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project description

Dum deti a mladeze Kamarad (The House of children and youth Friend) is founded by town Česká Třebová. It was established in order to provide education to children and youth in their leisure time. The organisation has 4 employees for full time and about 40 external leaders of workshops. We offer activities mainly for children and youth from 3 till 18 years old, but also some for adults. The organisation is interested in regular leisure time activities (about 55 workshops), it organizes irregular leisure time activities, holiday activities, competitions and exhibitions in the fields of sport, art, music, social sciences and natural sciences. We also manage exhibitions and performances in cooperation with the town hall (before Easter and Christmas time), where we exhibit the works of children from kinder gardens, schools and organisations of different fields of public life. During our activities we cooperate a lot with some organisations in our town such as library, museum.


volunteer profile

We are open for all young people, who are interested in working with children, youngsters and adults. Our activities are for small children with their parents, mainly for children from basic schools, we try to start activities for youngsters who are at their twenties – European youth club. We have several music activities and so we will be pleased to have a volunteer who knows to play an instrument, but it is not the main condition. We organise clubs of cooking, workshops handy hands, theatre performances with and for small children.


how to apply

Each volunteer have to send motivation letter and cCV in English and according number of volunteers we try to find 1 or more candidate. Decesion will be of coorinator of EBS, director and pedagogical staff. Volunteer could prepare foto colage about him or her self.