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AFS-Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Duffel

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 01/10/2016
Location Duffel, Belgium
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Inclusion topics

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Project Environment

Project environment:
In KLIMOP ex-patients (120 members, 50 different people present on a half day basis) attend activities. The main aim of KLIMOP is to welcome people in a comfortable, non-judging, accepting and supporting atmosphere and to offer or broad range of activities that might catch there interest. The activities range from creative to result- and product oriented and from expressive to skills oriented training (language lessons, computer skills, bicycle repair, wooden articles, cooking, painting, textile, postcards, …).
Duffel is a village in the middle of the province of Antwerp with 16.500 inhabitants. It is located in between Antwerp, Mechelen and Lier and very easily accesible by public transport (bus or train). Duffel is surrounded by small communities and functions for them as a reagional centre for education with several schools and as a regional centre for health-care with a general hospital and a major mental hospital of wich KLIMOP is a part.
The psychiatric services themselves are situated in a rather large parc where patients and inhabitants of Duffel and the schoolschildren can freely walk.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
The international volunteers will contribute to welcoming our ex-patients to the supporting atmosphere of KLIMOP. The volunteer can engage in existing activities or can add to the presented activities in accordance to his or her own interest and skills.
The volunteer will guide the ex-patients with the following activities: (50%)
• Industrial work: to pack products, to coordinate mailings and other small office jobs
• Bookbinding
• To maintain bikes
• To fabricate wood
• To maintain the garden
• To repair and maintain clothes and textile
The volunteer will also help the ex-patients with more creatief and training workshops. These workshkops are in a fixed shedule: (30%)
Monday: Meeting with staf and ex-patient, and office gym
Tuesday: fitness, teammeeting and a walk
Wednesday: swimming and a groupdisscusion
Thursday: training in householdtasks and handiwork
Friday: musical training and dance, and discussions to talk about actual themes.
Together with the volunteer the project will discuss if (s)he wants to join in all these activities or maybe wants to create a new activity. The volunteer will have to prepare, to present and to guide it’s workshop.
Via Mengelmousse we offer some creative activities (20%): preforming arts and fine arts. These activities will take place over the year and being presented as workhops. The volunteer is more than welcome to join in these workshops and (s)he will be guided by professionals of KLIMOP.
Working hours are 7 hours a day, 5 days a week (35 hours a week). The volunteer will get 2 free days per month. The volunteer needs to consult the project about the exact dates that he/she would like to take days off. And he/she should also take in account the dates of special activities of the project .
The coordinating host organisation AFS will organise language courses. The volunteer will receive 30 hours of Dutch lesson spread over the 8 or 10 first weeks of the project.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
No psychiatric or therapeutic knowledge is needed. A basicly humane supporting and coaching attidude is our main working-attitude. The volunteer can add to the program, depending on his or her own interest, as long as it takes in account that ex-patients function in a slower and somewhat restricted way in comparance with the general population.
Volunteers should feel respect for all patients and be willing to establish a working relation with them.
AFS, the coordinating host organisation, strongly believes in the intercultural learning aspect of an EVS-experience. Therefore, the volunteer will be living with a volunteer host family, as we believe this is the best introduction to Flemish culture and a great opportunity to integrate in the local community. Candidates should be willing to share in the host family's daily life (spend some free time with them, occasionally join the family on activities outside the house, eat together, give a helping hand in the household... ) and should be motivated to live with and learn about Flemish people of different ages and opinions. They should also be willing to adapt to the local eating habits. On the other hand, we guarantee a family that is interested to learn about your culture and background and that respects your values and beliefs. Living in a host family is an excellent opportunity for both the participant and the family to broaden their cultural horizons! Our sending partners will emphasize this host family stay reality to all potential volunteers and will provide enough information and a chance to talk with someone with experience with living in a host family. All our sending partners have a lot of experience with host family stay programs and can provide all necessary information about it. The sending partners will ask all candidates who already know they prefer to live independently, to refrain from applying for this project.

Number of volunteers hosted: 1

Risk prevention, protection, safety:
Respect for privacy and professional confidentiallity are very important.
It is not allowed to smoke within the premisses. The volunteer has to respect the rules about safety, hygiene and coöperation, like every employee. These rules are explained the first days of the stay.
The project will assign a personal mentor / contact person to the participant, so he/she can always ask this person for help or guidance.

The project will assign a personal mentor / contact person to the participant, so he/she can always ask this person for help or guidance.
AFS, as coordinating host organisation will give every project and every participant a local contact person, that will stay in contact and will regularly ask for an evaluation to improve the situation for all parties. In case of emergency, AFS has an emergency-mobile phone, which can be reached 24h/24h, in case of emergencies.

Motivation and EVS experience

Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Duffel has been working with AFS since the end of 2001 with yearly at least one participant.
We are happy to accommodate one participant, for 6 months (February-August).
With this project we offer younger Europeans an opportunity to meet members of our society one rarely gets the chance to work together with, namely our ex-patients (attending KLIMOP) or more generally speaking: citizens with a certain psychic vulnerability.
Volunteers also get to know our healthcare system and its personnel.
We are happy to welcome the volunteers as they also add to the atmosphere of multiculturalism in our organisation.

Description of the organisation

AFS is an international, voluntary, non profit organisation that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more peaceful world. AFS does this through several exchange programs, like EVS.
AFS works in cooperation with several AFS partners in more than 50 countries world wide. On a European level we are represented by the European federation for Intercultural Learning.
The Psychiatric Centre in Duffel is a well known big centre/clinic for adults with different psychological and psychiatric problems (from people with personal problems to severe psychiatric disorders). For all different types there are different departments with other therapies and caring techniques. Website: www.pz-duffel.be
The Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Duffel has a capacity of 600 beds. The hospital has a long tradition in treatment and care for mentally disturbed patients. Duffel is located in between the two major Belgian cities of Antwerp and Mechelen. The hospital consists of 22 departments for specific treatments of adult patients. There is a strong tendency to shorten the duration of admission to the hospital and to continue treatment on an ambulant, out-patient basis.
KLIMPOP is a major location where ex-patients can meet and support each other and where they can participate in a broad range of activities, lessons, workshops,… . This is the place where we would welcome volunteers. The team consists of 4,5 FTE or 7 professionals in coaching, non-explicit therapeutic functions. Opening hours of KLIMOP are from 9am till 4pm.
The volunteer will not have any final responsibility. (s)he can always rely on the professional suport when (s)he is giving support and helping with the ex-patients.

Contact details
Please note, the selected organisation cooperates with a different EVS organisation to handle enquiries on its behalf.
Organisation name AFS interculturele programma’s
Street Hendrik Consciencestraat 52
Postal code 2800
Town/city Mechelen
Country Belgium
Email address evs-belgiumflanders@afs.org
Website http://www.pz-duffel.be/
Telephone number +32 15 79 50 10
Fax number 32 15 79 50 11

Last update: 08/10/2013