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EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 17/10/2014
Location MARSEILLE, France
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment
In Marseille :
Geographical environment
Our theatre company is implanted in l'Estaque in Marseille (district 16). Our headquarters in L'Estaque are located nearby a typical and protected small harbor. The office is located in an associative ecological village of containers, in a splendid natural setting with easy access to trains and buses. Our offices are spacious and equipped with all necessary materials (informatic, phones, broadband access to the internet etc.).
Professional environment
Our company works in collaboration with the theatres that schedule our shows and with different institutions (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azure Region, City of Marseille, Marseille Provence 2013 etc.). The volunteer will have the opportunity to collaborate with these partners as well as with the partners from "Caravane du Cid" project (contact by telephone and e-mails): French cultural Institutes that host the project in Spain and Morocco and local schools and associations.
The volunteer will work with the administrative team daily: manager, the person in charge of dissemination, communication officer, the person in charge of patronage.
He will at times go on tour with the team to watch the company playing and will meet the theatre team.
Social environment
The volunteer will share a flat with other volunteers (Eurocircle will take care of the accomodation expenses). In order to encourage European intercultural dialogue Eurocircle will give the volunteer the opportunity to meet other European volunteers, young people doing an exchange, Erasmus students etc. The volunteer will be invited to the parties and activities organized by the company and its friends.
Itinerant creation convoy Spain-Morocco (3 months)
Geographical environment
The volunteer will also be part of the convoy " La Caravane du Cid " (trucks, caravans, tents) in itinerancy for 3 months in total, in 6 different Spanish and Moroccan cities: Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Agadir, Rabat, Tetouan. He/she will be travelling with approximatly 15 people from the company (administrative, artistic and technical team). In each city our partners will provide us with a piece of land on which we will set up a camp (camping-cars with kitchens and common parts/areas). Our theatre company and partners will make sure the village meets the security, comfort, hygiene and privacy rules. The company's chef will cook for the whole group.
Professional environment
At each stage of the journey the volunteer will be accompanied by local sociocultural actors (circus schools, dramatic art schools, sociocultural associations) and by the project's hosting organisation (French cultural network: French Institutes, Alliances Françaises, Cultural cooperation services).
Social environment
The volunteer will be considered as being an integral part of the company during his whole stay; each and every one will pay particular attention to his well-being and integration. As several dramatic art or circus students group will work with the company at each stage, the volunteer will be constantly surrounded by young Spanish and Moroccan artists.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers
Learning opportunities offered to volunteers :

- They will have a global vision of a internationaly-oriented theatre company activities.They will also understand who are the actors of the theatre sector and become familiar with the french cultural network abroad.
- Particular attention will be paid to " learning ". The artistic or professionnals experience opportunities will be prioritized.
- The volunteer will be well accompanied and integrated during all the activities he will take part into. He will become more and more autonomous which will help him to become more responsible and self-confident.
- The volunteer will develop his artistic sensitivity by being in contact with the artists from the cities we will stop in.
- The volunteer will meet people from various backgrounds which will help him to become more open-minded and social.
- He will be accepted and integrated within our team as being an integral part of the company.

Eurocircle commits itself to provide the volunteer with two trainings granted by the French National Agency. Eurocircle will contact the agency to explain the specificities of volunteering and the itinerant tour for the volunteer to be able to take part into trainings seamlessly.

Role and activities of the volunteer

- Before departure, together with the team and the project's partners, the volunteer will help prepare the convoy.
- He will participate to the departure and project mediatisation, in collaboration with local media.
- He will assist administrative staff with their everyday work.
- He will attend the company's meetings and will work closely with all our project's partners.
- During the convoy, the volunteer will get involved in the organization and coordination of the "Caravane du Cid" project with the Spanish and Moroccan partner organizations (circus schools, dramatic arts schools, sociocultural associations, French cultural network abroad).

Activities and creation opportunities offered to the volunterr

- The volunteer will be invited to attend rehearsals and company's shows. He will be offered to assist the artistic team (looking for local craftsman to create setting elements, help comedian to manipulate accessories, be a comedian's understudy).
- He will be invited to take part into the setting of our intinerant creation: workshop animation, comedians' training, music and paintings related to the play…
- The volunteer will be autonomous. According to his skills and desires, he will be offered to create and manage an artistic or pedagogic workshop related to The Cid with a local group (children, students, spectators etc.)

Typical weekly schedule (see table below)

In Marseille

Before the convoy's departure the volunteer will attend the company's and administrative staff's meetings. Together with the team and the Spanish and Moroccan partners, he will make sure transport logistic, accomodation and activities set up have been correctly planned. He will help to organize the convoy's depature on the top of Canebiere street: a mediatised event in the framework of the Théâtre du Gymnase season 2013. The volunteer will also assist staff with the praparation and organization of the convoys's material and vehicles.
He will be at the heart of the company with a transversal vision on artistic, technical and administrative aspects.
He will work 35 hours a week. 2 hours of his working time will be dedicated to french classes organised by Eurocircle.
As a coordinating organisation, Eurocircle will take care of all daily logistical arrangments for the volunteer: food, public transport, pocket money, accomodation , language classes.
The volunteer will live in the shared appartments rented by Eurocircle. He will live with other European volunteers. He will receive 325 euros each month (125 euros for pocket money and 200 for food).
In Spain and Morocco
Typical 35 hours week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am-1pm Set up of the Company's village
Workshops animation Hosting local musicians and working with them Intervening in a classroom with the company Meeting with working groups

1-2pm Lunch Lunch Lunch with musicians Lunch Lunch with all the groups
2-3pm Meeting with local partners Helping the artists to herearse French class Hosting the class in the village Assistance to the
company's workshops
4-5pm Break break break break break
5-6pm Meeting one of the groups Company's meeting Helping the artists to herearse Cooking with the class Helping company to rehearse
7-8pm Diner Diner Diner Diner with the class Diner

During the whole three month of the itinerant creation, the company will completly take care of the volunteer. The company commits itself to provinding the volunteer with the entire amount of the pocket money (125 euros) and food money he should receive. The rest of the money will be used to pay for the meals shared with the company (a cook will be constantly travelling with us) and travelling costs (boat, public transport, camping-car etc.). The volunteer will benefit from a 2 hours french lesson every week. These lessons will be given by our partners, the Alliance Française or the French Cultural Institute, depending on the city.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process
We have not drawn any required profile in particular as we wish to give any interested person his/her chance to join us.
Motivation, curiosity, energy, team cohesion, autonomy and interest for performing art and travelling will be appreciated.

We invite the interested persons to send a resume and a cover letter to Eurocircle which will forward the applications to us.
We would like to collaborate in priority with organizations involved in the field of art and culture. Nevertheless, these criteria are not exclusive and we would like to be in contact with any organization interested in our project. We guarantee equity and transparency in our selection procedure as well as we guarantee general EVS accessibility for young people.
To complete these activities, the volunteers will work with the permanent members of the company as a team and will be entrusted with responsibilities in an adapted and progressive manner. They will therefore not act as mere executants but as real collaborators. As he/she progressively fits into the team, the volunteer will become more and more autonomous.

Number of volunteers
We would like to work with a volunteer from the 1st of April or 1st of May 2011. He will stay one or two months in Marseille and then three months with our team. According to the length of his stay, he will be able to spend some more time with the team in Marseille for a creative residency aiming at finalizing the show.

Risk prevention, protection and safety
The volunteer will be supervised by the whole team.
On a legal level, we are subject to the Performing Art Companies Collective Agreement.
If the volunteer has to travel he/she will always be under the authority of one of our member's staff who will be responsible for his safety and well-being.
The volunteer will take part into risk prevention, safety and health training courses which will be related to his/her tasks and to other members' jobs.
During his EVS, the volunteer will be covered by European Benefit. This insurance includes health, repatriation and civil liability.

Motivation and EVS experience

Our theatre company has an international reputation. Hosting an EVS is, to our eyes, consistent with our cultural and artistic activities. Our creation project which will take place around the Mediterranean sea and our cultural project is a great opportunity to work with a European volunteer.
The volunteer cultural differences will add value to our theater company's projects, especially to the project that will roam around the Mediterranean sea.
Furthermore, we believe our organization is very interesting for a young people who would be willing to deepen his knowledge in the field of performing art and theatrical creation.
Our EVS offer was planned in partnership with Eurocircle, which offered to take care of the administrative work and of the daily follow-up of volunteers during their stay. A partnership agreement and a document precising the parties' responsibilities would be established if this accreditation application was to be accepted.

Description of the organisation

L'Agence de Voyages Imaginaires- Philippe Car's Company, is, in accordance with its status (law of 1901 association), a theatre company that sets up shows and relays them in France and abroad (South American, African, European etc French cultural network). The company is first and foremost a creation team which revisits some great classics (Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Roméo et Juliette, le Malade Imaginaire…).

Our artistic project is closely related to traditional technics: mime, commedia dell'arte, clown, masks, shadow theatre, puppets etc as to extract theatre immemorial knowledge to reinvent a personal and contemporary language. We develop an aesthetic, magical and joyful theatre that is open to everyone in friendly environment: acoustic cabaret, nomadic tables (after show meals), imaginary village within hosting theatres etc.

The Agence de Voyages Imaginaires is one of the very few companies that joins demanding work to accessible and popular art proposal. Our work responds to a real need for cultural democratization and networking between different target groups.
Apart from the tours we go on, we set up pedagogical actions which take the form of workshops in secondary schools and high schools. We are also involved in humanitarian actions: shows in hospitals and jails or in partnership with humanitarian organizations (Partage dans le monde) to fund raise (to finance the construction of a clinic in India).

l'Agence de Voyages Imaginaires' Team :
Administration : 3 people
Technic: 3 people
Artistic : 5 people
Administrative board : 12 people

Contact details
Please note, the selected organisation cooperates with a different EVS organisation to handle enquiries on its behalf.
Organisation name EUROCIRCLE
Street 47, rue du Coq
Postal code 13001
Country France
Email address hosting.eurocircle@gmail.com
Website www.voyagesimaginaires.fr
Telephone number 33 (0)4 91 42 94 75
Fax number 33 491 450 585

Last update: 17/10/2011