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Bike lover for Stanica - culture center/ train station

For this particular EVS position, we are looking for a person whose primary activity will be working in our bicycle repairing facility Recykel. The volunteer will help repairing, designing and building bikes and manage the workshop, s/he can also organize small bikeevents. Our EVS volunteers are...

Zilina, Slovakia

Von 01/04/2018 bis 31/03/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 06/03/2018


Project period EVS activity will start on 01/04/2018 for duration of 10 months. Theme 1: Access for disadvantaged Theme 2: Environment and climate changing The CFP (Centre de formation professionnelle –Professional Training Centre) Famenne Ardenne is a non-profit organisation recognised...

Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

Von 01/04/2018 bis 31/01/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 15/03/2018

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"Deep Roots" short-term eco project (15.05 - 12.07.2018)

This short-term EVS project enables volunteers to participate in our organization’s activities and to cooperate with other partner institutions to organize thе local ecological festival “Kazanlak” (7th edition). The project will take place in Kazanlak (Bulgaria), during its famous Festival of Roses...

Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Von 15/05/2018 bis 12/07/2018

Bewerbungsfrist: 15/03/2018

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Let's play together

Volunteers will assist with organizing activities by our civic association, as well as during leisure activities organized by the school and school club. The main content of volunteers´ work will be cooperating with educators in creation and implementation of the program of the school club for...

Prague, Czech Republic

Von 01/10/2018 bis 30/06/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 01/04/2018

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Labyrint – Studio of Drama Education

Labyrint takes place close to Bohunice and Stary Liskovec districts of Brno. We are mainly focused on the art activities as theatre, video, dance, music and so on. We have little theatre hall, gym, club and other spaces for our workshops. We cooperate with the students of pedagogy, theatre and...

Brno, Czech Republic

Von 01/10/2018 bis 30/09/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 07/03/2018

Lipka school facility for environmental education: Jezírko, Rozmarýnek

Rozmarýnek is the second oldest training facility of Lipka. It designs and implements natural science and environmental education programmes for primary and secondary schools, mostly outdoors and afternoon courses and camps, especially for kids. A lot of their activities are connected with animals...

Brno, Czech Republic

Von 01/10/2018 bis 30/09/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 07/03/2018


We inform you that we are looking for 2 motivated volunteers for Fundación Alonso Quijano. We are looking for candidates from EU and neighboring countries. BASIC INFO Venue: Málaga (Spain) Start: 07.09.18 End: 07.08.19 Duration: 11 Months Number of Vacancies: 2 Deadline to apply...


Von 07/09/2018 bis 07/08/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 16/03/2018


BASIC INFO • Venue: Málaga (Spain) • Start: 01.09.18 • End: 30.06.19 • Duration: 10 Months • Number of Vacancies: 3 • Deadline to apply: 16th of March 2018 • On-line-Interview: 16-23 of March of 2018 • Countryes: EU Nations


Von 01/09/2018 bis 30/06/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 16/03/2018

6 months assisting in after-school & summer activities for children

TYMY Centrum is looking for a volunteer to take part in a six-month-long voluntary service. The project will be focused on free time and extra-curricular activities for children and youth (marginal focus on adults as well), public outdoor events (e.g. the Day of Europe, Day of Languages, Welcoming...

Holešov, Czech Republic

Von 16/03/2018 bis 08/09/2018

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

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Great 10 months with wonderful children from "difficult" families

With their work the volunteers support 6 daily activities carried out. Each of them is attended by a fixed group of around 15 children from disfunctional families, (alcohol, domestic violence, poverty) in the age of 6 to 14 years. On Mondays the whole group of volunteers (6 people) meets together...

Bialystok, Poland

Von 16/09/2018 bis 14/07/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

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youth work at Noël Paindavoine

Noël Paindavoine is an organization located in Reims that provides accommodation to young people facing economic and social difficulties. Reims is a city of 200,000 inhabitants located 150 km Eastern of Paris. The organization proposes also different services like computer room, sport activities,...

Reims, France

Von 30/09/2018 bis 01/10/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 08/04/2018

Smíchov Vineyard educational project in Prague for a German Volunteer

The program offers education in three basic areas from which a volunteer can choose. The first is social work and therapeutic methods (motion therapy, music therapy). The second is the management and preparation of educational courses for children and adults, the dramaturgy, games and other...

Prag, Czech Republic

Von 01/07/2018 bis 30/06/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 31/05/2018