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Caritas Centre for women and children asylum seekers - APRIL deadline

project description

The project in Louvranges consists of hosting female asylum seekers, single or with children in 22 apartments. The team assists the residents in the legal, social and medical field. The goal is to give the mothers a maximum of autonomy starting from their own capacity in order to be ready to leave the Logis and start an independent life.
Volunteers will be working with the service of leisure activities to carry out activities for the children and the women. Their main tasks will be:
- to help with the organisation of the daycare within the centre and to suggest activities for children (0-3 years old)
- to co-lead and to co-organise activities for children (creative & artistic workshops, sports activities,...)
- to develop a bicycle workshop
- to co-organise workshops with families in order to improve communication & community harmony (cooking workshop or any other activities)
- to offer individual support to new families (ex: how to read a map, to take public transportation,...)


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The two volunteers will share a flat within the Logis de Louvranges, it means the volunteers will live on their workplace. They will share a kitchen/living room area as well as a bathroom but each of them will have their own bedroom.

They will get a travelcard allowing them to access the closest cities (Ottiginies, Louvain-la-Neuve, Wavre) and Brussels, located at about 30km from Louvranges.

Volunteer will receive a monthly allowance for food and pocket money.

Keep in mind that the Logis de Louvranges are located in an ISOLATED area, there are no many buses passing by.


volunteer profile

We are looking for volunteers who are interested by migration issues in general and willing to interact with asylum seekers (especially with women and children).

We are not looking for any type of special skills, motivation being the most important criteria for the selection of the volunteers. The best qualities of a volunteer for this type of project are: flexibility, open-mindedness, empathy, interest for the thematic of the project, team spirit, ready to take initiatives and good capacity to adapt.


how to apply

Candidates are required to send a CV and a PROJECT-RELATED motivation letter to before the deadline.

A short-list will be selected based on the CV, motivation letters and questionnaire. The pre-selected candidates will be contacted and will be invited to a Skype interview.


additional information

Due to the current asylum policy in Belgium, the number and the profile of the residents can be subject to changes beyond control of the host organisation and JAVVA. We are therefore looking for flexible volunteers with a good capacity for adaptation as the content of the project may differ from the description.


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