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Aarhus Global Media (AAGM)

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 17/03/2017
Location Viby J., Denmark
Organisation topics
European awareness
Inclusion topics
Social difficulties
Cultural differences

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment:
EVEn AGGM is a nonøprofit NGO, our radio and TV stations are all granted by the Danish Ministy of Culture and that's why we have a permanent staff of 10 people and ca. 40 volunteers. We also get support from the Municipality of Aarhus. We are located in Viby J. south area (part of Aarhus South), where many ethnic minorities live. And we have our locations in Søndervangsskolen (a folkschool with 85% of pupuls coming from different ethnic minority groups). AAGM has a good network in Viby J. and also in the rest of Aarhus.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
AAGM can offer learning activities in 3 areas:
1. administration and management of projeccts.
2. technical skills for radio, web and TV.
3. intercultural journalism competences.

EVS volonteers will be from day 1 involved actively in the different activities areas and will be connected to a area mentor (administration/management, technic, journalism). A learningplan will be given to each of the EVS volunteers. In the first 2-3 months he/she will circulate in the 3 areas, to gain knowledge how to run a community radio and TV and to make a project. After this periode they will choose which area will be their main focus area. EVS voluneers wil be well inegrated in AAGM's daily work.

Examples of activities:
1. Development of a "European Media Centre for Children". Working with organisation, administration, foundraising, european events (seminar, conferences, etc.)
2. Working in the production of a readio, web and TV program. Working with recording equipment and editing equipment.
3. To design and develop a Radio and a TV program. Working with intercultural journalism.

And after a while, EVS volunteers can create their own radio and TV programs, which will be broadcasted in the radio and TVstations of AAGM. They also can create their own event.
The EVS volonteer will play an active role in the daily work of AAGM (production of radio and TV programs and Web content).

AAGM has several radio and TV stations, for instance:
Indvandrer TV - Denmarks first multicultural Community TV station
Radio Bazar - Ethnic Minority rdio station in several languages
Children and Youth Radio & TV - working with relevant issues for the target group.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
Profil of volunteers: The volunteers we would like to receive should have som basic ICT skills and be interestd to learn about community media (web or radio of TV). They should be interested about radio, web and TV technical skills,learning intercultural skills and intercultural journalistic.
Open and Transparent recruitment: The working language will be englich, but it the EVS volunteer wants to learn Danish AAGM will support that. AAGM ensures that EVS will be open for all young people and there wil be a gender balance.
Vacant EVS stay will be announced at AAGM homepage, through SALTO homepage and through AAGM european network.
AAGM will be in contact with the sending organisations (skype meetings or if possible visiting the sending organisation and meeting the interested young people)
When doing the selection of the young people, we will look at their ICT skills, if they speak englich and their social skills.
Cooperation with: Community Media organisations and cultural organisation.

Number og volunteers hosted: 3.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
The fact, that AAGM is placed in a school, means that AAGM has to live up to certain official standard. That should be a guaranty for a safe and good environment for the EVS volunteers.
The EVS volunteers mentor will have regular meetings with the volunteers about their situation and how it can be improved.
AAGM woul prefer to work with volunteers aged from 18-30.
AAGM has a big network in Aarhus (also among Danish institutions) and that allows us to be helpful with different matters.

Motivation and EVS experience

AAGM is a non-profit intercultural media house (the first in DK), in Viby J - Aarhus South, with a big experience and expertise in ethnicminority media (in the local, national, nordic and european level) and a relevant player in the local and regkonal media environment. AAGM has 2 regional TV stations (ITV/DK's first multicultural TV and BUT/Children & Youth TV, all digital and regional TV's) and 3 local radio stations (Radio Bazar, Viny Syd Rdio and Children and Youth radio/BUR) on chanel 2 - FM 98,7 Mhz in Aarhus.
Aarhus will be European capital for culture 2017 and AAGM has a big European media (Radio, TV, seminars workshops, conferences) project starting already in 2014 and running until 2018. In this project would be bood to engage European young people in developing the project.
AAGM wants to share the experiences in the intercultural media area with young people from other EU countries.
Until now we don't have experience with EVS but we would like to start being a hosting organisation from January 2014.
We know about EVS through our European partner organisations, who have been active within EVS programs.

Description of the organisation

AAGM main activity is producing programmes for radio (broadcastet in Aarhus Municipality frequencies) and TV (broadcastet in 2 regional areas in Central Denmark: East Jutland and West Jutland). AAGM moved into a public primary and lower secondaty school in 2012 where we have radio and TVfacilities including radio and TV studio. This year we started teaching media in all classes of the primary and lower secondary school (o-3 classe, 4-6 classe and 7-8 classe) which will be part of their curriculum.
AAGM is also active in the nordic level collaborating and exchanging experiences with Community Media in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We can mention that we are active in the preparing of a nordic CM conference in Göteborg, Sweden in 2014.
AAGM is member of CMFE and AMARC Europe. AAGM is a member of SALTO-YOUTH.net. Our radio and TV stations have participated in several EU projects supported by YOuth in Action and GRundtvig program. AArhus willbe European Capital of Culture and AAGM has a project (5 different media activities including children, youth and adults) already recognized by Aarhus 2017, where we from 2014 to 2017 will collaborate with several radio and TV stations through Europe. And we finish in 2017 with an European conference with title: "Rethink Community and Community Media". Together with the conference we also will organize the first European Community Media Fair and the European Comunity Media Award.
Aarhus Global Media main aim is to give ethnic minorities a voise and to make them visible in the Danish media landscape. So, from the beginning, our staff was multicultural/intercultural. Our program are a window to our multicultural/intercultural society in Aarhus and Central Denmark REgkon, where we seek to show the diversity of the gropu of people we tend to look to as 'foreign' by seeking the ethnic minorities in the local areas and show their daily lives as part of the Danish society. Aarhus Global Media works locally and thinks global.
AAGM has 12 employees (9 full time, 1 parttime and 2 in "activation" job) with different competencies and skills and more then 40 volonteers (mostly active in our the radios).
Our Children & Youth Radio and TV (BURT) primary purpose is to work actively to provide children and young people from different cultural backgrounds to work together across cultures and promote their active participation in te Danish and European media landscape. Children & Youth Radio and TV (BURT) is also member of the European network - Youth4Media.
Our other radios (Radio Bazar, Viby syd Radio) and TV (ITV) stations are taking ethnic minority groups in and supports the equal and full participation of all ethnic minority gropus in the democratic processes. These stations offers an insight into the cultural diversity wealth and seeks to stimulate, motivate and contirbute to the mutual integration.

Contact details
Organisation name Aarhus Global Media (AAGM)
Street Søndervangs Allé 40
Postal code 8260
Town/city Viby J.
Country Denmark
Email address aarhusglobalmedia@gmail.com
Telephone number 4560297550
Fax number

Last update: 17/03/2014