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"Anemoni"- Day Care Center For Spastic and Handicapped Children

Az akkreditált szervezet típusa:
Az EVS-akkreditáció lejárati dátuma 13/09/2016
Székhely Nicosia, Cyprus
Szervezeti témák
Társadalmi integrációval kapcsolatos témák

Az EVS-akkreditáció száma:


Is féidir tuilleadh eolais a fháil faoi obair dheonach a dhéanamh agus faoin tSeirbhís Dheonach Eorpach go háirithe ach gabháil chuig an rannóg Gníomhaíochtaí Deonacha sa suíomh gréasáin seo.

Figyelem: a szervezetekre és a projektekre vonatkozó információk csak angol nyelven állnak rendelkezésre.
Project Environment

Project environment:

“Anemoni” is a private non-governmental organization and a charitable institution by its nature. It accommodates children with disabilities from two to fourteen years old; the disabilities vary from light to severe mobility problems going together many times with mental retardation, loss of hearing or vision and learning disabilities.

Its services are taking place in a quiet neighbourhood in Central Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, an old town full of historical places and monuments. More specifically, the organization is located in a rented building specially designed for its purpose; it is accessible from two entrances with wheelchair ramps; it has a changing room and a private sanitary for children material are constantly updated.

1) physiotherapy room
2) 2-rooms for special education speech therapy
3) occupational therapy sensory room
4) entrance hall and day care support space.

All volunteers participating in the project will be asked to live within the local community. Be actively involved in the organized activities of the association and their partners. They will be asked to facilitate of The Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic and Handicapped Children and is also actively collaborating with the cultural centre Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton. The volunteer will be asked to participate in internal and external events, promotion of their work and the organization in general.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The volunteer will be hosted in an apartment within the neighbourhood.

He/she will be fully immersed in the local life and given the opportunity to learn Greek through lessons with the local school. The volunteer will also have the chance to socialize and exchange experience with other EVS volunteers from our coordinating organization, Politistiko Ergastiri.

“Anemoni” will offer to the volunteer an initial phase of general insertion in the work at the organization. He/she will be gaining insight on the work with disabled children in general and more specific according to their interest. The volunteer will be involved in the planning and implementation of activities and will have the opportunity to learn or increase their practical knowledge relating more to the psychologiacal-educational aspects.

The volunteers will be welcome to propose ideas of activities within the goals and values of the organization.

Typical activities can and will involve as such:

• Update of the NGO’s webpage. The volunteers can be actively involved in updating it and possibly creating an English version;
• The volunteers will be asked to promote the work of Anemoni in a creative way to the local community;
• Assisting and helping our specialists during their work with the children;
• Socializing with disabled children and other local volunteers;
• Actively collaborate and participate in daily activities aimed at all users;
• Will be given the opportunity to develop their own project and bring their ideas and expertise into practice;
• Collaborating during the daily housework;

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

We expect a creative, open-minded Volunteer, sympathysing people with special needs. It’s also preferable to have some previous experience in working with disabled people, as this is going ot be of a great support for the volunteer to integrate in the service activities.

The nationality and age of the Volunteer is not our main focus. We are open for co-operation and communication with any person that shows interests in our activities and is ready to assist, be involved and cooperate.

In order to ensure an open and transparent recruitment process our Coordinating Organization, Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton, is already in contact and collaborating with a number of sending organizations having them as partners in their project. The Sending Organization that have a close relation with the volunteers to be sent and know their background and have a personal knowledge of the volunteers will be prioritized.

The selection process is going to be done in 3 rounds. First selection is done by the EVS coordinator, who carefully reads through all the documents sent by the candidates. The seconds round is done jointly with the team of HO. Then the most successful candidates are jointly contacted by the EVS coordinator’s Supervisor and asked additional questions though a Skype meeting. After that the final decision is being done.

Number of volunteers hosted:

Risk prevention, protection and safety:

The volunteer will be advised about the situation and travelling to the Occupied area (Northern Cyprus).

The volunteer will receive a list of the main phone numbers in case of emergency. There are also mentioned all the phone numbers of contact persons in Hosting organization.

The volunteer gets his/her AXA insurance card before departure and the AXA rules will be explained to the volunteer.

As usual, the volunteer will also be appointed to a mentor outside the organization.

The volunteers will be introduced to the local team of workers and to the local environment.

Motivation and EVS experience

Our association is the first one of its kind in Cyprus and it can accommodate children two and between two and fourteen years old. It is a private non-governmental organization and a charitable institution by its nature; in this sense local volunteers have a central place in our association. After an event for the promotion of EVS in Cyprus, it has been considerd that beiong part of this European involved. The experience of hosting EVS volunteers and the process followed to train and deal with local and international volunteers will enhance us in volunteer management, a practice we would like to follow up in the future.

On the othe hand, we expect that the EVS volunteers will have the opportunity to encich their experience working with disabled children and to discover new methodologies and practices in this field in a different context.

Description of the organisation

Our association was founded in 1969 opening the doors of the first rehabitation centre for children in 1982. It is the first one of its kind in Cyprus and it can accommodate children of the ages between two and fourteen. It is a private non-governmental organization and a charitable institution by its nature.

Cerebral paralysis is a term referred to a variety of problems like spasticity athetosis etc. As a result the child suffers from light to severe mobility problems going together many times with mental retardation, loss of hearing or vision, learning disabilities, etc. The biggest risk factor for a newborn child is being related with prematurity problems or medical complications during pregnancy or delivery. General palsy or else CP is a chronic condition without any known sure so far.

Specific help and therapeutic protocol has being developed through the years that can give tremendous help in the form of rehabilitation and final independency of the children involved. This helps all mobility, cognition or other learning, hearing or seing disabilities.

The specific professional involved, in our multi-disciplinary team and approach are the following: Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Music Therapist, Special Education Teacher, Child care givers, Neurologist.

Some of the children are able after some time to go into regular school or special education units after completing their course of treatment in our rehabilitation centre.

Tabhair do d'aire go mbíonn an eagraíocht atá roghnaithe agat ag obair le heagraíocht EVS eile a fhad a bhaineann le fiosruithe a fhreagairt thar a ceann.
A szervezet neve Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton
Utca Achialou 1
Irányítószám 1080
Település -
Ország Cyprus
Seoladh ríomhphoist
Suíomh gréasáin www.cprehabcenter.com
Uimhir ghutháin +35722256782
Uimhir Fax +35722256783

Last update: 13/09/2013