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Give a hand to migrant kids

Gaziantep is in the south east of Turkey where there is a huge number of Syrian home seekers. thousand of Syiran kids are in difficult conditions. They need physco-social support, education, playing, doing sport, nutriciton, clothing. As a youth centre we are organising learning activities , games...

Gaziantep, Turkey

De 28/02/2017 a 01/04/2017

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.

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European Voluntary Service Project in Russia

Did you ever dream about spending almost 1 year in Russia as a volunteer? Or maybe you never thought about it, but now when the offer is right here, you might consider it? We invite you for European Voluntary Service project in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod at SFERA. The aim of the organization is...

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation

De 01/04/2017 a 01/01/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 05/02/2017

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Valorize and Animate international Projects

We develop a lot of project for the youth with a common aim: the discovering of various cultures. We want to includ the intercultural aspect all year long with the involvement of an EVS volunteer, mostly on a project totally linked to the intercultural actions. The activities that the...

Le Mans, France

De 01/03/2017 a 31/10/2017

Fecha de solicitud: 31/01/2017

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Il Casone is a project hosting 2 volunteers from different countries for 8 months. The Project is a hosting home to promote environmental education & volunteering. The house generally hosts groups of children and students for two weeks activities. During their EVS the volunteer will learn to...

Anticoli Corrado, Italy

De 01/05/2017 a 31/12/2017

Fecha de solicitud: 15/03/2017

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A rural for all, Social and Ecological allotment

The programming of our activities within the project "A rural for all" is related to the management of Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice. You will be involved in all aspects of the project, helping with its development and maintenance, instructing users and cooperating with...

Ourense, Spain

De 20/02/2017 a 20/11/2017

Fecha de solicitud: 03/02/2017

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EVS for Culture and disability

Methodologies of empowerment, training and inclusion of people with mental health problems to improve their well-being and employability. European volunteers will collaborate in different activities: -Sociocultural Dynamism: activities aimed at social and community participation and...

Huesca, Spain

De 01/05/2017 a 31/12/2017

Fecha de solicitud: 28/01/2017

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Culture Shake

The goal of the project is to involve the EVS volunteer coming to Hungary to join organizing volunteer activities for their stay and to take part in more and more activities. Beside of this, their tasks will be to organize Spanish and English lessons in an interactive way in Nyíregyháza and they...

Nyíregyháza, Hungary

De 01/02/2017 a 01/10/2017

Fecha de solicitud: 31/01/2017

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EVS in Genova with children

Cooperativa Mignanego is looking for two female volunteers. The volunteers will be involved in activities at local level with children of different ages. More info available here: http://europeanvoluntaryservice.org/european-voluntary-service-in-genova-in-activities-with-children/

Mignanego, Genova, Italy

De 01/09/2017 a 31/08/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 25/01/2017

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EVS as your growth

We are a young, NGO that operates in the northern part of Slovakia (Orava region). Our main goal is creating conditions that allow the young person self-potential development, self-realization and fulfillment of their needs to become personalities responsible for their life and personalities,...

Trstena, Slovakia

De 01/02/2017 a 31/01/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 01/02/2017

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Trabajo voluntario en guardería de Polonia (1 año)

all for volunteers/ partner organization to take part in an new EVS project in Polish Kindergartens from city Wroclaw. EVS coordinating organization The Foundation of Social Prom is glad to announce an opening call in long-term EVS program “Happy Kids Better Europe 2” for 6 participants from...

Wroclaw, Poland

De 01/02/2017 a 31/01/2018

Fecha de solicitud: 25/01/2017

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