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eWorld Community

description of organisation

eWorld Community is a non-profit, ICT organization with headquarters in Kochani, Macedonia. It is the first organization of its find not only in the country but also in the region. Our primary goal is to raise the awareness of the local and regional institutions that not everything has to be done for a financial benefit, especially when it comes to projects and activities of public interest. eWorld Community has members and local volunteers that dedicate their time to work on various projects related to creating software solutions that are beneficial for the entire society and are entirely free. This way we are sending a strong message that our intentions are purely beneficial for our society by engaging young and ambitious people who are willing to improve their knowledge in the ICT sector and afterwards by implementing the knowledge they gained in order to create a social benefit.Furthermore, we are looking forward to promote the volunteering even more strongly among the youngsters in Kochani and beyond, by hosting volunteers from other countries - participants in the European Volunteering Service (EVS) program. Thus, not only will we help our society develop a better relationship with the citizens (volunteers) from other countries, but we will also help the volunteers learn about our culture, customs, language, tradition and so forth. We are looking forward to hosting volunteers who will be engaged in various activities (described in more detail below) and non-formal learning of web design and many other related fields of ICT. Our small town has already proven to be very hospitable and friendly to our EVS volunteers and to youth from other local NGOs that have been hosting volunteers for several years now, and all of their volunteers are being accepted and warmly welcomed into our society.- In our previous experience with EVS at the local level, we are proud to say that we have achieved positive results in the local community and beyond. Since we started hosting EVS volunteers in February 2014, thanks to their involvement we achieved the following successful projects:- We developed 15 free websites for local schools and other non-governmental organizations- We organized three multicultural concerts with participation of both our EVS volunteers together and the Kochani Music School students, and this collaboration results in a youth exchange program in Turkey- We have organized free foreign language courses for the local community in which our EVS volunteers took part as language instructors in their native languages. eWorld Community has issued more than 30 certificates to the local participants who finished their course successfully- We undertook activities in cooperation with the Mobilnost association from Kochani, aimed at helping persons with disabilities- Our volunteers with their work on our EVS project had received great experience in computer competence, communications skills on higher level in different languages and great cultural experience.In a joint project with the municipalities of Kochani and Zrnovci, EVS volunteers helped us promote tourism in both municipalities by properly marking walking trails, sites for extreme sports, construction of resting areas, creating a website for promotionOur motivation to send youth from our town to other European countries, as part of the sending option in this program, is to provide these young individuals with the opportunity to experience volunteering activities abroad, to gain knowledge and learn many new things in different areas of interest. Upon their return, they will be able to share their experience and knowledge with the rest of our community. It is exactly in this segment, that the true value, benefits and quality of our work will be helpful.We would also like to continue hosting volunteers, 8 per month, in order to continue our good work and successful projects. Taking into consideration our successful long term project with the EVS program and the success we have achieved in every area of the local community, we would like to continue in the same manner. Even more so due to the fact that after their stay, our volunteers gained significant skills in terms of ICT, learned foreign languages, improved communication skills, creativity, work habits, etc. They are the best promoters and ambassadors of the EVS program and its success.

Volunteering project

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Welcome to Gaziantep
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May 2018 to Sep 2018
15/05/2018 - 11/09/2018
01/08/2018 open