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ABAY (Nilo Azul), asociación para el desarrollo en Etiopia

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 29/05/2015
Location Valencia, Spain
Organisation topics
Development cooperation
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Motivation and EVS experience

The mission of our organization is to promote equality of opportunities, education development and intercultural understanding, in line with European values.

The European Voluntary Service allows young people to get closer to other cultures and learn about the needs of justice and solidarity of the most disadvantaged.

As a sending organization, Abay will give the chance to volunteers to participate in a cooperation development project, by performing the followings tasks:

- Submit the application to the EVS programme.
- Manage and coordinate the project in cooperation with all hosting organizations.
- Learning process: support the volunteers during learning and evaluation processes. On its return, Abay will help the young to deal with Youthpass Certificate.
- Support the volunteers over the course of the programme: arrange with the host organizations a visa for the volunteers and a EVS group Insurance plan, assist and support them to solve any difficulties before, during or after their stay.
- Keep in contact with the volunteers and with the host organizations during the project.
- Volunteer’s return: Facilitate their reintegration, advise them on any issue linked to the participation in EVS programme, and encourage them to participate in activities so that their experiences are shared (e.g. seminars, information campaigns, the annual EVS event) contributing to the dissemination of the results of the project at the same time.

Abay will assume the financial and administrative responsibility for the entire project towards the National Agency or the Executive Agency.

Abay has not participated in EVS Programme yet but, it has relied on volunteers to develop its previous projects. The organization has had several experiences in sending and coordinating volunteers.

Description of the organisation

Abay is a non profit organization which promotes equality of opportunities, education development and intercultural understanding.
Our activities are focused on the following objectives:
- Foster and promote a better understanding about Ethiopian culture.
- Collaborate and implement cooperation development projects to improve the quality of life of those populations in need.
- Promote solidarity and foster people’s personal commitment to the defence of Human rights and liberties.
- Prevention and Health education.
- Facilitate children adoption from Ethiopia and defend their rights.
Our activities involve:
- Advice and assist families interested in adopting.
- Participate and implement programs of Prevention and Health education.
- Organize conferences, debates, cultural acts linked to Ethiopia and children adoption process.
- Sign agreements with Administrations Organizations and public and private entities to foster human development networks.
- Organize and support volunteers who work in cooperation development projects.
Abay was honoured with Natura award and count with the support of the AECID.
The main beneficiary of Abay’s activities is Ethiopian population, and also families who have adopted children from that country or are willing to do it.
Abay has 14 headquarters and 78 collaborators.

Contact details
Organisation name ABAY (Nilo Azul), asociación para el desarrollo en Etiopia
Street C/ Duque de Mandas 36 -1 – 9ñ
Postal code 46019
Town/city Valencia
Country Spain
Email address info@abayetiopia.org
Website www.abayetiopia.org
Telephone number 619955477
Fax number

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