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description of organisation

In Tour is a non-profit organization, that operates in the areas of social promotion and tourism, European projects and training, since 2010. It consists of youngsters from Calabria, who have decided to invest their intellectual and creative force in their own territory. It operates in Calabria and at the same time throughout Europe. It features local, regional and national broad partnerships with public and private entities, as well as companies. The main goal of the association is to support local development in order to raise standards to European levels. Specifically, we organize mobility for young people and professionals in the fields of education, training and business. Our main commitment is to promote European mobility for all the people who wants to draw inspiration and teaching thanks to the exchange of good practice with other European bodies. This is a new and unique way to learn about cultures, patterns of learning and social and economic growth. At all levels, the European exchange offers the opportunity to practice the English language, to increase the knowledge on specific topics, make new interdisciplinary and multicultural experiences, and to develop the so called soft skills, such as problem solving, the spirit of initiative and creativity. It also boosts the circulation of knowledge, which is crucial for Europe's future growth for a local smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The association has received funding from the Youth in Action Programme and the Leonardo Programme, which has enabled it to operate at European level in the best way and with excellent results. In tour support active participation, stimulating and reinforcing personal, social, civic and creative skills of young people in order to make them the protagonists for a possible change, helping to build the future of the Union. The Association contributes to the recognition and appreciation of cultural diversity through mutual exchange and learning, where cultural diversity is seen as a source of enrichment to form the individual to become a human resource for the collective good.

Specifically, our activities are classified in the following areas:
(Inter-) Cultural: we boast a very large network at local, national and European level, that consists, not only by associations, but local development agencies, institutes, public authorities, schools and universities, we work in synergy to create joint projects. We also promote cultural and educational events (such as exhibitions, performances and film club). We organize art workshops for the development of creativity (including creative recycling for the promotion of an eco-friendly attitude), free courses in English and German for children and adults based on non-formal education method, social photo labs for an image and active citizenship education, and social theater workshops. Since 2010 IN TOUR works for the promotion of youth mobility programs and training in a European dimension; promotion of the importance of development cooperation based on the enhancement of national identity. In addition to the exchanges, In Tour has received the approval of a Leonardo Project entitled "Empowering European Labour Market", or "Strengthening the European Labour Market", which will host during the summer of 2014, 10 German interns in the touristic resorts of Costa degli Dei, especially between Pizzo and Tropea. These activities will give visibility to our area giving a European dimension. In addition, the young people will be a source of cultural enrichment for both our young people and for the land itself.
Tourism promotion and improvement of the typicality of the area: realization of tourist activities such as tours in the historic centers of Pizzo and Tropea, for tourists and school tours including wine tours, visits to the WWF Oasis, hiking trails aimed at developing knowledge of the local flora and fauna.
In Tour also operates as non-commercial promoter to attract new tourists throughout the Costa degli Dei, offering visitors, accommodations, packages, travel services and tours of various types: sports, culinary, cultural and natural. We actively involve all regional areas, including the Calabrian hinterland. The enhancement of these areas is predominantly based on our culture and on the typical products that distinguish it. The promotion takes place mainly through sustainable forms of tourism, as well as through the promotion of the multi-building hotel formula that currently does not exist, but in fact we are trying to achieve actively involving all local tour operators who find among them positive forms of collaboration.
Social: we are able to give support to foreigners on the territory not only in active listening, but also help them in paperwork and administrative in our office. In fact, despite the enormous linguistic difficulties that we find, we try to accommodate the needs and demands of immigrants and put ourselves as partners of the public administration. It would be very helpful for us to host a volunteer to play the role of mediator, thanks to knowledge of the mother tongue of immigrants in our area, so as to facilitate the understanding and integration of foreign citizens in our social context, and at the same time able to act more and more clearly to improve their quality of life.
In addition IN TOUR has made legality activities educating its young people through direct comparison with peers from other European countries (Denmark) by the transfer of best practice.

The staff of the association is formed by a group of young people with experience of study and work abroad. Some members have many years of experience within the association as euro projector and youth educators. Specifically, the members of the association individually possess the following requirements:
Karin Callipo: Expert in European project; degree in Corporate and Institutional Communication, knowledge of English, German, French.
Marco Ingenuo: graduated in Conservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage; graphics expert, art workshops, professional photographer; knowledge of the English language; Valeria Picerno: Expert in European project, graduated in International Relations and expert on EU Law and EU Policies. Knowledge of English and German; Vittoria Ceravolo: graduated in Foreign Languages for International Communication English and Spanish; expert in human resources and team building; Jennifer Callipo: Youth Educator and expert in development cooperation and volunteerism; Giovanni Rasulo: Accounter of European projects, graduate in

motivation and evs experience

The European Voluntary Service is an excellent opportunity for youngster's growth, both personal and professional, it is an opportunity of education for active citizenship, as well as a concrete possibility to contribute to the social and cultural local development which enriches the person who decides to carry out the EVS.
The decision to volunteer is a manifestation of solidarity among young Europeans from different countries, is the choice to invest their time, competences and manpower in service of the local community. Volunteering is for young people a good opportunity both to enter the world of "social" work and to get to know and appreciate it from the inside. From a purely personal point of view, to have this experience allows young people to become more independent, more flexible and open minded, is a way to strengthen the so-called "Transversal Skills", which are an integral part of the Key Competences adopted in 2006 by the European Commission, including concepts and standards in the more general framework of the "European framework of Key Competences".
IN TOUR, as sending organization would like to offer to the youngsters present in the Calabria area, especially in the Province of Vibo Valentia, but not just there, the possibility of different perspectives by fostering exchange and solidarity, strengthening social cohesion and fostering active participation. The discovery of new horizons, inclusion in other social and cultural contexts are, for each volunteer, an opportunity to develop personal aspirations, combining enthusiasm and responsibility, strengthening self-confidence and learning to work in groups. These are the values that our association spreads, both during the implementation of its projects, and as branch of the Europe Direct that we manage on behalf of the municipality of Pizzo.
IN TOUR association is also proposing as host organization, as we believe that in our area there are great opportunities for young people from various nationalities in various sectors such as tourism, culture, youth policy and the inclusion of volunteer respond to the aspirations of widening and internationalization of the local context.
As outlined by the representatives of the National Youth Agency during the regional meeting held in Catanzaro in 2011, many young people from Calabria are turning to accredited institutions based in other areas of Italy. After several years of experience, not only in the field of the Youth in Action Programme, but also in other programs such as LLP, In Tour wants to begin operating under the EVS and volunteering in general and to offer then, a concrete support to young Calabrian wishing to start this experience.
We have been always really interested in operating in this way, but now more than ever we have the ability to operate effectively, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of one of our founding partners, Jennifer Francesca Callipo, who was White Helmet for a year in Peru thanks to Social Service abroad. She will be the main contact person for the realization of the EVS, of course, supported by the entire team of IN TOUR. In addition, having worked in Vibo Valentia Province, for three years, in a consistent manner for the benefit of young people, has made possible for the Association to create a local network which will ensure the proper functioning of EVS. There are many organizations that support our association and who work with us, including the Municipality of Pizzo. In fact, as previously reported, we obtained the management of the Europe Direct Branch( totally free and voluntary), which will allow us to increase the dissemination and the multiplier effect of European programs, which In Tour managed.
On December 3, 2013 we were in Gioiosa Jonica, at the Europe Direct Headquarter, at an event to raise awareness of European issues and we built close relationships with the new representative of the Representative Office of the Calabria Region in Brussels (Serena Angioli, already your co-worker at the ANG). At that time we talked about the importance of communicating Europe at all levels in our territory and the presence of volunteers / the opportunity to send our young people abroad, will represent one of the vehicles (the more beautiful and the most effective compared to words) to promote Europe, its values, its added value. Our youngsters, through the EVS experience abroad, will get in touch with the solidarity commitment and it allow them to touch with hands Europe made of small contests as well, in which they find themselves absorbed by the possibility of learning by doing. Having contacts with the "stranger", both abroad and locally, will enable young people to approach him self-educate themselves to the cultural meeting, to the comparison, to the questioning, so promoting dialogue and tolerance. Do not underestimate the importance of learning / improving another language. As hosting organization, IN TOUR, will offer the young European Voluntary total immersion in the local culture through various activities in which the association is involved: tourism, arts and culture, youth policy, environmental education, recreational activities and thanks also to the various associations involved in social with whom IN TOUR collaborate offering his volunteer service for the implementation of specific activities. The volunteer will be supported by members of the association engaged in local development and will be included among the young people of the place, allowing his full integration, as well as the possibility of building relationships in the community who receives him. Our local reality is not only made by Italians, but also by a large and diverse community of foreigners, among them Bulgarians, Ukrainians, English and Irish.

project environment

Our EVS project will take place in the small town of Pizzo, a town of 9,264 inhabitants in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria, located overlooking the sea, in the middle of the Gulf of St. Euphemia. It is a fishing village and a tourist destination, a village dedicated to fishing, agriculture and commerce.
In Tour works in different fields:
Territorial promotion activities:
Tourism in recent years has really characterized this town, from the first years of the 900 is a popular resort for its long, sandy beaches and coves between cliffs of sandstone. The elements that influence the choice of Pizzo as a destination for holidays or just a tour visit are: the proximity to the sea, the Church of Piedigrotta , the second most visited monument of Calabria, and the Aragonese Castle, the place where Joachim Murat, King of Naples was shot. The enhancement and promotion of the characteristics of this territory by the association IN TOUR are carried out through a series of activities that allow you to find out how and in what way the local uniqueness can be developed. We promote natural sites, visit paths, monuments, typical products and crafts thanks to the hard work done throughout the year: first we study the importance, history, characteristics and potential that the item concerned has or may have in promoting territorial, wildlife and tourism. Then we move to the feasibility and plan how and in what way use a site or enhance it. We verify the existence of obstacles and difficulties of various kinds considering how and to whom it is addressed. How to promote it? What kind of results we want to achieve? Last, but not least, we pass to the promotion of what we studied. The promotion includes the creation of informational materials, updating the digital pages, dissemination of material produced at the public institutions, local associations, the press, the tourism actors. The implementation of tourist activities will be held in the office located in the historical center. This office, in addition to carrying out the activities described above, provides the opportunity for visitors and tourists passing through to provide guidance, support and help during their visit.
Social promotion and integration
Our target group are youngster from Calabria and foreigners living in the area, mostly coming from East Europe. After several years of population decline, lately there has been a growth in population, this variation is due to the presence of groups of immigrants of various nationalities from Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania accounting for 3.38%, 0.62% and 0, 47% of the total population (Istat 31 December 2010). Several foreigners from these regions of Europe live in the center and the peripheries of the city, but most of the time in isolation from the rest of the population. At the moment we are implementing activities within the social center run by IN TOUR in order to achieve and get in touch with the local youth: theater, murals, graphics labs, movies and Italian language courses for foreigners, football and volleyball match using sport as a means of social inclusion, African dance. Not just these activities, but also those provided from September, are promoted and carried out by local youths who voluntarily support our initiatives and want to give their support for the change, the promotion of tolerance and solidarity. Particularly to involve and integrate young people of different nationalities. Although countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine are the countries of the European Union on the paper, in fact they face.
The volunteer will be able to see and be involved in all the activities of the association, specifically:
1. Role of the volunteer
The volunteer will be heavily involved and integrated in the team of the association and will be engaged in one of the areas of significant work in our organization (as defined above), that best suits their skills and interests. The involvement of the volunteer will be encouraged by giving the opportunity to actively contribute to the community through his/her own creativity, initiative, skills and experience. During the service, the volunteer will be able to develop a project of his or her initiative in his/her interest, to be developed in the cultural, social and / or tourism in the context of action of the association, supported by the staff of IN TOUR . We expect the volunteer to write monthly brief reports on their experience that may be used by us as a yardstick and that they may be published on the website, Facebook page and newsletter of the association in order to motivate other young people to start a volunteer activity.
2. Services and learning opportunities
IN TOUR aims to provide the opportunity for young people to live an intense and creative experience, not only to carry out the tasks but a real service to the community. Learning opportunity that will give the chance to volunteers to get in touch with people from different social and cultural backgrounds, to contribute through the logic of cultural exchange to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the local people and gain new experiences. Acquire experiences of intercultural communication, teamwork, planning and design, working with new and creative methodologies through non-formal method. The volunteers will engage in different fields of work such as non-formal education courses, recreational training courses, seminars, assistance in the development and promotion of the territory and sustainable tourism. He will learn to create informational materials through the use of graphics programs, writing and layout (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), working with us for the promotion of tours in the protected WWF Oasis at Angitola Lake and contribute to the organization of awareness campaigns on environmental issues.
The first phase will guide the volunteers, during this phase they will be encouraged to learn our language, learn about the different dimensions and objectives of our work, as well as our local, national and international network. In the second phase, the volunteers will be able to find and develop together with the mentor, on the base of the approved project, a more targeted dimension of work based on the interests and skills of the volunteer. Volunteers will also be encouraged to develop their own project in order to instill in them the spirit of initiative and creativity.
3. 1 Activities and tasks of the volunteers in the promotion of tourism and territory
- Support the leaders of the sector in the implementation of the process of development and promotion.
- Participate in site visits, meetings with individuals and entities belonging to our network
- Search of the necessary material for the study and preparation of the content
- Attend meetings on strategies, participate in meetings with public authorities as regards the law and other things of a legal and administrative
- Realize pathways visit, excursions
- Produce and distribute the material and / or the results of the study phase and feasibility.
- Realize the material, using graphics programs, writing and layout, update the digital pages of the website and Facebook.
- Support the activities of the front office in the management of requests, provide information and office management.
3. 2 Activity and tasks of the volunteers in promoting social and cultural integration
- Support activities with children and young people of the place, organization of workshops and seminars within our offices
- Develop solidarity and cultural understanding with the youth of the area
- Learn to work in teams
- Learn Italian and practice English (during international events)
- Learn the culture and traditions of South Italy
- Opportunity to learn how to plan, organize and develop all phases of a project
- Organize cultural and sport events (such as theater, dance and music, group games)
- Support for different courses on the agenda
- Play the role of linguistic and cultural mediator at our office in collaboration with the Municipality of Pizzo.1.
We expect that the volunteer will work between 30 to 38 hours per week, including language training. The time and days will be from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. However, the work schedule will be adapted to the needs of volunteers and the activities within which they will be involved require a certain level of openness and flexibility of the volunteers. The supervisor and the volunteer will plan a clear and detailed weekly program.
No special skills or language skills are requested to the volunteer, may be of greater help the interest about tourist activities, entertainment, personal creativity and initiative. Essential feature is the respect in interpersonal relationships and openness to others, regardless of their political, economic and social situation. It is hoped that the volunteer develop their own project or initiative during the service, so as to demonstrate that the voluntary actions may contribute to the person's personal growth and/or to the creation of creative and artistic project to the local community. We are interested in recruiting EVS volunteers by sending organizations who are interested in long-term cooperation and communication. The recruitment will be done in a transparent manner with the online publication of our projects and their deadlines. Candidates may send their CV and motivation letter in English and the selection will be regularly published in advance.
Ensuring all quality standards required for the participation in the European Voluntary Service, IN TOUR is able to simultaneously accommodate:
- Medium-and Long-term: up to 4 volunteers
- Groups of volunteers for short periods: up to 10 volunteers.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Educational difficulties
  • Social obstacles
  • Cultural differences