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International countryside

project description

Our area includes 8 small but independent towns. The biggest town is Nivala where are 11 000 residents and the smallest is Pyhäntä with just 1650 residents. All these towns are in rural area and located in western Finland near the coast. Keskipiste-Leader works with many small and local operators and the idea is to place volunteer in some of those to work. These local operators are for example village associations, municipalities youth work, or parishes youth work. The role of volunteer is dependent on which local operator they will work. Work for EVS would be very versatile but likely it would be with children and youth and/or culture. Volunteer will learn the Finnish way to do youth work and get many new contacts. EVS would see the lifestyle of true Finnish countryside and get to know people who are living in it. Typical tasks for volunteer:
- School dormitory supervisor
- Assist in planning and carrying out events for people in all ages
- Village "club house" housekeeping


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Every volunteer will live in a flat (with separated rooms, own bathroom and common kitchen). Volunteers will receive bicycle to move around area. Also it is possible to borrow a car. Pocket money is 125€ / month.

- Volunteer who will work at folk school, can eat free breakfast, lunch and dinner during school days in the canteen. For weekends she/he get food support money 200€/month.
- Volunteers who will work at village house / associations can eat free lunch during opening days . Food support money is given to buy own food.


training during the project

All volunteers will participate On-Arrival and Mid-Term Training organized by Finnish National Agency Cimo.

Volunteers will have possibility to participate Finnish lessons at folk school or vocational school.


volunteer profile

It would be good if the volunteer is from countryside and used to live in rural areas or is interested about it. Anyone can apply the placement, applicants are free to send us their CV and motivation letter via e-mail.
Working hours differ from typical and there will be voluntary work in the evenings and weekends. Volunteers need to be flexible on working hours. Primarily volunteers would live in town center but they must be prepared to live far from the center depending the placement.


how to apply

Send us an e-mail with your CV and motivation letter to evs(a) . Selection for the most suitable volunteer is made in co-operation with local operators. The decision will be based on motivation. It is also possible that there will be Skype interviews with the candidates.


additional information

Volunteers must understand that they are coming in total countryside and their living and working places can be very far from town centres and the public transportation is poor.
Volunteer must understand that winter is very cold and dark in Finland. There are not many amusements here and everything is far from everywhere. Mostly the accommodation would be in schools dormitory or in villages "club house".