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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 20/09/2015
Location Alaquàs ( Valencia), Spain
Organisation topics
Youth leisure
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment:
INSIDE Alaquás L'Horta SUD
The town of Villa de Alaquàs, a name that comes from Arabic and means the arches, is within the district of l'Horta Sud, the metropolitan area of Valencia. Alaquàs bordered to the north Aldaia Town, south of Torrent and Picanya and east by the Xirivella. Alaquàs figure is like an isosceles triangle which stretches from west to east. The municipality is crossed by the Torrent ravine from north to south and the ravine of La Salette, the latter at the end of Aldaia. At about the demographic development of Alaquàs, this has resulted in recent times for the industry, leaving agricultural production with a much reduced Alaquàs. The service sector can be considered the second most important Alaquàs.
Alaquàs is characterized for being surrounded by youth people very similar social realities, while the distance to the city of Valencia is minimal, where they develop much of
services and where many young people spend part of their free time and weekend. This circumstance is the advantage to coordinate between different departments of the district youth issues of interest to work in unity and in order to save costs and get to the reality that, in many cases, have the same needs to cover.
The activities that directly involve volunteers will focus on one of these two frameworks of intervention:
 Answer to requests and educational needs that we can make different IES
educational teams.
 Working directly and indirectly, in the cultural events in secondary schools.
 Youth correspondents program higher education institutions, encouraging youth
participation in the day-to-day educational center in which they are enrolled and at
the same time, make them part of alternative and healthy leisure activities that can
think and plan in their town . We think that the youth of our town should be
involved in transforming the context as they are key to the development part of our
city. At free time at school, teaching or work in the evenings are things like:
- International Day of Human Rights.
- Day Against Gender Violence.
- Rights and duties and students.
 International cooperation program, which through various campaigns and pursuing
activities for children and young people of our town.

 Having assumed that the information is a balancing element of social differences,
the Department of Youth bid to expand, diversify and prepare all the information
that may be of interest to youth, through materials, bulletins and access to new
technologies through a multimedia classroom . In Passatge serve, so good in
person, by phone or via email, the diverse demands of youth employment,
accommodation, travel, exchanges, volunteer, culture ... We also participate in
addressing queries are formulated by the European youth information service
 Centro Abierto service, where every afternoon we made a social education
intervention work in free time with children 10 to 18 years through various
recreational activities, information and training as well as prevention and
 Collaboration with the international cooperation program.
From the Department will organize other activities in which the volunteers according to their needs, tastes, skills, etc.., . As:
- Promotion and dissemination of young music through our practice rooms and
organizing festivals and cultural events.
- Participation in youth the program village festivals.
- Revitalize council websites.
- Revitalization of associations.
- Participation and county revitalization campaign.
- Etc.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
Since our centre is designed for the youth and every day hosts numerous activities designed to meet new people, have fun, learn and gain knowledge for a large proportion of young people in our town, according to the framework of intervention in which they are based, the following activities will be done:

• Working with secondary schools and youth correspondents.
- Participation in the design and implementation of different recreational activities,
training and education in the high schools.
- Revitalize the youth group of correspondents.
- Participate in various awareness and international cooperation campaigns.

• Youth Information and involvement in leisure time.
- Participate in the direct care of the CIJ, providing and bringing to youth all that
information that might be useful or that might be requested.
- Actively collaborate within the Centro Abierto space by animating different play areas,
study room, kitchen and dance workshops.
- Provide ideas, improvements and realization of the program of absenteeism, together
with educators and specialized monitors.
- Participate in various awareness and international cooperation campaigns.

Below you can find a standard week of planned activities and a schedule:
9 to 14h -Meeting with IES on campaigns workshops, culturalweek, etc.-Meeting tutor.-Meeting with Youth and Children department.
Free Free Free Free
15 to 20h- Stimulation in the Centro Abierto(C.A).- Reading Workshop.

9 to 14h- - Free
15 to 20h-Public Attention at CIJ.- Meeting with Youth Correspondents.

9 to 14h: Free
15 to 20h- Stimulation in the Centro Abierto (C.A).- Language and cultural training for the volunteer at the Schoolfor Adults.

9 to 14h: Free
15 to 20h-Public Attention at CIJ.- Meeting with Youth Correspondents.

9 to 14h: Free
15 to 20h- Stimulation in the Centro Abierto (C.A).-with cooking and music workshop.

Volunteers will have two days a week of free disposal apart from the own holidays of the center.These days will be agreed with the tutor according to the activities of El Passatge. The volunteer can also choose weekends.
We also consider two more vacation days per month of volunteering and that can be chosen,
always in agreement with the tutor.
If they coincide with the summer months, weeks of Fallas, Easter and Christmas, the volunteer or volunteers must adapt to the development of the department's activities such as Gran Joc Solidari (Charity Game), Spring Party, Summer School, Escola de Nadal (Christmas School), etc.

During their stay in Alaquàs they may attend training sessions and courses of interest provided they do not disrupt the normal course of their duties and, agreeing with the technical staff.

In addition, each week they will have two hours of Spanish taught by a teacher at the School for Adults (EPA) available in the municipality. We will enroll them for the whole duration of the volunteer project. They can also reinforce and practice Spanish within their daily tasks and they will also have the possibility of enrolling in Valencian lessons in the center. In the event that the volunteer started the project in the mid-year or in the summer, and it was impossible to join the EPA, we would find a teacher for language and cultural training. And in this case, the lessons would be given in our youth center, in one of the meeting rooms available and on schedule. We will also be ready for when the national agency and / or relevant delegation, convenes the training of arrival and intermediate training for volunteers. We will provide everything (transportation, schedules, contacts, etc..) for he volunteer to go smoothly to the appointment. On their return we thought it will be interesting to have a feedback with him or her for everything they have learned in the training, other experiences, ideas, and projects of other volunteers, etc., to see if we can improve something in the volunteer project in our institution. The same will happen if we act as coordinator of other municipal association.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
We know that we do not look for a specific profile of volunteering. Similarly we can not require or demand any level of education and language proficiency. Our organization, our project requires a person responsible and committed with themselves to perform the work. A person wanting to learn, to communicate, a young sociable and concerns.
Our selection process includes the following:
1. – Letters of motivation received.
2. – To the ones that best fit our project, we will send them a form in which they should tell
us a little more about themselves, their motivations in this project and also a part of the sending
3. - Upon receipt of the forms we will select the most suitable for our project.
We will send an email or letter to specify day and time and to call them by phone or online
to communicate in real time. So that we can hear them, share doubts and questions and perhaps
also see us.
4. - Finally we will make the decision of the right candidate and communicate the

Number of volunteers hosted:
We believe that a maximum of two volunteers is enough. Although we intend to coordinate another project for socio-cultural entities of the municipality and thus increase the number of volunteers.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
The municipality of Alaquàs has a rather broad liability insurance and the voluntary will benefit from this coverage from the first day of their arrival and throughout the duration of their volunteer project in Alaquàs.
The volunteer or volunteers will be served weekly by the tutor of the activities in the same youth center. The tutor, which in our case is a person with responsibility and a leadership position in the City Council and throughout the period of volunteering will give moral support and hear the concerns of the volunteer and will try in any measure to provide a solution to their potential problems immediately. The person responsible may be helpful to provide the best for the volunteer in the event of conflict with the individual who coordinates their daily work.
The tutor will also keep an almost daily meeting with a responsible of the youth center for the more practical aspects of the project. This person will be the one in charge of the coordination of their daily and weekly work.
Just as the tutor and the coordinator of activities, we contemplate the figure of the "EVS friend". A person also working at the youth information center with attitudes to help the volunteers with problems related to the people in the workplace, to make friends in and out, etc., that has experience in the program.
In the preventive aspect of risk or tense situations we will consider aspects such as:
- Provide volunteer or volunteers appropriate support and empathy throughout their stay.
- Continuous and close contact with the sending or receiving organisations.
- Regular and fluid communication with the volunteer.
- When performing certain activities the skills, diseases or disabilities of the volunteer will be considered.
- Regarding accommodation and food, we will consider the needs of the volunteer, their
adaptation, special diets, etc.. In the case of matching two or more volunteers, special attention
to the issue of housing for sex and age.
Those responsible for our project will give special attention to the issues of protection of physical and mental health and safety of the volunteer, providing information and training at any time if the need arises, as well as providing means and organization.It is the responsibility of each volunteer to care for the most of their own health and safety as well as against third parties. In the case of emergency the volunteer will get to know the protocol at their arrival, as well as for common illness, accidents, etc.. The accommodation for the volunteers will be in an apartment rented through an estate agent in the town so that they can move on foot around the Vila, since the distances are short. Before the arrival of volunteers, from the organization we will have searched for accommodation according to the basic needs and comforts of volunteers (furniture, appliances, neighborhood, etc..) In the case of multiple volunteers, the floor will have at least one room for each.
Food is guaranteed through weekly shopping in a supermarket in the town where the council has a customer account and where the volunteer can go weekly upon an estimated limit with the volunteer on arrival. Buying alcohol with the account council alcohol is not permitted. Working, living and being in direct contact with youth in a facility that is a usual meeting point for them, we ensure the full integration of the volunteer in their local environment. Alaquàs people are friendly and understandable with a foreign person who is friendly and kind, willing to communicate. It’s not the first time that Alaquàs and its people have been involved in European programs or projects involving foreigners.
The pocket money allocated for the program, about 105 euros a month, or what is assigned by the program at that time, will be delivered to the volunteer at beginning of each month. Upon arrival, once the accommodation, etc. is clear, we will give in cash the first assignment. The rest might be received it in the same way or by bank transfer if they have decided to open a bank account in Spain or by nominal check. Our municipality has more than twenty cultural, sports and social associations actively working
and where we think the volunteer may work without problems. We also have complete sports facilities with many sports to practice on a eventual or continuous basis. So the volunteer will be able to register, having a large and varied range of activities that will facilitate even further their integration and knowledge of the municipality. You can also participate in the annual travel and environment activities and snow campaigns organized in our town, where we will give priority to register for free and participate during their free time.

Motivation and EVS experience

The concern we have for hosting and sending volunteers is given by our strong track record in the Youth in Action program throughout all phases prior to today. Some years ago we participated in a municipal association working actively hosting two volunteers.
In our priorities we can difference two well-defined sides. On the one hand claim that our local youth have the opportunity to go to another country to perform a voluntary, participatory and intercultural learning to help them develop as a person more supportive and open to a multicultural environment and as provide proper help wherever they perform their volunteer project.
And for those young people from other countries who want to benefit from working on our project, we want to learn, contribute their personal wealth and stop mark on the local community. The activities developed in our organization will collaborate actively and daily at the youth center The Passatge. A center that offers multimedia classroom, concert hall, games room and multifunctional rooms that allow the associations and the general public a space to meet or develop any initiative.
The young man or woman involved in leisure, and nonformal education integral promotion of our young users. Developing a critical role in revitalizing, trainer and integrator. And in turn enabling our young people the knowledge of another culture. Organize and facilitate youth participation in international cooperation projects and development. It will also conduct environmental awareness and training institutes volunteering in our town.
All this contributes in many ways to the local community. Providing the European dimension in daily activities and the volunteer to bring his/her unique vision to see things can
actively participate in the preparation and development of the activities.
In other hand, our proposal as coordinator, will act as a pillar of support and project management for EVS in our town associations. We will coordinate with the host/send institution shipping for submitting the application forms, final report, housing, and middle initial, fully participate in activities, conflict resolution, regular meetings between the tutor of the sending institution host and our tutor, etc. That is, assume part of the responsibility prior mutual agreement for the benefit of or volunteers.

Description of the organisation

Alaquàs’s City Council has a Youth Department that is where the volunteer will do most of their tasks. Our center has a Passatge innovative and necessary equipment for the young people of Alaquàs. Currently, our youth Department is staffed by a technique of Youth and Childrens, three youth informateur, a social educator and four monitors covering the opening hours of the center and direct the "Centro Abierto". The working week is 35 hours in the mornings and Tuesday-Friday afternoons from
Monday to Friday, plus specific activities that can be performed on weekends, nights, etc.
This means expanding the range of services and the decentralization of the Department of Youth to all parts of the population. Tasks to be performed within the center El Passatge:
Report of the possibilities, opportunities and resources for youth people.
Encouraging youth participation in community life, in the associations as a means.
Point spread of interesting experiences for youth people.
Coordinate the activities to realize other offices and services and spaces of the Youth Information Center (YIC) as now: direct
attention, a space of self inquiry, and other polyvalent spaces as meeting room.
To provide and promote prevention campaigns to young people.

Contact details
Organisation name AJUNTAMENT D’ALAQUÀS
Street C/MAJOR, 88
Postal code 46970
Town/city Alaquàs ( Valencia)
Country Spain
Email address eurodesk@alaquas.org
Telephone number 961502343
Fax number

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