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Šakiai disabled children daycare center

Sakiu children's care home is a non-governmental organization which takes care of orphans as well as creates a system of orphan custody and education on the basis of a natural family model. Šakių children‘s care home started its activities in 2005. The care home stekeholders are Šakių Evangelical...

Šakiai, Lithuania

От 01/09/2018 до 01/09/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 30/06/2018

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Looking for a volunteer from France to the EVS project in Goldbach

We are looking for a volunteer from FRANCE interested in youth work and animation for children. The EVS project will start on 1.10.2018 and last for 11 months. The volunteer will work in the school with children and in the afternoon in a youth centre. The volunteer should also organise French...

Goldbach, Germany

От 01/10/2018 до 31/08/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 30/06/2018

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SEED. Support Equality- Volunteer from Portugal only

The host organization is a no-profit association, founded in 2007 by a group of friends who love sport. From that time the association has been involved in more and more projects, especially thanks to the human group working in the organization: young and qualified people highly motivated. we deal...

Plasencia, Spain

От 01/07/2018 до 30/04/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 25/06/2018

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CLEAN UP 2 -Cleaning Local Environment And eNcouraging its Utilization

In this EVS project you will do some community service volunteer work - leaving something useful and creative behind - cleaning the environment, planting, decorating to leave a motivating message to the local people and the future young participants in the next youth projects, sharing EVS...

Meshtitsa, Bulgaria

От 22/07/2018 до 03/09/2018

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 30/06/2018

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EVS in United Kingdom for Croatian residents only

OpportUNITY is an NGO based in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) run by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic activists, offering local and international activities. The volunteer will do the service with a local organization in coordination with OpportUNITY. Tasks and activities: - communicating with the...

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

От 01/06/2018 до 30/09/2018

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 30/06/2018

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Life & activities on an eco-community farm - long stay 2019

Life and activities on an eco-community farm - long stay Only way to be part of this project is to send a MAIL to the organization. CLICKING apply here, will lead to nothing. Hästekasen Farm and adventure center in Sweden is looking for volunteers to be here from: 1st march 2019 31st...

No city, Sweden

От 01/03/2019 до 31/12/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 15/09/2018

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Long term volunteering activities in Bratislava from EU countries

We are looking for volunteers (VO) (the project Erasmus+ VA is only for VOs from EU countries) who want to experience an extraordinary year in our placements. We host 3 and coordinate up to 8 VOs in Bratislava and 7 in other cities (we have also 2 non Erasmus+ volunteers from GE in our group). The...

Bratislava, Slovakia

От 01/09/2018 до 31/07/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 30/06/2018

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Equal Chances for a decent future

The project has the aim to promote education, social protection of disabled children and socially vulnerable families of Gagauzian region of Moldova, re-socialization and reintegration into their family and society. The volunteer will work in the Rehabilitation Centre for disable children "...

Comrat, Moldova (Republic of)

От 18/08/2018 до 18/05/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 22/06/2018

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Activities in a toys library

The Social Centre Confluence works with different types of publics : children, infants, families, adults with psychical diseases, through different kinds of activities : kindergarten, renting games, various workshops (cooking, languages, crafts, …). The volunteer will be mainly in the toys...

REDON, France

От 07/09/2018 до 07/08/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: 30/06/2018

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Volunteers 2018

Kalmar BTK is a table tennis club located just outside the center of Kalmar and founded in 1960. Overall, the club has about 100 active members of all ages. The club is working to support youngsters and develop them to become better table tennis players. The club is an ideal association and has a...

Kalmar, Sweden

От 01/08/2018 до 31/05/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: No deadline.

Volunteering Project "Heres"

During 10 months, the volunteers will work together in the multi-ethnic play room “ Alveare” – that accommodates 25 Italian and foreign children from 3 to 6 years old; in the “House of Peace” - the place in which Caritas and the Mondoaltro Foundation are going to organise training, conference,...

Agrigento, Italy

От 01/10/2018 до 31/07/2019

Срок за подаване на заявлението: No deadline.

Pays de la Loire volunteer team

This voluntary project will gather a group of 12 European volunteers with 2 french volunteers to create a team. Two missions : enchancement of built heritage and the development of relations with locals. The first worksite will be in Marigné Peuton (Mayenne county) from June 22th to 13th. With a...

Rennes, France

От 01/06/2018 до 30/09/2018

Срок за подаване на заявлението: No deadline.