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description of organisation

The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights is a nongovernmental organisation whose members are associations active in the promotion of gender equality and women’s rights. The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights is independent from political parties, religious institutions or governmental structures. It represents Portugal in the European Women’s Lobby (an NGO that brings together over 4000 women’s organisations from all over Europe) and the Association des Femmes de l’Europe Méridionale (an NGO whose members are women’s rights organisations from France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain). The Platform has consultative status in the NGO Section of the ECOSOC of the United Nations.
The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights launched, in September 2012, the Maria Alzira Lemos Center - House of Associations, which is a common office for women’s NGOs, providing a working place with the possibility of sharing equipment and uniting forces. The Center has a space for training, a Documentation Center and a Technical Support Office that gives assistance to the NGOs.
The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights aims to provide to its members an organisational instrument that:
• contributes to their empowerment and increased visibility, at all levels;
• facilitates their articulation and mobilisation for collective actions;
• promotes joint reflection and discussion about strategies to achieve gender equality;
• defends their interests in institutional interlocution and structured civil dialogue;
• organises common actions to promote the introduction of a gender equality perspective in the organisational cultures and the action plans of NGOs working in other fields;
• promotes transnational cooperation, particularly in the European Union.
The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights wishes to strengthen and support these NGOs’ in the implementation of gender equality in Portugal and, more widely, in Europe.