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Agence régionale du Livre

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 19/04/2015
Location Aix en Provence Cedex 2, France
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Development cooperation
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment
Town of water, town of art, Aix-en-Provence was built and developed around this dual identity. But the town also knows how to blend different areas and culture. Open to the world, it is a town of human dimension where the preserved heritage and the city of tomorrow blend perfectly. The town has 120 000 inhabitants, most of them are students.
La Cité du Livre ("The City of Book") is a cultural facility hosting several organisations: the multimedia library of the town, l'Agence Régionale du Livre ("The Book Agency of PACA Region"), le Centre Albert Camus, Les Ecritures Croisées (the organiser of the book party in Aix-en-Provence), la Fondation Saint-John Perse, l'Institut de l'Image ("the Image Institute", owing a cinema), l'I.U.T. Métiers du Livre (The University Technical Institute "Book's Jobs"), and le COBIAC (an NGO's setting up international cooperation in the field of public libraries). La Cité du Livre ("The City of Book") is a former plant of matches becomed nowadays a cultural facility. Several cultural events takes place there.
L'Agence Régionale du Livre PACA ("The Book Agency of PACA Region") started to work 8 years ago. Meanwhile, it has carried on developing its actions and its field of work dealing with the book chain. The last task deals with authors. Hosting a European Voluntary Service project will perfectly match with this task dealing with the accompaniment and the visibility of authors of the region.
The Book Agency works over the whole PACA region consisting of 6 departments. Its main task deals with training, informing as well as professional accompaniment of authors, editors, book sellers, librarians and organisers of literary events.
The Book Agency has nine employees. The Office is located in the City of Book in Aix-en-Provence.
It has got 5 desks to work and 2 more desks on the floor above. The young volunteer will have a computer and Internet connection will be available.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers
In this framework, the volunteer will participate to activities aiming to let the European and Mediterranean authors to be known. So, the new and the existing partnerships will be developed. Concerning activities, he/she will have the opportunity to take part to actions of research and to be directly in touch with professionals of book and lecture. So, he/she will be enabled to set up his/her own network of contacts within several countries of Europe and the Mediterranean region.

The Book Agency's team works together to draw up the regional magazine Dazibao. According to his/her competences, the European Volunteer will be able to participate to all those tasks of the staff:

Events' organisation:
" participating to events,
" meeting new partners,
" helping with accompaniment and organisation of professional events

" reporting on activities and meetings,
" helping in drawing up articles about organisations of the region,
" drawing up a brief report about the organisation of the book chain in his/her country

Concerning the learning opportunities, this experience will allow the volunteer to develop several key competencies. His ability to speak one or more foreign languages, mainly French, will be strengthened. His active participation to tasks such as writing documents, keeping contacts with partners will allow him to strengthen his self confidence.

In general, the volunteer participation in all the tasks mentioned above will develop his ability to " learn to learn ". He will learn how to accomplish the assigned tasks, to organise his own working time and to deal with obstacles, at the same time he will enjoy the support of his tutor.
Concerning the volunteer accomodation, the Book Agency ARL along with ADCEI, the coordinating organisation, will propose satisfactory conditions to take care of the volunteer.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process
To be open minded as well as to be keen on Culture - especially on the fields of books and lecture - are the two most important things that we are looking for in a European Volunteer.
A perfect knowledge of French language is not necessary. Anyway, a basic kowledge and a strong motivation to learn will be necessary for the everyday tasks of the volunteer and for his development.
Concerning the recruitment process, a coordinated approach between the ADCEI and us will enable to study all proposals of young volunteers in order to satisfy the interests of both the young volunteer and our organisation.

Number of volunteers 1
Risk prevention, protection and safety
All our working areas follow very strict security rules to ensure the safety of all people working there. From volunteer's arrival, the ARL will explain in full the security norms and the volunteer will be informed about the behaviour to follow in the case of problems.
Finally the ARL will assure a supervision of the volunteer so that he belongs easily within the staff.
This project is coordinated by the ADCEI which will mediate among the young volunteer, the sending organisation and us; furthermore, the regional officer of the programme "Youth in Action" will constantly provide the follow-up of the regional project. The young person will find every support which he will need by the mentor and the hosting structure.

Motivation and EVS experience

As the first time, l'Agence régionale du livre ("The Book Agency of PACA Region") would like to host a young volunteer to enable him/her to join an experienced, competent and open minded organisation. So, he/she will have the opportunity to get in touch with and discover another culture.
The young volunteer will be able to live an experience of intercultural learning through book and lecture. Through those activities, the volunteer will be enabled to enrich his/her knowledge of that field in France as well as in other partner countries of the organisation. The European dimension of the project will be promoted.
Several partners within the PACA Region are already committed in European or International projects. They are seeking tools, exchanges as well as experiences to share.

Description of the organisation

L'Agence Régionale du Livre PACA ("The Book Agency of PACA Region"), created by the Regional Office of Cultural Affairs and by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) Regional Public Authority, opened in January 2003. Its main mission deals with promoting cooperation among those who act in the field of book, lecture and writing development within the PACA Region.
Its main task deals with identifying, coordinating and networking all existing tools as well as with fostering all action of partnership. Nowadays, the Book Agency has 3 main missions: Information, Training and support of professionals, Networking and professionals exchanges, Encouraging students to read through the annual Literary Prize
The Book Agency's target publics are all professionals of the book chain in the region, i.e. authors, editors, book sellers as well as every association or institution dealing with book and the development of lecture and writing.

Contact details
Please note, the selected organisation cooperates with a different EVS organisation to handle enquiries on its behalf.
Organisation name ADCEI - Association pour le Développement Culturel Européen et International
Street 18, rue Jules Moulet
Postal code 13006
Town/city Marseille
Country France
Email address sve@adcei.org
Website www.livre-paca.org
Telephone number +33 4 91 33 6727
Fax number +33 4 91 33 65 05

Last update: 19/04/2012