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Kesklinna Vaba Aja Keskus

description of organisation

To get information about service possibilities in Kesklinna Noortekeskus, please contact their coordinating organisation Tallinn’s Youth Sport Departement on Leisure Center is an umbrella organization for Kesklinna youth center, Kristiine youth center, Hopneri Maja and Rahvarinde Muuseum. Kesklinna Leisure Centre is engaged in the development and preservation of culture, creating opportunities for people for free self-expression and creativity, cultural events, related services and the spirit of preserving, exhibiting and promotion of cultural heritage. Also it is organisation of youth work and it supports youth initiative to develop youth work in the city center.Kesklinna youth center is a modern youth center with big seminar rooms and office spaces for youth organizations. Kesklinna youth center is not a typical youth center, it is meant for active youngsters aged 14-26, who wish to organize events, take part in clubs offered by the youth center (voluntary club, international club, youth TV, design club, film club etc.). Kesklinna youth center is offering youngsters opportunities for non-formal and active education. Kesklinna youthcenter was officially opened in November 2014, but they organized different events and hold hostel before since May 2014. Kristiine youth centre is open to all from 7-26 years of age in order to provide a wide range of opportunities for recreation and for developing activities. In Kristiine youth centre guests have an opportunity to communicate, play different popular games, acquire useful information, to do their homework’s and get help and advice from youth workers. In addition youth centre organizes different multi-developing activities, events, workshops and clubs. In the planning and implementation of its activities youth centre supports youth initiative and follows the principles of non-formal learning. Some of the non-formal activities are held together with schools. Youngsters can grow their initiative by developing their own ideas in to actual events. If they wish, they can also use youth workers advice and help. Kristiine youth centre also provides opportunity to rent rooms and multimedia equipment. Volunteers are involved in planning and implementation of youth centers activities and they also can plan and participate in activities outside of the youth center, for example excursions with clubs, hikes, town camps, projects. Very welcomed are volunteer's own initiative activities where they can use their skills, knowledge’s and interests. Youth center offers for volunteers an opportunity to organize events and clubs. Each volunteer can organize cultural evenings, which introduces the culture of their home country to get better acquainted with each other. Weekly EVS´s can conduct language lessons to teach their mother tongue. Concrete activities which will be carried out by the new volunteer will be decided during planning process with the volunteer. In this process EVS can suggest ideas which are based on his or her interests.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projects
Geographical obstacles
Economic obstacles