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" FOCUS - European Center for Development "

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 22/04/2016
Location Pazardjik, Bulgaria
Organisation topics
European awareness
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment:
Pazardzhik municipality is located in southern Bulgaria, in the central part of the Upper Valley, north of the Rhodope Mountains, along the Maritsa River. Pazardzhik is situated in the western part of the Upper Valley, part of Pazardzhik and Plovdiv total field at an altitude of 205 meters. The city is situated on the left bank of the Maritsa River. 2 km west of the city in the Maritsa River flows Topolnitsa. The climate of the city is transitional between temperate and continental Mediterranean climate. It is characterized by warm, dry summers and nearly wet and mild winter. Pazardzhik is one hundred tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. The city offers many services in education, social work, economics, and more. Mid carrying the project will be in Pazardzhik in day care center for young people with disabilities.
Day center for young people with disabilities - Pazardzhik center that encourages and supports social, emotional, educational and cultural development of people with disabilities. It is a complex of social services that create a complete service to the customers associated with the provision of food, meeting daily, health, rehabilitation needs, and the organization of leisure time and personal contacts.
Association "Focus - European Centre for the Development" actively support the core activities of the service unit - Day Centre for Young People with Disabilities in the town of Pazardzhik. The Association encourages and supports social, emotional, educational and cultural development of people with disabilities through the implementation of various activities tailored to the needs and abilities of young people with disabilities - a day center clients. The association carries out advisory, educational - educational, rehabilitation and coordinating functions as volunteer work at the day care center for people with disabilities over 18 years. EVS will relate to welcome volunteers to actively participate in its support to the association through the implementation of activities on schedule. Activities are tailored to the needs and abilities of young people - users of the day center. Volunteer will be directly involved in the activities of the Association "Focus - European Centre for Development '- mutual support and assistance to the Day Centre for people with disabilities over 18 years. The goal is through direct or indirect participation in the life and work of the host organization Association "Focus - European Centre for Development", realizing volunteer activities provided under the project to acquire new knowledge and skills, competencies / formal education /. Personal example, team work, communication in a new language, explore new rituals and traditions will enrich volunteer members of the organization.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
EVS projects will be nachos to include young people - volunteers from European countries who realize their EVS project will be directly involved in program priorities. The targets will help to remove barriers in society and social inclusion of people with disabilities through the implementation of various activities tailored to their needs and abilities / as picnics, visits to public places, participation in festivals and cultural events the city /. Integration and socialization through the implementation of the voluntary association "Focus - European Centre for Development" will contribute to:
- To develop the participants / volunteers / sense of belonging to the European Community and ravnopostavine as full members;
- To encourage the participation of young people in democratic life in Europe by creating conditions for social integration, promoting ownership and providing platform for their abilities and skills;
- To involve young people in non-formal education as an accessible way to acquire the skills, expertise and experience that will help them believe in themselves, to feel its power to contribute to the creation of a common European home and European identity;
- To exchange knowledge between groups of young people from different cultures, languages and traditions in order to develop intercultural learning;
- By bringing together volunteers to promote the fundamental values of the community - equality and respect for all people regardless of their level of social and personal development. To help create a new type of social relations eliminating any form of discrimination and exclusion.
- Opportunities to meet and communicate with young people regardless of distance and language differences;
- To promote the concept of volunteerism.
Volunteer will participate in educational activities, educational services. Its role would be consistent with the capabilities and competence. Mission volunteers will always be led by educator or therapist. Volunteer will have the opportunity to submit their own country and culture by organizing food, exhibitions, slide shows, for example. Volunteer to participate in educational activities educators, assisting people with disabilities in making pottery, cards, posters and more. Will organize a time to visit their institutions, coffee, public spaces, galleries, theater, film and more. Will support people with disabilities in their daily deynstoi - nutrition, hygiene, dressing. Will participate in the celebrations and festivities of the association and the day center. Volunteer will organize leisure activities of customers - such as painting, music, outings, and more. Finally, the volunteer will have the opportunity to develop a personal project related activities and objectives of the day center and the host organization. Organizing volunteer missions will be based on 30 hours per week, 5 days, 6 hours per day inclusive language course. Two weekends a month.
The activities proposed in the project allows the volunteer to participate in a specific sub-activities related to their interests and abilities.
Sub-actions in three areas (recreational, educational and practical) and strive to realize the main objectives.
• Helping disadvantaged groups / people with disabilities /
• Promotion of activities / volunteering /;
• Develop areas of information, sensitivity to the subject and the formation of good practice
• Volunteer to build their autonomy;
• Provide volunteer new way of life;
• Increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and its functions;
• Providing opportunities for education and training for young people interested in
social sphere.
Volunteers will always be accompanied by Bulgarian monitors will be
integrated teams.
Development of the following activities:
A - At the Day Centre for people with disabilities
1.1. - Social activities:
1.1.1. - Social activities: individual, active, yet flexible, adapted to the specific needs of the young person and his personal rhythm.
1.1.2. - Socialization, sport activities and leisure.
1.1.3. - Support for the development of autonomy in self.
1.1.4. - Encouraging walking. Implementation of different motor - motor games, didactic games. Training in speech.
1.1.5. - Hike, visit the offices and institutions.
1.1.6. - Festivals and carnivals - organization and celebration.
B - In the community
2.2 - Education
2.2.1 - Monitoring and Prevention
2.2.2 - Meetings with students, public / presentations, discussions, workshops /
2.2.3 - Informal education / rights and responsibilities of volunteers, sending and hosting organization - keeping the EVS Charter /
C - Entertainment / Personal Projects
Will enable the volunteer to develop a personal project. Presentation of one's own country as traditional and / or innovative, creative ideas presented and implemented by the volunteer during his EVS.
Participation in festivals and traditions, celebrations of the Day Centre and the Association "Focus - European Centre for Development".
All of these activities in the project are accompanied and supervised by mentors, staff and volunteers of the Association "Focus - European Centre for Development".

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
Volunteers should be motivated, ambitious person who wants to show and prove their skills. Be able to prioritize tasks and allocate work as a team. Not interested in the social sphere and to work with people with disabilities. To master spoken English.
Association "Focus - European Centre for the Development" inform "Free EVS place" through publication in the association's website, through e-mails to partner organizations through the implementation of a project to the program "Youth in Action" Action 3 - Youth in the World 3.1.2 - Cooperation with Neighbouring Partner Countries, Education and Networking
Planning Visit to partnerships under Action 2 EVS.
Information for "free space EVS 'volunteers willing to receive from the European Commission website on the list of accredited organizations on the website of the organization.
As an organization seeking motivated young people will realize the stated selection among the candidates through an open and transparent process in four phases, while trying not to make distinctions between men and women, and nationalities.
1. The first phase is to obtain a cover letter and resume with attached photo.
2. Second phase is completion of a questionnaire - prepared by Association "Focus - European Centre for Development" to personal knowledge of future volunteers and explore their interests and abilities.
3. The third phase is the selection of the volunteer board members in a committee of three.
4. The last phase consists in awareness of all candidates on decisions, regardless of their opinion / positive or negative /.
The interests of the volunteers mentioned into their cover letters that motivate their desire to come to Bulgaria and volunteer activities related to target group - people with disabilities over 18 years. Through personal questions completed by the volunteer will try to gain insight on specific applications and as an organization we can choose the most suitable volunteer who has worked in this area and / or willing to develop, acquire new skills for working with people with disabilities and to develop best practices. Education volunteer candidate to match the planned activities that will be a great benefit for himself and for the team that will partner.

Number of volunteers hosted:
Maximum number of volunteers, the organization may adopt for the same period is 4 / four /. This is because the establishment - partner of the association, which will operate on volunteers - Day Centre for people with disabilities - Pazardzhik, currently we always welcomed 4 volunteers, giving a chance to balance gender, religion, country and other indicators. This well established group of volunteers will be able to support and meaningful leisure time together traveling and exploring the beauty of Bulgaria. We will strive to always keep the gender balance - two girls and two boys.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
Volunteers will be under the supervision of his mentor, employees of the organization and president of the organization directly. Daily discussions for the past day and contacts with members of the association will help to unite, build knowledge and trust relationship among the volunteers and between volunteers and members of the host organization. To stay safe will be familiar with the rules of living in the home, which will be accommodated. You will get acquainted with the working conditions and will be able to adapt and cognitive periosteum of several days. You'll know the schedule of activities for - clarity and precision. You will learn about their rights and responsibilities as a volunteer. As an organization we hope osigoryavaneto information will contribute to the safe residence.
When solving a problem / conflict, we will follow the following steps:
(1) Focus on the situation
(2) detecting problems
(3) Provision of alternative solutions
(4) take a decision
(5) evaluation of performance
Thanks to a team of psychologists in the organization hope to prevent future problems. We rely on communication - communication. Partnership and teamwork.
In case of presence of volunteer 16 or 17 years will be treated with due respect and prestige to it without making distinction in age. Volunteers do not discriminate. Everyone will be familiar with the rules, rights and obligations. Any volunteer that age would employ an additional mentor, if we consider it necessary to be available for most of the day. This is a human resource that may be required in resolving crisis situations.

Motivation and EVS experience

Non-profit organization "Focus - European Centre for the Development" was for the public benefit. The association is registered with decision № 5/06.01.2010g. the Pazardzhik District Court. The organization members 12 specialists and activists united around the idea of defending the right of people to live in a favorable environment, ideas for active youth participation in public life and strengthening the principles of democracy and civil society. The organization works in the region of Pazardzhik and is governed by a board. As a young organization we want to regain accreditation, hosting, and coordinating organization sends volunteers from the European Union, the Youth in Action Programme, Action 2 - European Voluntary Service. Thanks to the Youth in deytsvie, which allows young people to formal education with a European dimension, our organization can continue to carry out a number of goals and objectives set at the beginning of its establishment. Participation to date and future activities 2 - European Voluntary Service, helping the association "Focus - European Centre for Development" to inform the community of Pazardzhik, to give a chance to young people in the city and region, to provoke public opinion in a positive direction for volunteering and voluntary work. Youth in deytsvie, promote tolerance among young people, in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union. Participate as host, sending and coordinating organization of young people from Bulgaria and the World Association "Focus - European Centre for the Development" will continue to work for the realization of this objective the program will contribute to mutual understanding between young people in different countries will continue to promote one full European cooperation. Motivation to regain accreditation, hosting, sending and coordinating organization stems from the fact that we completed four successful EVS project meet volunteers from 12 different countries. Also, members of the association "Focus - European Centre for the Development" are former volunteers participated in a project implemented under the Youth in Action, Action 2 - European Voluntary Service. Personal experience contributed to the development of various skills and competencies helped us in implementing EVS projects under this activity two and we think that will help us in the future.
Implemented successful projects are:
BG10-A.2-314-R3 - I'm with you, Be with me - 1 / meet one volunteer from Armenia /
BG10-A2-339-R4 - I'm with you, Be with me - 2/4 meet volunteers from France, Italy, Austria and Croatia /
BG11-A2-283-R2 - I'm with you, Be with me - 3/4 meet volunteers from Italy, Austria, Serbia and Armenia /
BG11-A2-427-R4 - A world full of dreams / meet three volunteers from Latvia, Turkey and Italy /
Implementing these proeti taught us many things as we are members, and volunteers themselves. We were able to achieve some of its goals, namely to support people with disabilities in the process of adaptation and socialization, and to motivate people working in services for people with disabilities. For the reporting period we sent 3 people volunteer and hope to continue in the future.

Description of the organisation

Association "Focus - European Centre for the Development" - Pazardzhik was founded non-profit and registered with decision № 5/06.01.2010g. the Pazardzhik District Court. The organization members 12 specialists and activists united around the idea of defending the right of people to live in a favorable environment, ideas for active youth participation in public life and strengthening the principles of democracy and civil society. The organization works in the region of Pazardzhik and is governed by a board.
• Establish the European Society of alumni, teachers and parents on the territory of Pazardzhik and all the friends and supporters of the idea of social integration and professional development of adolescents;
• To carry out a number of studies, training and joint co-operate with local authorities on matters of public interest;
• Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among the public in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union.
• To encourage public participation and strengthen relationships between local groups, schools, businesses and local authorities.
• To stumulira participation of young people involved in activities related to personal and social development, social adaptation activities for marginalized youth communities.
• be actively pursued for sustainable social development and democratic principles of strengthening civil society.
• Work for action and measures to restore and improve the quality of the environment.
• To improve the welfare of disabled people - their adoption and finding a place in a family, a circle of peers, colleagues, friends, and the middle part of the community in which they live.
• To provide an inclusive, accepting and supportive development environment for children and youth with disabilities.
• To counteract negative social phenomena traveling in youth environments, such as crime, violence, drug addiction, prostitution, xenophobia, etc..
All these objectives pursued by Association "Focus - European Centre for the Development" could not have happened without the team of specialists, members of the association - namely teachers, psychologists, social workers, counselors, therapists, computer specialists, graphic designers parents, public. All members together for a cause welfare of society work together with local authorities and a number of offices on the territory of Pazardzhik.
• For successful implementation of the objectives will be determined following activities carried out and implemented the association of non-profit public benefit:
• Training - Seminars, conferences, study tours, workshops, themed dinners, joint events and inform the public about the history and development and achievements of the association.
• establish an international partnership and cooperation with related organizations, and organizations in the country.
• Developing projects related to the association.
• Prepare training programs for its members.
• Research.
• Public campaigns - developing local policies and strategies based on a thorough analysis of the needs of the target groups.
• Educational activities - helping students and parents to improve communication and teamwork. Helping professionals related to the integration of children with special educational activities.
• Volunteering.

Target group:
The target group that association "Focus - European Centre for Development 'work includes Bulgarian non-profit organizations (NGOs) operating in each of the areas of the social sector, education and NGOs from other parts of the world, willing to cooperate with Bulgaria.
Organizations and institutions working with children with special needs, people with disabilities, children without parental care and mainstream schools and kindergartens.
Teachers, specialists, parents, supporters, young people, people with disabilities, and other public citizens supporting the mission of the Association.

Contact details
Organisation name " FOCUS - European Center for Development "
Street "Svoboda" 5 et.6, ap.24
Postal code 4400
Town/city Pazardjik
Country Bulgaria
Email address info@ foccen.org
Website www.foccen.org
Telephone number +359 899081909
Fax number +359 034 90 17 17

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