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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 01/05/2015
Location PAU, France
Organisation topics
Education through sport and outdoor activities
Youth leisure
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment
Pau is a French city located in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques and the region of Aquitaine. It is the capital of the department. The inhabitants are named Palois and Paloises.

The town covers 31,5 km2 and 82 763 people are living there. With a density of population of 2626,6 inhabitants per km2, Pau has known an important increase of 10,1% of the population since 1999.

The city is 201 meters above sea level. The river « Le Luy de Béarn », the streams « Le Ruisseau de l’Ousse » and « le Ruisseau Merdé » are the main rivers that cross Pau.
The town is close to the National Park of the Pyrénées (around 19km).
The mayor is Mrs Martine LIGNIERES-CASSOU.
Pau is twinned with six other cities around the world, which involves the municipality in the social field. It has an exceptional location since it is situated in the middle of a very interesting area from an economic and a touristic point of view. The real estate is booming.

The residence of AFASEC is located in the “Domaine de Sers” in the training centre that is constantly growing. Work is regularly undertaken to improve the existing trails and to develop them.
It is located on an independent area of 60 hectares owned by the city of Pau. It is next to the racecourse and a gateway reserved for the horses, links the two sites. About the racetrack, some information: it is the second racetrack in France for obstacle courses and it is now classified as a National Centre.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers
The young volunteer will participate in the implementation of sports and socioeducational activities (about special topics like hygiene, health…).

Within the framework of his social and educaticational orientations, throughout his EVS, the volunteer will participate in the following actions :
A project of development of family gardens. This action will give the opportunity to favor “eco-citizen” actions and behaviour, to develop exchanges with the other organisations on the theme of the environment, the food …
Besides this central project, the volunteer will accompany the social and family finance counsellor on intergenerational actions (mixity of the public: children, families, employees), with evenings conferences, cooking workshops …
Finally, he will be able to participate and accompany the youth leaders on sociocultural actions (outside activities, sports, creative leisure activities, stays abroad ).
The objective, through this approach, is to allow this European young to reach 3 objectives: the access to the autonomy, a recognized identity and a social integration within the local community.
All this implication will allow his integration, he will exchange about his culture and french culture with the public present within the Residence but also he will acquire skills for his personal and professional development.
The time for his activities will be about 32 hours a week and it will be integrated into the schedule of the team of animation.
Our objective is to involve the young to the maximum in the social life of the Residence so that he becomes self-working as soon as possible.
We want him to implement different activities depending on his skills (occasional or factual) during all the voluntary service.
The staff members will back him during his missions so that he can understand and use the work methods and the tools used in the structure.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process
We want to host a volunteer with sportive and socioeducational skills so that on one hand, he can develop our Sports-Health-Dietetics program and on the other hand, develop our activities of prevention.
He will work with people between 14 and 25.
A youth leader who has initiative would be great.
The volunteer will have to be able to analyse the problematics of the Residence and to inform the staff members about that.

Number of volunteers

Risk prevention, protection and safety
We want to provide good welcome and tutoring for the volunteer.
To avoid isolation of the young people, he will have access to the Internet to communicate with his family and friends.
Regular meetings will be organized to show our interest for his work. He will have insurance for the activities, the housing and the car.

In the framework of activities, we will respect the regulation. The volunteer will be supervised under the responsibility of the educational team and the general manager.
Our security service will be informed about his presence and he will have the phone numbers in case of emergency?
Our structure must respect safety regulations against fire and the risk of panic.
Last year, the Safety Committee gave its validation for five years.

Motivation and EVS experience

For the association, taking part in the EVS program will enable us to open up to the outside world and we will also promote the mobility of young people in Europe.
We want to encourage exchanges and cultural diversity among these young people with different backgrounds to sensitize them to the difference and the wealth of each of them.
The hosted volunteer will discover the world of equestrian racings and he will participate in the social life of the residence.
To date, AFASEC has never participated in the European Voluntary Service.

Description of the organisation

The association AFASEC, existing since 1980 in Pau, aims to accommodate the employees working all the year in the stables and especially those coming to compete.

The residence also hosts students from AFASEC Mont-de-Marsan as part of their work-based training (3 weeks at school / 3 weeks of internship in the stables of the training centre of Pau). The centre of Mont-de-Marsan trains horsemen, lads-drivers, lads-jockeys, drivers and jockeys. Diplomas are prepared in basic training or apprenticeship (2 or 3 years).

This residence has a capacity of 62 beds on one floor with two configurations of housings enabling gender diversity of the people who are hosted.

They can access the parts where there are activities of animation and administrative services. On the ground floor there are a self-service laundry room and a dining area.

Several activities are offered to the students and residents in the framework of a monthly program dealing with the different fields of everyday life: housing, leisure, culture, sports, and prevention of addictions...).

Activities and missions:
AFASEC is identified as the guarantor of the social function of the residence. It backs the tenants everyday by implementing individualized approaches:
 Residential route instituted on the arrival of the tenant: the project is formalized and assistance is given for other projects;
 Activities to learn how to behave in a context of community life
 Human services developed with the tenants, including an active participation of the beneficiaries;
 Social support more important in situation of social emergency.
Priority education policies:
Accompany students and residents to become responsible citizens (for their decisions and their actions) 
Build a real life project (social, professional...)

Contact details
Organisation name AFASEC
Street 4, Allée Buffon
Postal code 64000
Town/city PAU
Country France
Email address llaffitte@afasec.fr
Telephone number +33(0)
Fax number +33(0)

Last update: 29/05/2012