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Network Kronoberg - Cultural folk formation in Sweden, Växjö

popis projektu

The volunteer will mainly work with our dance studio Kulturama Preparandum and our music activities but will also
learn what a ”studieförbund” is, what we do and how we work. This includes how to manage our attendance lists,
to report, sort and file them. The volunteer will learn how a study circle works, and are encouraged to create their
own. The volunteer can learn how to market for example a dance course, to create posters, how to spread them
and develop a good marketing idea together with us. Examples of typical volunteer tasks:

Sort and file the attendance list for the different courses
Update social media
Prepare room and equipment for an evening activity
Attend/Assist during a street dance class
Prepare for a big show, creating decoration, help plan the logistics and schedule
Do an inventarium of the dance and music equipment


ubytování, stravování, doprava

The volunteer will live either in a shared house together with other volunteers. He/she will have a single room and access to Internet and will be sharing kitchen and bathroom. The volunteers will have access to bicycles.
The volunteer will receive 115 Euros as pocket money and around 200 Euros as food money.


školení během projektu

The volunteer will participate in 1 arrival training and 1 mid-term training.


profil dobrovolníka

Volunteer profile
We are looking for volunteers that are open towards working in a multicultural environment and have an interest in
culture, especially dance and music. It is also important that the volunteer share Medborgarskolan’s idea of a
pleasure-filled learning and the humanistic view that is the core of Medborgarskolan. Besides this, it s positive that
the candidates are:
-Interested in sharing his/hers culture
-Interested in teaching


jak se přihlásit

If you are interested in this project please send your CV and motivation letter in english to
medborgarskolan@globalakronoberg.se before set date in the European portal. Mark it with ”Medborgarskolan”.


další informace

Links: http://www.sip.se/evs-project-in-medborgarskolan/, http://www.dansaivaxjo.se/en/home.html

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