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Let`s Rock! 2017

Aim of the project is to give an opportunity two volunteers from other European countries to get involved in organization’s life and provided activities, as well as to implement their own initiatives, in that way giving contribution to organization’s work with target group and improving their own...

Jelgava, Latvia

Von 01/08/2018 bis 31/07/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 10/07/2018

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10 month EVS in Italy for UK participants only

"Casa a Colori" is located in Bassano Del Grappa (43.347 inhabitants), a little town next to the Dolomities, the famous mountains. Bassano is also dominated by “Grappa” Mountain, and it’s close to Altopiano di Asiago. Coming back to Casa a Colori… In 1992 a group of local volunteers who were...

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Von 01/10/2018 bis 01/08/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 30/08/2018

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European Volunteering at the University of Murcia - URGENT

The Service of Attention to Diversity and Volunteering is an instrument of social action of the University of Murcia on issues of exclusion, marginalization, attention to groups at risk of exclusion, groups with fewer opportunities and integration of students with disabilities. Among the tasks of...

Murcia, Spain

Von 01/10/2018 bis 01/06/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 01/07/2018

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Pistes-Solidaires coordonne le projet EXPLORE qui permet depuis 2 ans à de nombreux jeunes de réaliser un volontariat court-terme. C’est une expérience idéale pour prendre part à une première expérience interculturelle, découvrir l’engagement et sortir de sa zone de confort tout en étant...

Bucarest, Romania

Von 04/07/2018 bis 29/08/2018

Bewerbungsfrist: 25/06/2018

EVS in Thailand for a czech volunteer

Mladiinfo nabízí dvouměsíční EVS (Evropská dobrovolnická služba) v jižním Thajsku v rámci programu Erasmus+. Český dobrovolník bude převážně učit angličtinu na základní škole. Náklady jsou hrazeny z programu Erasmus+. Vaší přijímací organizací bude Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand...

Kuanlung Hatyai Chang Wat, Thailand

Von 01/10/2018 bis 05/12/2018

Bewerbungsfrist: 28/06/2018

EVS for a Transcultural Awareness on Local Environment

AVRIL is an association involved in Education in Environment and Sustainable Development, including the protection of wetlands. It is a French organisation located in Normandy, in the small town of Coutances. With our actions, we want to inform and educate young people, also the ones with less...

Saint-Pierre-de-Coutances, France

Von 18/07/2018 bis 16/09/2018

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

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First step for your Future

Volunteering opportunity in Nessonas, Greece at COB organization. COB is evolved in natural building, farming and sustainable living in general. One of our major activities is training in those areas and our farm in Nessonas is a field of experimentation and practical implementation of such...

Lefkada, Greece

Von 01/08/2018 bis 30/06/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

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10 months EVS in Italy for UK participants only

"Comunità Servizi" is located in Schio (almost 40000 inhabitants), a village lying at the foot of the Small Dolomites, mountains famous all over the world for their beauty that makes them a tourist destination for skiers and hikers. Places that have sadly also been protagonists and witnesses of...

Schio, Italy

Von 01/10/2018 bis 31/08/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 30/08/2018

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SAVE THE PLANET, short EVS August and September in Spain.

We are looking for intrepid volunteers ready to help us to improve our natural coastal environment.

San Fernando, Spain

Von 04/08/2018 bis 29/09/2018

Bewerbungsfrist: 14/07/2018

Summer games 2018

Summer games 2018 project is volunteering project that would last 2 months (July 4th -August 31st 2018) including 12 volunteers. J Place of activity is Vukovar, Croatia.Planned summer activities during project implementation are: organisation and implementation of outdoor art...

Vukovar, Croatia

Von 04/07/2018 bis 31/08/2018

Bewerbungsfrist: 25/06/2018

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Volunteering at school

Gymnasium provides general education for students at the age of 16-19.The students are taught in multi-class environment by the staff comprising of 69 teachers. A broad and balanced curriculum is offered to all of our students: underpinned by the academic core of subjects (English, Maths, Science,...

Kalvarija, Lithuania

Von 01/09/2018 bis 31/08/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 30/06/2018

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Šakiai disabled children daycare center

Sakiu children's care home is a non-governmental organization which takes care of orphans as well as creates a system of orphan custody and education on the basis of a natural family model. Šakių children‘s care home started its activities in 2005. The care home stekeholders are Šakių Evangelical...

Šakiai, Lithuania

Von 01/09/2018 bis 01/09/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 30/06/2018

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