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Projet de médiation autour des livres micro-édités

Volunteering projects

descrizione del progetto

The volunteer will have a plural mission within La Fanzinothèque.
This mission will firstly be centred on the reception of the public and the mediation in micro-edition.
Then, it will also deal with the technique of the “screen printing” via presentations, exhibitions and workshops.
A mission of communication of events could be added to the previous ones.
Shortly, his/her main activities will be:
- the mediation in micro-edition and the technique of the screen printing through workshops, presentation of exhibitions other events
- the reception in La Fanzinothèque or during events organized by the structure
- the communication of the proposed events
- the implementation of exhibitions and other presentations about micro-edition
(S)he can also be at the origin of new ideas, activities that (s)he will implement alone or with the team, according to his/her desires and abilities.


alloggio, vitto e trasporto

The volunteer has his/her own accommodation or is in a house shared with other EVS volunteers.
(S)he receives monthly money for food and pocket money.
The volunteer has a bus card to travel on all the bus lines in Poitiers.


formazione durante il progetto

The volunteer will be trained in the screen printing as well as in the technical manufacturing process of a micro-edited book. (S)he will be also trained to the documentary techniques used within the structure (processing of documents, cataloguing, digitalization, on-line publishing of the collection).
S(h)e will attend On-arrival and Mid-term trainings organized by the French National Agency.


profilo del volontario

The volunteer is someone communicative and curious. (S)he is motivated, interested in the project and above all is able to propose his/her own ideas. The volunteer has read the description of the project on the database and is able to criticize it. The volunteer has an interest for graphics art, micro-edition, reading, the philosophy of “do it yourself”, information, communication, human relationships and animation. S(h)e is able to use visual computer programs: Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, etc. The volunteer likes both teamwork and autonomous work and (s)he is interested in arts.


come fare domanda

If you are interested in this project, send your cv and cover letter to fanzino@fanzino.org
The volunteer is chosen according to his/her motivation and interest to the project and to the activities. It will be paid special attention to cover letters.


informazioni supplementari

A pre-intermediate knowledge of French language is required.


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