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AIAA - Atelier d'Initiatives Artistiques et Artisanales

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 14/02/2015
Location Roquefort, France
Organisation topics
Art and culture
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment
The AIAA association is accommodated in a former resin distillery in Roquefort, a town in the department of the Landes (40) in the southwest of France. Roquefort is an ancient fortified village, originating from the 11th century and possessing a beautiful architectural heritage. The municipality counts 1 900 inhabitants today. 20 km of Mont de Marsan (30 200 inhabitants) and on the halfway between Bordeaux and Pau, Roquefort is situated in a rural area on the territory of the "Petites-Landes", a region of transition between the plateau of the High Landes and the Armagnac hills. The forest of the Landes is the largest forest of the European Union. This immense forest is especially constituted by maritime pines for a long time exploited for their resin, but the tapping in forest of the Landes got rare during the 20th century and was abandoned in 1990. Today the forest of the Landes is above all used for wood production and the industries of wood and paper became the main actors of the regional economy.
The resin distillery of Roquefort has been built in 1910/1912 and has changed since several times its activity, until the day when the idea to transform this former factory into a space of artistic creations was born 10 years ago. The place counts several spaces: a soundproofed rehearsal/concert room of 70m², a guestroom of 40 m², a multimedia point, a big area with games, an area for repairing/do-it-yourself, 600m² in all, divided up in several workshops.
The volunteer will be accommodated near the association AIAA in an apartment of one of the members of the collective where he will have a single room and where he can prepare his meals. The hosting of european volunteers in the Landes is coordinated by Les Chemins de l'Europe. The pocket money and the monthly budget for food, the linguistic support, the public transport and all other services will be organized by the coordinating organization. The young person will be in touch with other european volunteers hosted in the same region.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers
Our association realizes every year numerous productions and co-productions in the areas of live performance, plastic arts and music. The AIAA receives alternately musicians producing shows or recording, artists in residence, teenagers in theater training courses, solidarity actions, etc. The artists and technicians of the AIAA also intervene in numerous schools of the department and the region for trainings on graphics, video, theater and plastic arts.
The learning opportunities for the volunteer are multiple. The young person will take an active part in our association and will learn to work within a team. He can contribute to our projects with his skills by developing new professional capacities.
At first, he will be invited to discover and to observe the various activities of our association and will accompany the members of the collective during their missions. The activities in which he wishes to get involved will be to define according to his interests, his skills and the priorities of the association. He can lead these activities in an autonomous way, but he will always be accompanied by a reference person who will guide the young person in his work.
The activities in which the volunteer can get involved are:
- assistance to the preparation of concerts, shows and exhibitions
- operational assistance to the reception of artists and young public
- assistance to the arrangement of the space
- participation in projects led by the collective of the AIAA
- retie partnerships with local associations
- contact cultural networks in his home country
- assistance to the creation of communication supports
- realization of a personal project in connection with the activities of our association
The volunteer's activities will take about 30, maximum 35 hours per week; he can take 2 days off per month or cumulate them for longer holidays. A language support will be organized once or twice per week.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process
No specific qualification is necessary to participate in this project, nevertheless, the volunteer should already be familiar with arts. Interest in information technologies and communication will also be welcome. She/he should be open-minded, autonomous, flexible, curious, creative and motivated to join a team of artists and technicians. Basic knowledge of French and the driving license would be an advantage. Regarding the environment of the project, she/he should also like the countryside
We are open to collaborate with all European sending organizations. The selection of a volunteer will be done in cooperation with the coordinating organization Les Chemins de l'Europe, which will inform the European partners and receive the applications. The duration of the project will be to define according to the profile and the objectives of the volunteer's personal project.

Number of volunteers 1

Risk prevention, protection and safety
The safety is guaranteed by the person in charge of the security of our association, holder of an instruction training concerning the safety in show business companies in compliance with the French law. The activities in which the volunteer will participate present no danger.
The volunteer will have two mentors: - the person in charge of the external relations of our association, who will accompany its work and its integration; - the mentor of the coordinating organization, who will regularly review the project with the volunteer and who will stay in touch with his sending organization.
We do not wish to host of minors.

Motivation and EVS experience

By hosting an european volunteer we will integrate a new person within our team who enriches our association with a different viewpoint and an intercultural dimension. We wish to share our experiences and our practices with young europeans who will contribute in turn to open our collective's and our public's horizons. With the variety of exchanges emerge many initiatives. These exchanges are rich in terms of non formal learning for the young people and encourage the creation of new projects. We work mainly with a young audience and in a rural region. The implication of young european volunteers in our activities would have a mattering impact on our young people.
The reception of european volunteers will also allow us to widen our international contacts and to create new partnerships in Europe in the artistic world.

Description of the organisation

The Atelier d'Initiatives Artistiques et Artisanales is a cultural project set up and managed by a collective of professional artists from the Landes. Since 2004, our association widens its activities in the domains of live performance, plastic arts, video and music, organizing also cultural events and exchanges between professionals, amateur artists and public. The three main axes of our work are:
" The training of amateurs and professionals: the intervention of the associations' artists and technicians in numerous schools of the department and the region and in partnership with other organizations (ligue d'enseignement, hôpital de jour,…) for trainings on graphics, video, theater and plastic arts.
" The reception of artists and shows, the reception of public, organized stays.
" The artistic production (in the domains of live performance, plastic art, video and the music), group actions.

The permanent team consists of 3 persons who guarantee the follow-up of the projects: Natacha Sansoz, Yann Surel and Romain Louvet.
We receive public every day and all around the year, during one hour until up to three weeks. Stays and courses of plastic arts, theater, video, dance and music are organized for minors as for adults. Stays of youth groups were organized in 2008 and 2009 in partnership with the city of Nantes, focused on theater and video professions, and graffiti workshops in summer 2009 in association with the PNR of the Landes de Gascogne.

Contact details
Please note, the selected organisation cooperates with a different EVS organisation to handle enquiries on its behalf.
Organisation name Les chemins de l'Europe
Street 360 Route de l'Abbé Pierre
Postal code 40220
Town/city TARNOS
Country France
Email address cheminsdeleurope@gmail.com
Telephone number +33 (0)6 10 84 64 43
Fax number +33 (0) 559 57 74 46

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