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Sustainable Living Lab

project description

This is an experiential learning project focusing on spirituality, sustainability and community. It is located at Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center one hour drive from Copenhagen. Ananda Gaorii offers retreats and workshops on the topics of yoga and meditation, health, personal growth, organic food growing, alternative economic models and other topics associated with personal and social change. We also host volunteers from around the world seeking a more meaningful and sustainable way of life. We have an organic bakery and grow organic veggies for market and for our own use. Yoga and meditation are part of our daily routine and we follow a vegetarian diet. Volunteer tasks include learning and practicing yoga and meditation, garden work, renovation and construction, cooking and cleaning, event organizing and hosting, organizing community activities, group facilitation, social media promotion, guiding guests and short term volunteers and regular household chores.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Accommodation is provided in shared rooms and dormitories depending on the number of volunteers present. Vegetarian food is also provided. Public transport is available to the nearby town of Vig and to Copenhagen. Our own bakery delivery van travels to Copenhagen every day and volunteers can get a free ride. The beach is six kilometers away and can be reached on foot or by bicycle or by public transport.


training during the project

Volunteers will be given guidance and coaching in yoga and meditation and those who have an interest and aptitude can also take yoga teacher training. The Bio-Intensive system of organic food growing is taught as well as workshops on Permaculture and various DIY topics. Weekly classes on yoga philosophy are offered and volunteers will learn various practical skills such as vegetarian cooking, group facilitation and handyman skills through participation in the daily work of the Ashram.


volunteer profile

Looking for volunteers with strong interest in yoga & meditation & willing to practice on a daily basis. Cigarettes, drugs & alcohol not permitted. Would like volunteers with an interest in community living ready to take an active part in community life. Practical skills: gardening, carpentry, car/bike/appliance repair, computer networks, cooking. Social skills: group facilitation, organizing youth activities, social media advertising, fund-raising, project management & volunteer management. Teaching ability: any of above, NVC, conflict resolution, yoga, permaculture, etc., Art/music talent.


how to apply

Send us an email with your CV and cover letter. Generic cover letters (the same letter sent to many places) will not be considered. As well as your talents, interests and experience we also wish to hear why you are attracted to this specific project.


additional information

We do a lot of food collection from supermarkets. Supermarkets throw away a lot of good food because the packaging is damaged, they have excess amount or the expiry date is passed. We eat well and most of us don't need to buy anything extra but we give volunteers some extra pocket money in case they want to supplement their diet. Between one third and one half of the world's food production is thrown away. Our vegetarian diet is not specifically vegan or gluten free but we are able to cater for those on vegan and or gluten-free diets although you might need to get some extras e.g. nuts, etc.


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