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Ajuntament de Sant LLuis (Molí de Baix)

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 05/12/2015
Location Sant Lluis ( Menorca), Spain
Organisation topics
European awareness
Art and culture
Inclusion topics
Educational difficulties
Social difficulties
Cultural differences
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Project environment:
Sant Lluis is located in the South-East of the Menorca, it is a small and cozy town surrounded by the south coast consisting of small urbanizations among which we find fishing villages forming a beautiful coast view of beaches and natural landscape. The island has short distances between towns and interesting spots, it has 216 kilometers in the coast and the largest distance between two points are 47 kilometers. The 8th of October 1993, UNESCO declared it a Biosphere reserve, due to its well-kept heritage and landscape.

San Luis visitants find a community characterized by a huge cultural dynamism during all the year. It is worth to mention traditions like popular dancing, a game called “La Bolla” and its well-known local festivities with horses.

The population is 7.000 approximately, and it is located 4 kilometers away from the capital Mahón, where the population increases, and young people from around the island meet during the weekends at night.
Our economy is based on tourism but it is also sustained on old jobs like agriculture and cattle farming, which gives the island a good reputation on its own gastronomy.
The volunteer is going to be accommodated in the mentioned areas near to the project head office either in a shared flat with other volunteers or in a hosting family.
Meals are going to be arranged previously depending on the accommodation type: hosting family, self-catering or the school dining hall.

The other expenses which aren’t financed by the project, such as flight ticket, are going to be assumed by the participant organizations (hosting and sending organizations) or either by the same volunteer.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
The volunteers will support work in our different services, divided into two projects:

- Reinforcement in educational (Youth Centre, classroom workshops young).
- Youth Activities
- Information Point.

- Physical education for children.
- Sports days.
- Sports activities free time.

Training for the volunteer:
- Monitor free time.
- Conflict Resolution.
- Group Dynamics.
- Spanish
- Catalan.

The role of volunteers :

•Participate in the organization of extracurricular activities in the Educational Centres.
•Contribute in the start of the activities offered in the summer schools program.
•Collaborate with the facilitators in the projects own youth service.
•Carry out the search of young innovating projects and give support to the facilitators in the start of said projects.
•Accompany the facilitators in the promotion of the premises initiatives.
•Disseminate program for young

The hours devoted to volunteering will be 35 per week.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

The profile of the volunteer to be that of a responsible, motivated, committed, enthusiastic, initiative, empathy, teamwork ability, involvement in activities, and respecting cultural diversity.

We would like to contact with Sending organizations related to art and culture, youth leisure, youth policy, gender equality, youth information, education through sports and leisure activities and European awareness.

The selection process will be carried out by the sending of the curriculum.

Number of volunteers hosted:
Our entity is able to host two volunteers guaranteeing welfare, quality and training standards.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:

The volunteers are insured and if an activity is riskier ensure specifically for her, on the other hand, will remember the EHIC process by the tutor shipping and or volunteer.
The EVS volunteer or be supported at all times by their tutors /-is sending and receiving. During the first week in the host country, the tutor will accompany a volunteer to do the paperwork. The guardian or guardian will be available through mobile phone and will meet once or twice a week, depending on the needs of a volunteer
Also, weekly or monthly meetings will be carried out with the supervisor of the project.

Special needs
The center is professionally trained and interested in hosting volunteers with fewer opportunities. The selection of volunteers will depend on the necessities of the volunteer and their adaptation to our project.

Motivation and EVS experience

The Molí de Baix is a social Youth Centre with a lot of years of experience offering activities to young people and children, it is a recreational and very active centre. The European Voluntary Service is going to provide the young with a learning experience in the field of non-formal education.

Young people in Menorca are very interested in EVS. This educational project is clearly demanded by younger residents and we would also like to invite European young people to volunteer in Menorca.

As a sending organization
We offer a service to young people to provide them with new learning experiences and opportunities abroad and allow them to know the Eurpean dimension, through SVE they are going to learn team work, meet other cultures, build their integration habilities, European conscience, a tolerance for diversity and an experience to develop their personal growth.

As a hosting organization
We offer European young people to learn in our country, in a special island, Menorca. We offer the possibility to know our work and transmit our conviction on non-formal education and free time.

We would like to give them the opportunity to know our culture, tradicion and resources. It is going to be an enriching experience to the volunteer, our team and Sant Lluis society.

As a coordinating organization
We would like to offer this service to the different organizations. It is going to be a good service to facilitate communication in the coordinating task, office work and give new experiences.

Description of the organisation

We develop differents service:

Children's center: is a service for children and families, where we do different activities (workshops, dance, music..)

Youth Centre: Young people can improve their learning, creativity. We perform arts, languages, sports, among other.

Youth Information Point, European Information Point: Represents an information and guidance for young people on areas of life.

Our team consists of:
- Youth coordinator
- Social educator
- Childhood educator
- Director of Leisure

We also work with other entities:
- Cáritas
- Club of retirees.
- Cultural Sports Center.
- Geriatric.
- Cruz Roja convention.
- Department of Social Services

Contact details
Organisation name Ajuntament de Sant LLuis (Molí de Baix)
Street C/ Lannion nº 136
Postal code 07710
Town/city Sant Lluis ( Menorca)
Country Spain
Email address molidebaix@ajsantlluis.org/
Website www.lluiwebjove.es
Telephone number 971 151061
Fax number

Last update: 12/04/2013