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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 16/11/2015
Location Mechelen, Belgium
Organisation topics
Youth policies
Inclusion topics

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Project Environment


Motivation and EVS experience

Afractie VZW is always looking for new forums to make people aware of the plight of the talibés in Senegal and the need to do something about the discrimination and exploitation of these children. Sending volunteers to Senegal to work with these children makes them aware of this deplorable situation and helps us to create a group of interested people over here who help to spread our message. We also keep in contact with the volunteers afterwards and try to keep them involved in our activities.

Description of the organisation

Vzw Afractie supports a refugee house for street children in Yoff, a suburb of Dakar. By ensuring a monthly budget for them, the refugee house is able to provide food, medical care, hygienic treatments, education and creative workshops on a daily basis. Every day, around 90 children arrive at our house where they can find the warmth and affection they lack in the streets. In doing so, the refugee house tries to make a contribution to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals in Senegal.
We try to assure the fixed monthly budget thanks to subsidies, sponsors and the organization of a lot of activities (e.g. a yearly quiz show, a wine sale, selling of postcards and calendars with pictures of the children in the project during world festivals like Ottertrotter, Sfinks Mundial, Saga Africa and Mabatobato). During our activities we also try to enhance the awareness of people for the plight of the talibés in Senegal. We also do presentations of the refugee house and the life of the talibés in schools to make children here aware of the fact that children elsewhere live a very different life.
The staff of Afractie VZW consists of 7 people (chairwoman, vice-chairwoman, secretary, treasurer and 3 board members), who work voluntarily for the organisation during their free time to organize the different fundraising activities and meet on a monthly basis.

Contact details
Organisation name Afractie
Street Hanswijkdries 155
Postal code 2800
Town/city Mechelen
Country Belgium
Email address info@afractie.be
Website www.afractie.be
Telephone number +32 486 25 53 56
Fax number /

Last update: 16/11/2012