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Incubator Erasmus

The particular objectives are: 1) Developing a critical thinking and a set of transversal competences (knowledge, abilities, attitudes), useful for the increase of employability potential among 10 NEET youngsters from Spain, Latvia, Croatia, Italy and Germany. 2) Developing a critical thinking...

Arad, Romania

De 05/01/2018 a 05/07/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 03/01/2018

Thomastown Community Kindergarten

We are carrying out this project to provide an alternative and holistic form of early years education to our local community. The project – Thomastown Community Kindergarten – is a Steiner Waldorf based Kindergarten and its objectives are to provide a warm, nurturing environment to children aged 2....

Thomatown, Ireland

De 31/07/2018 a 01/06/2020

Fecha de solicitud: 12/01/2018

EFD in Rezekne/Lettland

Für dieses frisch bewilligte EFD-Projekt sind wir die deutsche Entsendeorganisation und nehmen aktuell Bewerbungen an! Wir haben schon des öfteren mit der sehr erfahrenen Organisation zusammengearbeitet. Der einsatz erfolgt in einem Kindergarten. Hier mal ein paar Infos zum Projekt: The main...

Rezekne, Latvia

De 01/03/2018 a 23/02/2019

Fecha de solicitud: 17/12/2017

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EFD in der Nähe von Sevilla/Spanien

Für ein frisch bewilligten EFD in einer Ökö-Community in der Nähe von Sevilla sind wir die deutsche Entsendeorganisation und nehmen Bewerbungen für dieses kurze EFD-Projekt an. Wir arbeiten bereits mit der Organisation zusammen und haben aktuell 2 Freiwillige dort. Alles läuft super! Hier mal ein...

Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Spain

De 31/05/2018 a 04/07/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 17/12/2017

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Volunteering in Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

This is a project which aims to provide opportunities for one volunteer who wish to get involved in animal welfare projects for a period of 6 months. The volunteer will be part of the team which is responsible to carry on the daily activities at the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, where 19 bears rescued...

Prishtine, Kosovo * UN resolution

De 01/05/2018 a 31/10/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 31/01/2018

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Europejskie Forum Młodzieży​ and Green Sun Association is searching for a polish volunteer for an already approved EVS project in Targu Secuiesc, Transylvania, Romania. EVS is a unique opportunity for young people to enrich their inter-cultural experience of being a European citizen – making...

Targu Secuiesc, Romania

De 01/03/2018 a 31/08/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 31/01/2018

Let's build bridges!

Nous recherchons un ou une volontaire pour une mission à partir de mars 2019. Le projet est proposé par la Ville de Nevers qui accueille chaque année 3 volontaires dans le cadre du SVE (deux missions en lien avec la jeunesse et la mobilité internationale et une dans le secteur sportif). If you...

NEVERS, France

De 01/03/2019 a 29/02/2020

Fecha de solicitud: 15/01/2018

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Mobilité et culture

We want to set up the ERAMUS + program on our territory because we think that welcoming young volunteers is the best way to make young people aware of the benefits of multi-culturalism and the discovery of other cultures. This program will energize our youth-oriented actions. Objectives : - to...

Saïx, France

De 03/09/2018 a 01/08/2019

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.

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Call for project Active together

Project „Active together“ aim is to enable development and gaining new knowledge, skills and competencies of young volunteers by helping elderly and disabled people and people with disabilities in Vukovar and activities for young people and ensure better social life of the elderly and in same time...

Vukovar, Croatia

De 31/12/2017 a 01/09/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 22/12/2017

Joyce 'n' Food 4 all 2017

Do you like nature ? Would you want to work with children and teenagers ? Would you want to live in an ever changing community house, with travelers from all over the world stopping by for a day, a week or a month ? Are you a vegetarian and would you want to grow your own vegetables ? Working and...

Skiathos, Greece

De 28/02/2018 a 30/11/2018

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.