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F.A.A.M. (Federación Almeriense de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad)

descrizione dell'organizzazione

Federación Almeriense de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad/ Almeria Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities (FAAM), a group composed of 18 associations of Almería province, makes all kinds of activities and actions to support people with disabilities, offering the following services: counseling (intervention and technical support) , associations, care and geriatric care and rehabilitative social dynamics (individual and social welfare), training and employment (social integration) and accessibility (removing barriers and technical aids). Its main objective is to work for and to achieve full integration of the group of people with disabilities, especially those with reduced mobility and / or physical severely affected.

FAAM is a member of the Andalusian Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (CANF-COCEMFE Andalusia), the Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (COCEMFE), the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI), the Association of Special Employment Centres of the Andalusian Community (ACECA) and the Business Association of Special Employment Centres of Almeria (ACEAL).

FAAM has more than 200 employees, divided between its headquarters in Almeria, the 11 day stays units for the elderly and disabled, 3 nurseries and 1 occupational center managed both in Almeria and in different towns of the province. It also has the support of a bag of volunteers working in various activities, mainly leisure time, organized both by FAAM as federated associations.

motivazione ed esperienza sve

Federación Almeriense de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad/ Almeria Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities (FAAM) ) (last EI reference 2010-ES-85) hosts and sends European volunteers with the main aim of giving them an intercultural learning experience, encouraging their active participation, building up their employability and giving them the opportunity of showing support with the group of people with disabilities.
The FAAM EVS project is within its actions and activities of attention to disabled people as a main part of them, giving the volunteers the opportunity of being involved in all kind of tasks in which they can give their support, interest and enthusiasm.
FAAM has a wide and continuous experience in EVS/ Youth Programme, considering that since 1999 has hosted 43 volunteers from all over Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Hungary) and also has sent 22 volunteers from Almería to countries such as United Kingdom, Germany or Portugal.
Not only in hosting projects but as well in sending ones FAAM has achieved, without exception, a high grade of satisfaction in relation to the tasks developped by volunteers, who have always got used to their place of arrival and the tasks they have had to develop, showing great interest in learning and knowing their local community and also their hosting organization.
Finally, FAAM believes that the developped hosting EVS project, “Support in Activities for Disabled People” gives a great contribution to our organization and also to the participant volunteers, considering that it increases the mutual knowledge of the corresponding cultures and visions of the parts involved, helping to increase and improve social, technical and professional competence and skills.
Of course FAAM will always follow the principles of the Programme Guide and the EVS Charter, commiting to fulfill all the formal elements and the guideline.
As coordinating organization, FAAM will watch over the stablishment of strong partnerships which guarantee a right management of the projects, both in administrative and technical aspects. The Activity Agreements will describe in detail the elements of management suitable for each project. In any case, FAAM commits to stablish and put into practice the technical, educational and administrative means which ensure an open and complete learning method for volunteers, an effective and customized monitoring and tutoring method for volunteers, a clear financial management and in general the performance of all the rules of the Programme Guide.

ambiente del progetto

Project environment:

The EVS hosting project of FAAM is inserted into its actions and activities of care for people with disabilities in all areas (counseling, associations, care and geriatric care and rehabilitative social dynamics, training and employment, and accessibility) as a fundamental part of the same, by involving the volunteers of all tasks where they can provide support, interest and enthusiasm.
Andalusia, in southern Spain, is a typically Mediterranean community, so that its climate and vegetation are influenced by the high temperatures and the friendly and hospitable character of its inhabitants. Our community bases its economic activity in tourism, agriculture and fisheries, which are the main sources of wealth for the Andalusian population, reaching this a medium-high economic level. Friends of friends, the sun, the sea and the countryside, the Andalusians are always open and people predisposed to welcoming all interested in our customs, culture and language.
Almeria Province, located in the south-east of Andalusia, bordered by the provinces of Murcia, Granada and Malaga, with which it is communicated through the A-92 and terrestrial and air public transport. It has the appeal of having all kinds of landscapes (the sea, the mountains and the desert) and bases its economy on agriculture (especially in greenhouses) and tourism. In addition, the province has experienced great development, both economic and infrastructure, due to the celebration of the XV Mediterranean Games in the summer of 2005.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

• FAAM strongly supports hosted volunteers, who always have the help of a tutor and a teacher of Spanish who provide language training and all types of documents and practical information to ensure their integration in the local community of Almeria and Andalusia, and also in FAAM activities and in the centers where they collaborate. EVS volunteers also have the support of all staff in FAAM, as well as of other volunteers who occasionally or regularly collaborate with the entity.
• FAAM provides specific training to hosted volunteers on the problems and how to properly care for and treat people with disabilities, especially the elderly and severely affected who daily come to the centers which the entity manages. Besides, FAAM informs and gives volunteers the opportunity to participate and / or collaborate in activities, workshops, conferences, courses, events, etc., organized by both the Federation and other organizations and institutions, to complete their training both in the issue of disability as volunteering or any other material that may be of their interest.

El papel
• The EVS hosting project of FAAM is inserted into its actions and activities of care for people with disabilities in all areas (counseling, associations, care and geriatric care and rehabilitative social dynamics, training and employment, and accessibility) as a fundamental part of the same, by involving the volunteers of all tasks where they can provide support, interest and enthusiasm.
• Perform support activities organized by the Federation and the federated associations in favour of the group of people with disabilities, such as:
 Support staff of day stays units for elderly and disabled, children's schools and occupational center managed by FAAM. The tasks of the volunteer will be helping with transportation, food, grooming and occupational therapy activities (drawing, crafts, music, etc.) for users.
 Support people with severe disabilities in transfers to attend the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center of FAAM, at its headquarters, cultural activities, etc. The volunteer will support FAAM bus and adapted vans drivers, taking care of people with disabilities so they can travel with maximum safety and comfort.
 Support summer camps and other leisure activities organized by FAAM and the federated associations for people with disabilities, facilitating the transfer of disabled persons both pushing wheelchairs and adapted transport through assisting in the toilet and meals, working with monitors in the development of games and various recreational activities (adapted sports, pool activities, workshops, crafts, drawing, painting, makeup, music, dancing, etc.).

• Providing suggestions, ideas and support on all types of projects and activities undertaken by FAAM and the federated associations for people with disabilities.


10.00 am Incorporation downtown.
10,00-12,30 am Support for the development of recreational, occupational therapy and toilet.
12.30-14.00 pm Support for lunch and rear toilet.
14.00-15.30 pm Support the transfer of persons with disabilities for rest after lunch to a bed or chair. Support ongoing care during the siesta .
16.00 pm Support for adapted transport and transfer out of the center.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

Volunteers FAAM would like to host should have some of the following features:
- Interest and motivation to work in the world of disability and / or social exclusion.
- Age located between 22 and 30 years old preferably, focusing towards selection on young people with emotional and psychological maturity enough to deal constructively with the daily problems of people with severe physical and mental disabilities.
- Minimum knowledge of the Spanish language (not essential).
FAAM informs about EVS vacancies through all possible means: websites dedicated to European volunteer projects and programs, e- mails addressed to all organizations involved in EVS which with FAAM has had and has contact, e- mails addressed to different actors in Spanish National Agency and the National Agencies of other countries involved in the program, e-mails and direct contact with volunteers who have participated in the program, etc.
FAAM will constitute a committee comprising the Head of the European Voluntary Service, the Management and the Presidency of FAAM, who will regularly meet to consider the various nominations for EVS project. For their application to be studied candidates will be asked to provide the following documents: curriculum vitae, covering letter, full details of their sending organization and any other data deemed necessary to ensure the final selection of the most suitable candidates for the project.
The selection process will always be open and transparent, as FAAM will maintain a direct contact (via e - mail or telephone) with the various candidates and their sending organizations, informing them of the progress of the selection process and the criteria that will account for the same, and to request any additional information or documents.
FAAM will always select volunteers prioritizing those with greater interest and motivation to work with the group of people with disabilities, as the work of FAAM, with activities that require daily contact with people with disabilities, in many cases of severe type, requires that both volunteers and staff involved have a high degree of motivation and maturity to deal with the responsibilities of their work.
The selected volunteer will always support and contribute to the activities of FAAM, but never cover a job, because to do that FAAM always follows a rigorous recruitment process which, unlike the selection of volunteers, requires very specific skills, work experience and academic training.
FAAM wants to work with all types of entities for both the sending and the hosting of volunteers, especially those dedicated to healthcare and social areas, especially those engaged in activities and/ or which have experience with people with disabilities.

Number of volunteers hosted:
Up to 10 volunteers

Risk prevention, protection and safety

FAAM will ensure at all times throughout the EVS project development suitable and safe living conditions and working practices for hosted volunteers by ensuring their accommodation, meals, transportation (if necessary), language training, authorization, tasks, etc. There will be continuous monitoring, constant and very close to the above conditions, to prevent or detect any problem, issue or crisis situation, moving to resolve them immediately, in collaboration with all parties involved (sending organization, volunteer, hosting organization and any other agent involved).
In the case of hosted volunteers aged between 16 and 17 years old, said monitoring would be even more strict, if possible, ensuring safety and child protection. However, FAAM has no plans in principle of hosting so young volunteers, as we believe that the tasks in which they may be engaged in FAAM, posing a direct and constant contact with people with disabilities, in many cases of severe type, require great emotional maturity and therefore a later age.