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Volunteering in kindergarten, Slovakia

We are currently looking for 4 volunteers to work in kindergartens - organisations we coordinate. Volunteers will be placed in Private english kindergarten Slniecko in city Tvrdošín (5 km from Trstená) http://jasle-slniecko.sk/ Volunteers will work there from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 3:30...

Tvrdosin, Slovakia

Du 01/02/2017 au 31/08/2017

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 29/09/2017

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Music in you!

Project main activities will take place in Broceni Youth centre ''Kopa'', which is a place for young people to come together, spend their free time and also realize their initiatives. Daily the Youth centre is visited by around 30 kids and youngsters aged from 8 to 25. We want...

Broceni, Latvia

Du 15/10/2017 au 15/07/2018

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 02/10/2017

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The Next Generation

L'Associazione Geo Club organizza questo progetto sulla base di una sovvenzione ricevuta dall'Unione Europea nell'ambito del programma Erasmus +. A4ACTION Association è il nostro partner locale che sarà incaricato di gestire le attività con te. Siamo interessati a ricevere due...

Snagov, Romania

Du 05/10/2017 au 04/08/2018

Délai de dépôt de candidature: No deadline.

“Social​ ​Atelier” Osijek,​ ​Croatia

Volunteer Centre Osijek in partnership with the CEV as sending organization,is implementing project "Social Atelier" focused​ ​on​ ​the​ ​integration​ ​of​ ​refugees​ ​and​ ​asylum​ ​seekers One of the key VCOS values and principles of work is respecting differences, especially when it...

Osijek, Croatia

Du 04/12/2017 au 04/08/2018

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 16/10/2017

Community building in Gemer region

The project involves two volunteers who will work in Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia for 12 months at Fundament NGO, which is the leading NGO in regional development, community building and social inclusion at the region. Main activities are: promotion of organisation's activities on social media,...

Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia

Du 30/04/2018 au 30/11/2019

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 03/10/2017

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EFD in Bitola/Mazedonien

Für ein bewilligtes EFD-Projekt in Bitola/Mazedonien nehmen wir Bewerbungen entgegen! Das Projekt soll ca. vom 07.10. - Ende September 2018 gehe. Hier ein paar Infos: - multimedia work (video, photography, brochures, leaflets, blog posts, newsletter and exhibitions), - environmental education...

Bitola, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Du 07/10/2017 au 30/09/2018

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 25/09/2017

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EFD in Bozen/Italien

Wir sind die deutsche Entsendeorganisation für ein EFD-Projekt in einem Jugendzentrum in Bozen und nehmen ab sofort Bewerbungen an! Gesucht wird aus paritätischen Gründen ein männlicher Kandidat. Hier ein paar Infos zum Projekt: 1. After-school activities at the youth center open from Monday to...

Bozen, Italy

Du 01/02/2018 au 01/12/2018

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 01/10/2017

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Wrocław- possibilities know no borders-2017_2018

The volunteer has three different workplaces. He or She will be working with children, seniors and adolescents. In the community: In the community the volunteer can organize projects with the participants to traditional events. He or she gives language lessons to children and adolescents who are...

Wroclaw, Poland

Du 01/11/2017 au 31/08/2018

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 20/10/2017

EVS at Café Utopia

Through a stay at Café Utopia the volunteer will get insight in all aspects of operating a café. Moreover, he/she will get knowledge about people with mental diseases and get a deeper understanding on how to engage with them. The volunteer will also learn about social/economic organisations and the...

Holstebro, Denmark

Du 01/09/2018 au 01/07/2019

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 31/10/2017

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EVS at Brenderup Højskole

Examples of activities in which the volunteer could be involved:  Sustainability – working with sustainability as the main issue in daily life. Growing herbs, ensuring diversity by gardening, collecting fruit and berries, making activities/workshops about sustainable living.  Facilitating...

Brenderup, Denmark

Du 01/08/2018 au 31/07/2019

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 31/10/2017

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