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Aalborg Youth School

EVS Accreditation Details
EVS accreditation type
EVS accreditation expiry date 27/03/2015
Location Nørresundby, Denmark
Organisation topics
Youth leisure
Media and communication/Youth information
Inclusion topics

EVS accreditation number


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Project Environment

Project environment:
We host volunteers in three different places in our orgaisation:
Visse Junior and Youth Club:
The club is situated in Visse, one of the suburbs of Aalborg, only 7 km from the city centre. Visse is close to nature, forests and lakes. The Junior Club is for children in the age of 10-13 year and the Youth Club is for youngsters from 13 to 19 years old. The volunteer will be a part of the daily work with youngsters and follow a weekly plan of max. 30 working hours in the daily period 13.00-22.00. The tasks will consist of both social interaction with the youngsters and developing new ideas in cooperation with youngsters and staff. Other than that there will be a number of different arrangements to carry out. The tasks will mainly be connected to activities such as: sports of any variety possible, computer-games, outdoor life activities. The staff will always be open to new suggestions and new projects. There are 10 employees working in Visse Junior and Youth Club.

The Youth House Stationen:
Stationen is a Youth House which functions as an open project house, where youngsters have the possibility to be productive within creating films and recording music. This means, that they can make their own music CD and also supply it with a music video, or they can try out directing skills making films of different kinds. Stationen is also home base of Aalborg Youth School's own radio station, Station 10, which is administrated by a team of youngsters who is responsible for all broadcasting. Stationen is situated in Norresundby, which is only 2 km from the city centre of Aalborg. There are 10 employees at Stationen, not all have a pedagogical background, because of the need to have persons with high technical skills. This does not create any negative sides to the crew as having a mixed crew only contributes to create a certain diversity with which we are also able to meet the young people using the house.

The MultiHouse:
The MultiHouse is a Junior and Youth Club with the same group of children og youngsters as in Visse and it is situated on Vodskov, a suburb about 12 kilometers north of Aalborg. The surrounding areas are very beautiful, which especially is characterised by a forest called Hammer Bakker, which opens for plenty of outdoor activities. The Multihouse has 6 employees working. The tasks at the MultiHouse will consist of both social interaction with the youngsters and developing new ideas in cooperation with youngsters and staff. Other than that there will be a number of different arrangements to carry out. The tasks will mainly be connected to activities such as: sports of any variety possible, computer-games, cooking, outdoor life activities. The staff will always be open to new suggestions and new projects.

The volunteers will be accommodated at a student hostel, which gives a good possibility to meet others and create a social network outside work. We offer the possibility to take free language course and other than the professional mentor, we also provide an international coordinator whose responsibility is to take care of any practical and administrational needs. Furthermore the volunteers will be granted a bus card so they wil be able to get around in the city.

There will be a possibility for the volunteers to make projects together. This could be an event where they introduce their culture to Danish youngsters and share experiences with the EVS programme.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
The volunteers that we host will be working with different projects and departments of the Youth School. The youth workers connected to the projects will select the volunteers and make sure that it fits his/her wishes and qualifications, both professionally and personally.

The volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

The Youth House Stationen:

The working tasks will be as follows:

- social interaction: this will typical consist of talking with the youngsters, playing different games with them - basically meeting and acknowledging them where and as they are. This will give the volunteer a good experience of working with the particular age group and also to get to know our culture from the youngster's point of view. Through the interaction one develops ones social education. This will emerge being introduced to aspects from daily life and here by increase the knowledge of how Danish live, what school is like, what kind of problems do they meet, how is the typical family pattern drawn etc.

- developing new ideas together with the youngsters: mainly within video and music making.

- working out PR material: typical task would be to make smaller poster regarding arrangements or to make an article for the organisation's own magazine. We have our own PR package on a CD Rom, which is very easy to learn how to use

- adding an international dimension to the Youth House and the youngsters using the house

- assisting in improving and carrying out different arrangements

- employee tasks in general

- developing your own projects

The working hours are expected to be from noon to 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Other than that there will be a certain number of weekend facilities. The volunteer’s working hours will be of max 37/week. Holidays will follow the normal school holidays, as the Youth House closes down during these.

Visse JK and UK and The Multi House:

At both places the primary functions of our volunteers is:

- to spend time/be a role model with/for the kids in our club. To be specific this means: Talk with our kids/youngsters, play games with them, do sports with the kids, play pool, create creative projects in our workshop.

- practical necessities: Running errands, helping the staff with cleaning/sweeping floors before closing time, help running the clubs “bar” where the kids and young people can buy food and soft-drinks during the day/evening.

- every day before opening time it will be the volunteers responsibility to make the club ready for opening. This means: Fill refrigerator with soft drinks, arrange tables and chairs, unlock doors.

- developing your own projects

We always encourage our volunteers to arrange excursions but also activities in the house. We value sport a lot in our club and therefore we often have different tournaments where the volunteer will also need to participate and help to arrange these.

As described above the MAIN purpose of the volunteer is to spend time with the kids/youngsters that attend our club, the practical tasks are secondary. The volunteer will have plenty of room and and possibilities to create their own activities based upon their own initiative.

The working hours are expected to be from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. five times a week and from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. twice a week. Other than that there will be some weekend facilities. The volunteers working hours will be of 30/week exclusive language course.

Holidays will follow the normal school holidays, as the youth clubs closes down during those.

In general we expect that the volunteer will contribute to our work with youngsters in a professional way. We will make sure, that the volunteer will obtain a solid knowledge of our culture and way of life as well as how we work with youngsters on a daily basis. Furthermore we always provide our volunteer with a personal mentor who can help he/she throughout the period in any matter.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
We are generally open to all volunteers that match the profile of Aalborg Youth School. The youth club leaders of Aalborg Youth School are the ones who select the volunteers.

We select the volunteer through the project description, which the volunteer has responded to, their motivation letter and CV and through a small video interview to make sure that both our and the volunteers expectations will be cleared. We have not demanded any criterias towards age or sex of the volunteer, only on the personal and professional skills and the interest of working with youngsters.
The primary functions of our volunteers are to spend time/to be a role model for the youngsters in our clubs or youth houses. To be specific this means: Talk with the youngsters, play games with them, do sports and create projects in the workshops. The volunteer will have plenty of room and possibilities to create own activities based upon own initiatives. Furthermore it is important that the volunteer who works at the Station has technical skills in media production.

Number of volunteers hosted:
We will be able to host 4 volunteers every year.

Risk prevention, protection and safety:
To ensure a safe living and provide comfort every volunteer is given a mentor. The mentor is available every day.
If huge problems occur the volunteer must immediately get in touch with the administration of Aalborg Youth School and they will take care of the situation.
In connection with smaller problems the volunteer must contact the mentor.
If the volunteer is as young as 16 or 17 years old we make sure that the mentor is aware of the supervision, protection and safety.

Motivation and EVS experience

Our motivation for hosting volunteers from other countries is based on our aim at creating an international dimension in the organisation in order to increase intercultural learning and understanding amongst both our youngsters and employees. Having a person from another country with a different culture working with us, gives us the opportunity to do this on a daily basis. We hope that the EVS programme will enrich us in many ways giving us an insight in other people's culture and ways of life. We have been hosting volunteers for several years now, and it has shown to be very learning to us, our youngsters and the volunteers we've hosted. We feel that we have an obligation to choose the right volunteer to the right place, which mainly depends on the working tasks and if they fit the qualifications and expectations of the volunteer.

Description of the organisation

Aalborg Youth School is the biggest of its kind in the country and is a public organisation for youngsters in the age group 13-19 years. The organisation has just about 500 employees and has 2,000 young active members in youth clubs and 5,000 active youngsters in teaching and culture offerings. Aalborg Youth School is basically organised in two sections; one that operates with unformal education and the youth clubs and one that runs the formal education. Other then these two sections there is an administration office.
In the unformal section we have 31 youth clubs, 6 junior clubs and 5 youth houses. These all function as free time space for the young people to join. At the clubs and houses they can do different projects, teaching, or just relaxe with their friends playing different kind of games such as pool. The youth houses are giving youngsters the possibility to practice to play music, and give access to a record studio for those who want to make a CD production. Furthermore the youngsters have the opportunity to create film productions as well as broadcasting their own radio shows. For sports we have two houses; one for cross way and one for skate boarding.
In the formal teaching area we have a school for youngsters in the 8th, 9th and 10th grade offering full time teaching mainly using workshop training methods to give youngsters a more practical access to learning. The students here achieve a full school-leaving certificate.
One of the Youth Schools priorities is giving the youngsters an european as well as an international awareness in general. Aalborg Youth School other offerings:
- Teaching which provides the possibillity to develop and qualify professionally, personally and socially,
- Variety cultural offers,
- Special offers which give youngsters the possibilliy to strengthen and develop social competence.

Contact details
Organisation name Aalborg Youth School
Street Godthåbsgade 8
Postal code 9400
Town/city Nørresundby
Country Denmark
Email address cl-kultur@aalborg.dk
Website www.ungaalborg.dk
Telephone number +4525200725
Fax number +45 99 31 41 89

Last update: 27/03/2012