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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 20/09/2015
Location León, Spain
Organisation topics
European awareness
Art and culture
Inclusion topics
Economic difficulties
Geographical difficulties

EVS accreditation number


For more information about volunteering and European Voluntary Service in particular, visit the Voluntary Activities section of this website.

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Project Environment

Project environment:
The EVS project environment rotates around intervining on favour the youngsters of the area where our activities take place, creating Europe and motivating to all towards Europe. We want to focus on the concepts of Europe, because of living in a small city makes difficult to feel as european citizens to the youth in general. The end is to generate the conditions which will make possible our promotion as full citizens and create scenarios of active participation, informing about rights and resources which guarantee the right to access in equal conditions to the programs, plans or actions in which potentially we would be participants and receivers.
We wish to continue with our activity incorporating news with interest for youth in general, in special around the program “Youth in Action”. On this way, we hope new spaces of dialogue will be opened and colaboration within volunteers and young (members or not of our association), promoting the participation through this activities of EVS that we propose, encouraging the participation of young through colaborations on the events and projects we are going to do in our local comunity.
The projects YiA we wish to launch from now include projects of paticipatory democracy, new youth exchanges and others, as Iniciatives. On this manner we will open a new work area in our organization for participate directly on it the young volunteers from other countries. Also, doing this, we will offer to youth from León knowing others cultures, by doing a voluntary service abroad. For that, we think that EVS is an optimal tool for youth from León to understand Europe, having personal non-formal experiences with high value, and acquire skills and qualifications of staff helpful, to promote active European citizenship upon their return to Leon.
The volunteers who will come to León will be accomodated in a shared flat in León, no further than 15 minutes walking to where their labour will take place (University Campus). They will have independent rooms and they will prepare their meals. For finding accommodation AEGEE-Leon has a wealth contrasted in two ways: the experience in organizing events and their subsequent finding accommodation for participants, as well as the work very close with the Housing Program at the University of León, which consists in providing a list of rental properties tested by this program.
Our volunteer will have a preset daily schedule from the first day, which can be modified according to the activities that our organization develops, never more than 30-35 hours weekly, with an emphasis on punctuality.
The routine will involve attending the opening in the morning from 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday plus one or two afternoons a week to complete hours. The tasks are carried out in one of our offices located in the Campus Universitario de Leon, more specifically in the building of International Relations, where they will have direct contact with students usually need our services.
León is a city with 130.000 inhabitants, being the capital of the provice. Our city has low demographic density, but offers many opportunities, despite of the crisis, in aspects so differents as the culture, the leisure, the sport and the big national and international events.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

According to the service learning opportunities, within 30-35 hours weekly volunteering, our organization offer the following:
- Spanish language courses for foreigners. It will ensure that the volunteer receive language training in our language.
- Active participation in the activities proposed by AEGEE León for the integration of the exchange students in the city (barbeque, hiking, sport activities, recreational meetings, etc.) on this activity the volunteers will learn how to implement events, logistic organization, to improve the Spanish level, groups coordination.
- Active participation in speeches in Non Formal Education. On this activity the volunteers will learn how to develop learning and informative materials, they will acquire non formal skills, and they will improve their level in Spanish and to speak in public.
- Active participation on trips through Spain with local young and exchange students (always when the program allows it). On this activity the volunteers will learn how to organize travels, contacting with local companies, asking for budgets.
- Active participation in the national and international meetings of the AEGEE network (always when the program allows it). On this activity the volunteers will learn how to organize travels, contacting with local companies, asking for budgets.
- Active participation on the promotion and visibility of the organization in our city. On this activity the volunteers will learn how to process documents, improve their written Spanish, they will know better the city in a social and urban background.
- Active participation on the relationships with the institutions. On this activity the volunteers will learn how to know and relate with the public and private institutions of our environment and they will improve their Spanish language skills.
- Active participation on the organization of student fairs. On this activity the volunteers will learn how to coordinate themselves with great human groups, active listening and conflict resolution.
The role of the volunteers of the EVS in our association will be dynamic, active and participative from the beginning. Although we are not going to require some specifics skills to the candidates, we will make a selection of young that fits with our European vocation. We want people who feels Europe, its values and particularities and who want to share it and to show to another young persons. The volunteer persons will not have absolute responsibilities roles on events nor activities, so we do not want to replace our roles already assigned. They will collaborate in an active way and they will generate added value to our normal work, giving a fresh and new approach to the activities we are doing for a long time. Moreover, they will open a door to a new work line, with YiA as a great reference.
The activities where the volunteers will participate will be that ones we have defined above, and in those terms and conditions. Anyway, we are convinced our horizontal work system will allow to the volunteers create new spaces, services and activities in our organization.
Some examples of typical activities/tasksfor the volunteers will be:
 Collaboration in office daily tasks with the support of the board members of our association.
 Collaboration with the project developing team in local and European level.
 To help us on the creation of the Volunteering Office, giving information services to the ones who would be interested on volunteering.
 To help updating our webpage on English, Spanish and his/her native language.
 Collaborate in our weekly program Tándem (which promotes the sociability, European feeling and language learning between students).
To help on the organization of days and fairs both own as the ones we do in collaboration with other associations.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

• Persons aged 18 to 30 years old.
• Youngsters who have a level of English that allows them to participate in international activities and allow us to communicate with them properly, especially at the beginning of EVS.
• To have, if possible, some knowledge of Spanish languaje. This will let incorporate in some activities where knowledge of our language is important.
• People wanting to participate in an EVS experience and highly motivated.
• Young people openminded to new experiences.
• We would like, if possible, to be or to have been university students, because they will be more familiar with the environment in which we usually develop our work.

The selection will be open to the participation of our partners, so it will be transparent and accessible within our organization. We have already discussed that we won’t require specific qualifications or skills, but we will give priority in selecting people who can coverthe aspects described above. For our organization continues to be an opportunity. We won’t reject any youngster due to religious beliefs, gender, nationality or race.

To start in EVS we have decided to work with organizations that offer delivery guarantees of service to our young people who have some experience in similar activities we do and, ideally, those ones that they have experience in "Youth in Action " Program.

Number of volunteers hosted:
At first we would like to accommodate 1 long term volunteer and for specific events that require large dimensions it would request a maximum of 5.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:

Special needs

AEGEE-León has 9 years of experience in youth events as exchanges, summer universities, training events using non formal education, etc. We keep having good relations with other NGOs of our surroundings. Moreover we have a team with twenty active members, ten of them form our board and they coordinate all the tasks in our organization. Also we are in touch with the main institutions of our city.
However, in our first experiences with EVS we are not hosting youngsters with disabilities, as we do not have experience in EVS and we do not want to make mistakes which can perjudice to others. But we have activated the geographical and economics obtacles box because we would like to host youngsters with few resources (nowadays unfortunately the mostly) and aislated European territories, as our city also is quite geographical aislated acording to interinstitutional mobility through Spain.

Motivation and EVS experience

We would like to become in a host and sending organization because we believe the European Voluntary Service shows perfectly our values of cooperation and exchange between young from whole European continent. In fact, our statutes define it so.
As promoters of the Erasmus Program, in AEGEE-León we are convinced that empower the youth and make closer the European reality to our environment is the key to become in a future into active citizens, concerned and participate as active members of the society. On this way we contribute to the great reality of the European Union and to the common project that it means.
AEGEE León, being a NGO relatively small, in many occasions miss young people a bit more active and motivated to implement projects with youth from all over Europe.
On this sense, we believe our incorporation to the European Voluntary System would mean an incredible aid for our organization in order to get a bigger implication of our members, an opportunity for many young from our environment (for living and vital experience in other country) and also an excellent opportunity for youngsters from different countries, in order to share with us our labour and acquire new skills and abilities.
Our current participation in “Youth in Action” is wide, referring to action 1.1 and 3.1. We have hosted many youth exchanges. Around once a year, and adding to this number the ones we have attended as participant. Highlighting the last one, we organized in September 2011 called “Volunteering & Green, discover what u can do!!” about different kind of volunteering, where, thanks to our speakers during speach and workshops, our interest for applying to the European Voluntary Service has been activated.
Out of the communitarian program we have developed many events with a clear European background. The last year we organized one event in the hostel for pilgrims of León called Summer University, joining 35 participants from all the corners of Europe for getting a cultural exchange experience between active youth. Also we organized another Summer University (SU) in September which consisted on walking trough Saint James’s way from León. This last was the best valued SU of 2011 within all the 241 antennae of our network AEGEE – Europe.
Similarly, we participate often in youth meetings, as can be seen in the description of our organization, below.
We would like to be a Coordinating Organisation because we are going to apply for the next dead line (1st October-2012). We would like to host our long term first volunteer from January to June 2012, doing an annual continuity to this project and applying for a short terms in special cases.
To do that, focusing to our National Agency or Executive Agency, we will assume the financial and administrative responsibility of the project, distributing the grant in line of the tasks of the associations involved, we will arrange the obligatory group Insurance, we will evaluate the service and elaborate the Youthpass for volunteers who ask for them.

Description of the organisation

AEGEE is the biggest interdisciplinary association of the European continent. The activities we organize must be based, at least, in one of the four pillars: peace, stability, cultural exchange, higher education and active citizenship.
Some of the projects of AEGEE: Where does Europe end?, project which tires to define the conception that the citizenship has about Europe; Youth UnEmployment, has as objetive: aware how youth voluntary work can be useful in their professional life and make the companies to value this kind of “invisible” work and very difficult to certificate; YouRope Needs You!, project which pursue to inform to the youth, students of high schools, about Europe, its intitutions, exchange programs,…
AEGEE-León implements in the province of León the described projects before. Moreover the associaction works with all the exchange students, Erasmus, Amicus, Séneca or Latin América.
The association currently focuses on the integration of international students through the University of Leon coming to our city through cultural, educational, recreational or entertainment activities. The list of activities is very large, these include language exchange practices favored by the diversity of nationalities we have in these meetings, art workshops of creative development, promotion of sports through various weekly appointments and making travel to discover our province and the rest of Spain with Portugal. So we create a group setting that makes the stay in Leon very beneficial.

AEGEE-León currently has over 100 members, which about 20 are active at both local and European level.

The current Board, with this active members, have established working groups to carry out specific tasks: European Working Group, Media Working Goup and Media Working Group. This creates a network to improve the services we offer and also promotes teamwork.

The Board of our association is formed by different positions and assignments in relation to the skills of each one. The team has always had qualified and trained human resources to work with young people and for developing European PROJECTS. Within the Board there are several members who hold the title of Leisure Monitor and Leisure Coordinator. Also some of us regularly attend courses focused to Youth in Action Associations

Contact details
Organisation name AEGEE León
Street Edificio de Relaciones Internacionales del Campus de Vegazana. S/N
Postal code 24071
Town/city León
Country Spain
Email address evsaegeeleon@gmail.com
Website www.aegeeleon.org
Telephone number 987291857
Fax number 987291140

Last update: 01/02/2013