have the chance of sharing a culture, language, knowledge, experience,… He/she will be an added value and motivation for the organisation and its members. He/she will enable links with European youth and other youth and know the values related to volunteering.

-Learning the reality and ways of working with youth in Spain in relation with Europe.
-Acquiring specific training about tasks and educational role of people and professionals of youth.
-Learning about resources and institutions in the youth field.
-Learning about projects and methodology of the organisation to later carry out their ideas and personal projects.
-Having the opportunity to contribute in an educational project.
-Having the opportunity to share an educational, life, training experience and understand the richness of cultural diversity.
-Deepening in topics related to the social field (gender, disabilities, volunteering)
-Learning Spanish language.
-Developing autonomy and acquiring social values.

Volunteers will collaborate in the following areas depending on their personal characteristics and motivation:

1. Communication:

- Collaboration with the elaboration of the monthly bulletin of the organisation, including interviews, information of events, news about organisations, volunteering, cooperation, pressure groups, youth policies, studies, statistics, proposals, projects, etc.
- Activities with ex-volunteers through international activities.
- Elaboration of diffusion material for young people about the organisation, YiA Programme, our projects, etc.
- Relation with local newspapers and radio stations.

2. Volunteering and training programmes and networking:
- Supporting activities with national and international volunteers.
- Participation in the organisation and development of EVS diffusion and information activities (and other programmes).

3. Local activities:
- Development of local training activities: individual initiative workshops about the working topic of the year (violence, volunteering, migration, environment, gender, employment, etc.)
- English conversation workshops (or of their mother language) to the local community in our premises or in collaboration with public libraries of the area.
- Participation in public events representing the organisation.

4. Support with bureaucratic activities: Office activities to carry out their own ideas.
5. Personal individual or group project to promote, among young people, social European values, European citizenship or active participation of youth.

Schedule activity generally will be from 10 to 14 h and from 15 to 17h. Activities can be change in depending of the season and the activities that are could be taken place. In case of extended collaboration hours during a exceptionally activities, as for example, the collaboration in supporting logistic or supporting participants during an international training course/ Seminar; will be balance and compensate with free days, allways in according to the volunteer.

All EVS activities done during the project will be in supporting activities to our current activities. It is going to be also an add value to our entity. Through out its actions we could improve organizational communicatios in the Social network management, maintenace and renewal of our monthly newsletter, etc. Personal skillsof each volunteer involved , will be taken into account; they could develop a personal project or improve something alredy done.

Personal experience of a ex- evs volunteer: http://prezi.com/yepvwx_yg-my/la-experiencia-de-michal/

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
- Aged between 18 and 30 years.
- With motivation and interest for our organisation and intercultural and youth information activities.
- Mature, responsible and committed people, willing to work in a team, self management of time. People with empathy who know how to listen. Tolerant and flexible people.
- Audiovisual skills will be welcome.
- Young people with fewer opportunities (social, economic, geographic, employment,...) will be taken in special consideration.

Number of volunteers hosted:

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
Our activities usually don't entail risks; nevertheless, if any tool is used for an activity, it's correct use will be explained.
There is a lot of computer work involved, so we advise to take resting time to avoid eye damage.
Volunteers will be covered by the AXA insurance; they will receive information about its use. They will be supported if they have to go to the doctor and apply for a reimbursement.
We ensure the assistance to the EVS training courses (pre-departure, at arrival) and intermediate evaluation. In them they will learn about intercultural matters, solving conflicts and the use of the insurance.
They will have a mentor in the project and a support person from outside the project to favour their integration in the local community. There will be regular mentorship and we will use informal meetings for dialogues.
As many of the activities are done with computers, positions will be recommended for good management of computers and the maintenance of posture and distance from the computer screen and appropriate breaks during the day.

Motivation and EVS experience

AFAIJ is a non-profit association based in Madrid, and currently member of AVSO and partner organization of ICYE, whose purpose is to promote youth mobility and intercultural education of young people between 15 and 30 years of any social and cultural nature. Since its inception in December 1999, AFAIJ youth aims to provide information and training, through direct experience of contact with other social and cultural realities. Thus, AFAIJ it’s proposed as a promoter of intercultural learning principle.
One of the ways to achieve these goals has been through participation in the Youth in Action Programme, and mainly in its action 2: European Voluntary Service. We believe that through the development of this program is a good way to promote youth mobility and offer to young people a direct experience and participation at social level and in the European sphere, in that way they would share with other young Europeans. Our experiences we've had over the years as a sending, hosting and coordinating organization through the European Voluntary Service shows that young people are involved in a social and cultural reality different. Being directly involved in an activity in which their commitment and motivation are the pillars for the development of voluntary activity, while reinforcing the values of solidarity, tolerance and understanding among young Europeans.
Each of the young people who participated in this programme have had a personal learning development at all levels (learning about themselves, learning linguistic level, in the development of new communication and relationship skills in multicultural enviroment, learning new concepts and new ways of working, etc..)
Since AFAIJ began in the development of the European Voluntary Service as a sending, hosting and coordinating organization, AFAIJ has facilitated the participation of 320 young Spanish volunteers in projects mainly within the EU but also in other countries (Caucasus , Africa, Asia and Latin America) and has hosted about 197 young volunteers mainly from UE but also from other countries of the world (Africa, Asia, Latin America).
During the experience acquired with the programme, AFAIJ has been provided an ongoing support to all volunteers involved in EVS (hosting and sending), at personal and administrative level. It’s been implemented continued improvements in the project management.
AFAIJ gets the compromise to fullfill EVS character and watch over to compliance of rights and obligations of all parts.

Description of the organisation

AFAIJ is a Spanish Non-Profit Association established in 1999, whose aim it is to promote the development of young people by means of activities of social interest which promote voluntary enlistment, the education, cultural exchange and youth mobility.

AFAIJ works in the following fields:

 Young national and international voluntary service.
 Counselling young people in the matter of labour insertion.
 Young international exchanges which promote intercultural education and social integration of the participants.
 International youth trainings and for professionals in the social sector.
 Intercultural trips and fair tourism

AFAIJ develop its activities mainly in it’s office at Madrid; running different projects at national level en various of Spanish Regions (Volunteering hosting and sending projects); training and networking projects; Youth Exchanges, working camps and fair tourism. Regularly its develop programmes and activities by non formal education basis that contribute to the personal and profesional develop of the users. In that way it is going to benefit of getting values as: equality, tolerance and respect to the differences.
All activities implemented by AFAIJ goes to encourange voluntary service as a educational experience.

Our office it’s about 100 m where it’s working 2 full-time staff members.
we have 3 regular volunteers who support us with our activities and other that support us exceptionally.

Main destinatary group are Young people in between 13 and 30 years old. Reciently other ages group are being involved in the activities as, people between 30 and 40 years old; and an especific Project for senior volunteers (over 50 years old)

Contact details
Organisation name AFAIJ-Asociación para la Formación y Actividades Interculturales para la Juventud
Street Doctor Esquerdo 128, 1ºB
Postal code 28007
Town/city Madrid
Country Spain
Email address afaij@afaij.org
Website www.afaij.org
Telephone number 0034913780413
Fax number 0034913780413

Last update: 10/12/2013